World Bee Day 2020: Why Bee Day is celebrated? Know the importance of this special day

World Bee Day 2020

World Bee Day 2020: Bees are essential to our lives. To grow whatever fruits, vegetables, or grains we eat, not only sun, soil, and water are necessary, but insect mites also have an exceptional contribution. 

A large part of agriculture on earth depends on these insect mites. To spread awareness about the importance of bees and protect them from dangers, Bee Day is observed on 20 May every year. Let’s know about the purpose of celebrating this special day …

World Bee Day 2020

World Bee Day 2020
World Bee Day 2020

The process of pollination contributes to the growth of fruits, vegetables, or grains that we eat. Bees help to transport the pollen particles of tree plants from one plant to another. 

When a bee sits on a single flower, pollen particles stick to its feet and wings, and when it flies to another plant, the pollen particles move into that plant and fertilize it, causing the fruit and seeds. Originates from

The life of insect moths pollinating is in danger due to human activities. World Bee Day is observed on 20 May every year to make people aware of their importance and safety. 

This particular day is celebrated to commemorate the birthday of Anton Jansa, who pioneered the modern beekeeping technique.

Bee contribution to agriculture

World Bee Day 2020
World Bee Day 2020

Seventy percent of the world’s agriculture is dependent on insects. In such a situation, we can say that 70 out of 100 foods have bees interfering.

Special thing related to bee

World Bee Day 2020
World Bee Day 2020

Bee is an insect that does not release any pathogenic bacteria or viruses. It is never seen that a person gets any disease due to exposure to bees.

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