Life - Gaming - WoW Engineering devices – Top 10 most useful engineering devices in World of Warcraft

WoW Engineering devices – Top 10 most useful engineering devices in World of Warcraft

WoW Engineering devices- Top 10 most useful engineering devices in World of Warcraft

WoW Engineering devices – Top 10 most useful engineering devices in World of Warcraft

World of Warcraft has many interesting professions like Herbalism, Mining, Skinning, Alchemy, Enchanting, Engineering, etc. In this article, we have listed the 10 best wow engineering devices.

Engineering in World of Warcraft, which used to be a really cool PvP profession in which profession has slowly been reduced to a source of novelties over the course of many wow  expansions list. However, it does offer many quality-of-life items for world content, power leveling, mythic plus, and farming. This list will not include the devices which give your gear tinkering effects when you put on over the gear.

This list is made as of Patch 8.3

Top 10 most useful engineering devices in World of Warcraft

 Ultimate Gnomish Army Knife

Ultimate Gnomish Army Knife Ultimate Gnomish Army Knife

Many veteran players will remember the original Gnomish Army Knife from Wrath of the Lich King. Its successor was added in Warlords of Draenor with similar beneficial effects. Namely, an increase of all gathering professions by 10 skill points and by counting is every professional tool in the game, which helps save a lot of bagged space.

The knife can also be used to attempt an out-of-combat resurrection of a member of your party with mixed success. This effect is still able to be used as a patch 8.3; however, it has about the same likelihood of working as someone in your raid not pulling the boss before you can use your pre-pot.

So you know, you kind of take your chances with this one.

 Wormhole Generator: Northrend

Wormhole Generator: Northrend Wormhole Generator: Northrend

While wormhole generators are by no means the most useful thing in an engineer’s toolkit, they do save you a lot of time, which in a world as large as Azeroth Outland. Also, beyond that, it can sometimes be nice to get from point A to point B before the weekly reset.

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The Northrend generator is by far one of the fairest wormhole generators – as it allows you to pick the zone of your choice when traveling. Unlike most of the later iterations, which just throw you somewhere random like into the Courtyard of Way Crest Manor when you’re trying to get to the Shrine of the Storm.

The cooldown is longer than some of the newer generators at 4 hours, and it does require maximum level Northrend engineering to craft. The bright side is you can purchase it off the auction house and are able to use it with only 40 Northrend engineering.

 Rocket Boots Xtreme Lite

Rocket Boots Xtreme Lite

This pair of cloth boots give a massive 300% move speed increase for just shy of three seconds. While it may seem unorthodox, the rocket boots are cloth, so any player in the game may use them as long as they have at least 30 skill points in Outland engineering.

Unlike their vanilla counterparts, these don’t have any negative side effects, such as randomly destroying themselves or causing you to run around in circles like you just got covered in bugs while the hotfoot is going off and horrific vision.

These boots do work inside of instances, making them ideal for farming virtually any old dungeons or raids. While you could use these in 8.3 content, the sheer loss of stats would probably not make it worthwhile unless you’re just looking to get around quickly and don’t have Pathfinder yet.


Loot-A-Rang Loot-A-Rang

With a new expansion coming around the corner, it can be a real waste of time to run to every pack of mobs for loot when you’re trying to push to the max level. While hunters have the fetching ability, they can teach their pets, and everyone else has to get within range of at least one of the enemy corpses to get their items.

The Loot-A-Rang allows you to loot from any corpses within a sizeable range without even having to target them. On top of that, you only need level 1 engineering to use this toy, meaning any character you start leveling can simply pick up engineering and never craft a single item, which is pretty awesome and a huge time-saver.


Moll-E Moll-E

Moll-E helps fill a very important need for those players who send potions or reagents between alts. Having a portable mailbox is a very big quality of life for nearly every character in the game, with the exception, of course, being any one of the nights born allied race as they have the cantrips racial.

However, unlike cantrips, Moll-E is able to be used by anyone in your group. This is another Wrath engineering device, so it is advisable for grinding it out if you haven’t gotten around to it yet.


Gunshoes Gunshoes

The Gunshoes are probably one of my favorite items that engineering has to offer. They are a Legion engineering item that, when used, will propel the user forward non-stop for 25 seconds and increase their movement speed by 200%. They’re so fast that the user can even skim over the water.

It seems more goofy than useful at first until you realize that you cannot be dismounted from the gun shoes allowing you to get past heavy mob areas while doing world quests or while leveling.

Gun shoes can be used at any level, making them popular choices for speed leveling, especially when you don’t have flying in certain areas. They do incur a three-minute cooldown that cannot be used if already in combat and cannot be used in mythic plus dungeons or indoors.


Auto-Hammer Auto-Hammer

While there are many engineering field bots that allow you to repair your gear, the auto hammer edges them out because it is easily accessible to every player in the game.

The Auto-Hammer does not require engineering to use, meaning you can send plenty to all of your olds or guilds and not have to worry about someone hearing out of your raid or Mythic Plus dungeon because they can’t use a repair amount or forgot to repair in general.

The downside to the Auto-Hammer is that it does not count as a wow vendor recipes, so you cannot sell anything to it. A few of the sell junk add-ons might show a button on the UI when you use it, but you all know it doesn’t do that.

 Goblin Glider Kit

Goblin Glider Kit Goblin Glider Kit

The Goblin Glider Kit is another item that any player can use without engineering. The Goblin Glider Kit from Warlords of Draenor is a popular item to use while leveling. Having something comparable to a demon hunter’s glide ability can help prevent unsightly demise, especially those caused by faulty engineering wormholes.

Prior to expansion launches, these items will generally go up a small amount in price due to an increased demand for ways to avoid unnecessary combat or to skip over areas on their own. These gained a slight edge, and they are ranking over the gun shoes because even non-engineers can craft these.

If they decide to put an engineering works Hut into their garrison, which helps you avoid the price gouging that can occur.

Unstable Temporal Time Shifter

Unstable Temporal Time Shifter Unstable Temporal Time Shifter

This is probably one of the most important amazing items engineers can craft. While some engineers may not need this item, this allows any class player to be able to perform in combat resurrections.

It does have a lengthy cast time and can be interrupted, unfortunately, but when it’s all you’ve got in the middle of a higher-level Mythic Plus Dungeon you’ll figure out really quickly how to use it.

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You wouldn’t imagine how many times this could save you from wipes on tyrannical weeks. It is apparently possible for this device to backfire and can cause the user to lose 90% of their current health. But the chances of happening that is quite less.


Jeeves Jeeves

Jeeves is the most charming and handsome robot Butler you’d ever hope to have. Jeeves is able to be used in dungeons, raids, and world content. He’s not only a vendor but also repairs items for anyone who asks. If you’re an engineer, he gives you bank access.

On top of that, he’s just so damn polite and punctual. The only downside to Jeeves is he requires a hefty list of materials, a lot of farming of mechanical mobs, and storm peaks for the schematic and maximum level wrath engineering to craft.

It does take some time and gold to do all of


There you have a list of 10 useful WoW Engineering devices and engineering items in World of Warcraft. It was very hard to pick only 10 items. Those items are selected so that most classes and races gained a lot of benefits.

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