Best WOW Addons – Addons you need to try if you are a real WOW Fan

World of Warcraft, as in WOW, is one of the world’s most popular massively multiplayer online role-playing (MMORPG) games in the world. The game was released in the year 2004 by Blizzard Entertainment and currently has over 10 billion online players. WOW is one of the highest-grossing video game franchise. In this post, we have shared the Best WOW Addons List.

Best WoW Addons – Addons you need to try if you are a real WOW Fan

In World of Warcraft, where there are over 10 billion players playing online, in order to excel in the game, you need to have a slight competitive advantage over other players. This is where the game add-ons come into play. You will always see pro players or high-level players buying and using World of Warcraft add-ons.

What are Addons?

Add-ons are basically pathways, or we can call it mods, which are plugins that the community has developed to improve the functionality of the game.

World of Warcraft add-ons is actually considered very essential for doing particular types of gameplay; for example, if you are a beginner, you’re going to struggle to find a raiding guild that’s going to be happy for you to raid them without first installing DBM or bigwigs.

Why do we need Addons in WOW (World of Warcraft)?

In World of Warcraft, the player rank is very important. Player rank depends upon the performance of the players. As we know, add-ons help to gain a slight advantage in competitive play and help significantly in winning games and resulting in ranking faster than others.

There are many add-ons or mods created for the game, which concentrates on overall gameplay or some specific parts of the game like the map, inventory, etc. Also, there are some add-ons that specifically focus on the characters in the game.

Which add-ons should you install?

Best WoW Addons List

There are thousands of add-ons in World of Warcraft for players to choose from. In order to help you choose the best and suitable add-ons for yourself, we have created a list of categories with the best popular add-ons which will help you in your next WoW game.

The categories are:

  1. Questing
  2. Inventory
  3. Mapping and Convenience
  4. User Interface (UI)
  5. PVE (Player vs. Environment)
  6. PVP (Player vs. Player)


  • Azeroth Autopilot
Best WoW addons
Best WoW addons

If you just want to level fast, and I know all the players want to get there as quickly as possible. Then Azeroth Autopilot is highly recommended.

This add-on gives a player the most efficient questing guide or direction, which exactly tells you where to go and what quest to do.

When you install this add-on in your game, the player will have an arrow that guides him/her in his/her quests in a very highly optimized path. Also, this add-on handles some other little things, too, like interacting with items, NPCs, and more.

With the help of this add-on, which increases or maximizes your XP, the questing becomes more simple and efficient to reach max level very quickly.

  • World Quest List
Best WoW addons
Best WoW addons

And when you finally do hit the max level, you’re going to unlock world quest for the latest expansion. Although after completing some other quest-based activities, technically, you can also world quest in older expansions, but this isn’t always going to be worth your time.

World quests can be spread over many different areas on the map, and it becomes pretty difficult to get an overall view of what all quests are available and what rewards they’re gonna provide you.

This is where an add-on like World Quest List comes in and really starts to shine in. It gives you an interface, which you can see in the image above, providing you with all of the information you need to easily and efficiently track your world quests allowing players to decide which ones to prioritize at a single glance.


These convenience add-ons are going to make your time in-game far smoother and more efficient

  • Adibags
Best WoW addons
Best WoW addons

This add-on combines all your bags into one. It also offers a range of other sorting features. Adibags give the player a bunch of predefined categories and also automatically sort my items into these categories for us.

It provides a bunch of additional features such as management of currency bank, space guild, bank space, and plenty of other stuff.

Inventory management is very important because sometimes you can accidentally sell the stuff you did not want to sell just because you didn’t create any categories for it.

With the help of Adibags, the problem of messing with your inventory is no more.

  • Auto-Vendor
Best WoW addons
Best WoW addons

Another very, very useful yet so simple add-on for inventory management is Auto Vendor.

This add-on basically sells all your junk items automatically to vendors when you speak to them rather than you having to manually click each item.

Each item setting is customizable, which is applicable to bind on pickup items that are below a certain item level, etc. Auto Vendor is essentially a time-saving device that has customization options that are ultimately gonna allow you to minimize time spent avendor’s flogging or on unwanted items.

  • Rarity
Best WoW addons
Best WoW addons

In case you’re a bit of a collector, then you might want to install Rarity, which tracks how many times a player tries to obtain particular items.

This also includes rare main transmog items, recipes, toys, or any other number of collectibles. Rarity also notifies you of holiday events that offer rare items, tracks various NPCs that you can kill each day for a chance at collectibles, and also alerts you if you mouse hover certain rare items.

Rarity is a must-have add-on for collectors.

  • PAWN
Best WoW addons
Best WoW addons

No matter what you do in-game, you should probably install PAWN to tell you if an item you’ve looted is an upgrade of your character or not. It provides an upward green arrow as well as a percentage to indicate how much of an upgrade this item is over your currently equipped item.

Keep in mind that it won’t always be a hundred percent accurate when it comes to the final stages, and this is basically because you may want certain items for certain activities that the add-on won’t really be able to guess. But the vast majority of the time, it is going to be accurate.

  • Autionator
Best WoW addons
Best WoW addons

So what about the items that you don’t want to use, but equally you don’t want to sell them to the vendor due to their value to other players well, you’re going to be selling these items at the auction house.

Now the basic functionality of the auction house used to be pretty well basic; however, there have been some big changes recently, and for that reason, a lot of the popular auction house add-ons have had to be rewritten from the ground up.

So just bear this in mind when you’re doing your research Auctionator is still the add-on that is recommended for new players and, regardless of improvements, the default functionality in-game.

The biggest benefit of auction ATAR is the ability to scan the auction house when you visit and for the add-on to then subsequently give you an estimate of what an item is worth on the auction house based on this data.

While straight out in the open world, this is displayed when you mouse hover the item, and it avoids you having to be stood at the auction house.

Mapping and Convenience

  • Map Coords
Best WoW addons
Best WoW addons

Map chords is another staple add-on which is required for pretty much everything regardless of what activity you’re taking part in.

This simple add-on adds coordinates to your world map, which is extremely beneficial as the majority of guys you’re going to find online will provide you the coordinates.

  • Handynotes
Best WoW addons
Best WoW addons

Handy notes this allow you to add your own customized notes to the map by alt right-clicking.

There are a ton of situations where this can come in handy maybe there’s a particular farming spot you want to mark an area on which a rare NPC spawns or a particularly useful vendor marks on the map.

  • Gathermate2
Best WoW addons
Best WoW addons

Gathermate is an add-on that does something quite similar but this time specifically for gathering professionals.

The add-on automatically marks any resource nodes you find on the map so you can check back later to see if the resources have respawned. It’s particularly useful when it comes to mining and herbalism, but it’s not limited to that.

User Interface (UI)

  • Bartender4
Best WoW addons
Best WoW addons

The bartender has been a popular add-on since the early days as it allows you to alter the position size and number of slots on your skill bars as well as add in additional ones.

It can bring the majority of the abilities to the bottom middle of the screen just below the character, then also stick one bar on the right-hand side for mountain mage portals, etc.

It’s really up to you how you configure it, and that’s the beauty of bartender. There are stacks of other features such as easier hotkey binding and the ability to let your bars fade out of you when you’re not in combat.

  • Unit Frames add-ons ( Z-Pearl or Shadow Unit Frames (SUF))
Best WoW addons
Best WoW addons

These are definitely must-have add-ons on the user interface list.

These two add-ons transform the frames for your player target party pet focus raid and pretty much everything else. They make the frames customizable so that you can change the information displayed on each frame as well as adjusting the scale graphics and color and of each element. In short, they do a lot.

Best WoW addons
Best WoW addons

This add-on transforms pretty much everything on the screen. This is even to the point that you basically don’t even need to bother with half the add-ons in this list if you use ELVUI as it incorporates a great deal of their functionality.

For example, it offers both the unit frame capability of SUF and Z-Pearl as well as the skill bar customization of the bartender and plenty more.

  • KUI Nameplates
Best WoW addons
Best WoW addons

This add-on is definitely recommended as it takes the default Blizzard nameplates that you see floating above the enemy’s head, and it makes them much more customizable.

You can resize them, recolor them, and decide what information you want them to display.

Well, it also ensures that key debuffs on the target are clearly displayed, which allows you to easily see how long is left, for example, on your frost Nova’ s freeze

  • XCT+
Best WoW addons
Best WoW addons

XCT + is basically a combat text add-on that gives you more detail in your combat text, which can be really useful.

However, it can give you way more information than you can actually realistically comprehend, so it’s worth playing around with those settings and getting the right amount of data for your level of play.

  • Minimap Buttonbag
Best WoW addons
Best WoW addons

Minimap Buttonbag is an add-on that config items that start stacking up around your mini-map and make the map organized.

It creates a drop-down style menu with all of the icons in which is very simple but extremely satisfying.

PVE (Player vs. Environment)

  • Deadly Boss Mods
Best WoW addons
Best WoW addons

The Deadly boss mods or DBM for sure is an add-on that you are absolutely going to need to get if you’re gonna take part in max level dungeons and raids.

In basic terms, it tells you what to do in boss fights providing timeless advice such as don’t stand in the fire but also vital information around the more complex mechanics the vast majority of even semi-serious guilds are not going to bring you along for top-level content.

  • GTFO
Best WoW addons
Best WoW addons

GTFO basically plays live noises when you’re standing in something bad. It ‘s as simple as that.

Better players may not need it, but it is pretty useful that it complements DBM, and it makes it very difficult to not realize when you’re doing something bad as an alarm sign starts blaring.

  • Details
Best WoW addons
Best WoW addons

Details is the one add-on to understand high-level content that whether you’re coming close to your optimal damage output based on your gear.

This is how you know if you’re performing this aspect of your role well in dungeons and raids.

  • Simulationcraft and Healbot
Best WoW addons
Best WoW addons

Simulationcraf makes sure that you’re hitting the numbers you should be based on your spec and gear to understand what those numbers are.

You can use simulate which is going to allow you to sim your character and understand what your potential damage output looks like providing you manage to get your rotation positioning and timing right during various encounters.

For healers out there, you probably gonna want to use Healbot for PvE as it makes Hidan easier by displaying aggro allowing you to set up various key Mouse combos, and providing a range of other useful information.

  • Weakauras
Best WoW addons
Best WoW addons

The Weakauras will provide you with pretty much any information you want in a customizable UI element. It also shows the remaining cooldown on the ability, the duration of that ability, where its an active number of stats you have, or when you should burn one of those.

PVP (Player vs. Player)

  • Gladius
Best WoW addons
Best WoW addons

Gladius add-on gives vital information on arena combatants, notably the remaining cooldown and crowd control abilities and trinkets. It’s pretty much a must-have for the arena. It even announces the enemy composition in spec before the arena doors open, allowing you to customize your strategy and talents accordingly again.

  • Omnibar
Best WoW addons
Best WoW addons

Omnibar takes enemy cooldown track into the next level. It basically provides a customizable bar that will allow you to track cooldowns such as silences and interrupts by default but also allows you to add pretty much any cooldown you want.

  • Big Debuff
Best WoW addons
Best WoW addons

Big Debuff is a very useful PvP add-on that basically enlarges debuffs on your unit frames and makes them more noticeable this helps you to avoid things like going big on damaged cooldowns when the rest of your team is stunned, and therefore you totally waste the first window.

There are many other nice things about big d buffs is that it integrates with SUF and Z-Pearl UI as well as the default lizard interface.


These were some of the best WOW Addons you need to try out. We have also written about WoW Expansion List which you need to give read.

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