WoW Secret Vendors – Top 10 secret vendors in World of Warcraft

WoW Secret Vendors - Top 10 secret vendors in World of Warcraft

WoW Secret Vendors – Top 10 secret vendors in World of Warcraft

World of Warcraft has various kinds of vendors depending upon the player’s characters and class. Also, WOW Secret vendors are different in terms of the items they sell and provide. Some vendors sell recipes, some exclusive items, and also some of them sell pets and animals. In this article, we have listed the 10 best World of Warcraft Secret Vendors.

The list of vendors in this list is the vendors who are very rare and hard to find in the WoW. Their hideouts spawn, and despawns timings, selling periods, luck factor, time grinds, and patience is some of the features taken into consideration in order to form this list.

Along with the conventional lists of rare WoW vendors, you will also see some bonus vendors on this list.

Here are Top 10 secret vendors in World of Warcraft

Cravitz Lorent (Shady Book Dealer)

Cravitz Lorent secret vendors in World of Warcraft
Cravitz Lorent

In the sewers of Dalaran. It is a rare spawn vendor that sells the steamy romance novel trash items. Since all class-specific items are bound and pickup, you have to camp them out if you want the tomb of hex: Cockroach. The other tombs can be bought at much easier-to-find vendors, so you don’t need to worry about them.

Bonus Class-Specific vendors

A lot of tombs and class-specific items can be bought from the Quartermaster in your class order hall. But, in addition to those, we also got Quartermaster Miranda in the Powden order hall, who sells an exclusive priest toy named ‘Thamaturgist’s Orb,’ which gives your priest a floating orb.

Hunters also have Mardon Thunderhood, who lives near the basin who sells all the tombs and toys that you can find in the Hunter Aura Hall. These you can get all in one place instead of 2 separate vendors.

Jurado Lorelae Wintersong is similar to the other hunter vendors and sells tombs and toys. She has a unique toy called Nature’s Beacon, which allows Jurads to teleport into different locations.

Mages have Endora Moorehead, who sells about six exclusive items, including the Black Bat Polymorph and other few cosmetic tombs and toys.

 Gnaz Blunderflame (Gnome Brothers)

Gnaz Blunderflame
Gnaz Blunderflame

These brothers are located near the house in the middle of the jungle of Northern Stranglethorn. In addition to selling a large number of useful engineering items for low-level engineering, they both also sell limited quantities of rare engineering recipes.

Ganz Blunderflame sells the Mechanical Dragonling schematic, which can be brought from only one another vendor, which we will see further. He also sells the Deadly Scope schematic, which has only one alternative way of obtaining by another vendor inside the dungeon.

Dealer Rashaad

Dealer Rashaad secret vendors in World of Warcraft
Dealer Rashaad

We have Dealer Rashaad in the Netherstorm. This vendor sells 8 different pets—five of these, which are exclusive to this one vendor.

Back in the day, this vendor was an easy source of income when pets were very rare. He was very reliable back in the day as he is not very easy to find, and people were more okay to get the items from auction houses rather than find him.

If you could buy exclusive items from him, you are surely into profit. Now, he is not as reliable as he was before but still has a respectful place in this place.

 Broken Shore Vendors (Lenny McCoy)

Lenny McCoy

Before you get to the broken shores, there is a vendor in both the alliance and the horde phase part of the quest. It is where you prepare for the shipping off.

Most notably, you can obtain a pair of boots from the horde vendor that allows you to transmorg your boots to any character you have to have no boots on.

The Alliance vendor sells some shirts and a toy. What makes these things secret is their exclusivity. You can only interact with these vendors and buy these items during this one little phase event of a quest. You can’t get at it back if you missed it the first time.

 Thomas Yance


Yance can only be found inside the Dungeon excate from Durnhold Keep and patrols the path on Old Hillsbrad between Tarren Mill and South Shore. All Thomas sells is starter gear that a character starts with when a player makes a brand-new character.

The only real use for this vendor is obtaining all of the shirts for an achievement. If you don’t want to have to make an alt of every single race to get them the natural way, which is kinda useful and saves a lot of time as this is the only vendor in the game who sells those items.

 Rona Greenteeth

Rona Greenteeth secret vendors in World of Warcraft
Rona Greenteeth

This vendor is located in the middle of the woods on Darkmoon Faire’s island. She sells various kinds of meat food items with names that suggest that the meat comes from various races players can play, hinting very strongly that she is a cannibal and regularly kills and eat the people that come nearby her camp.

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Besides this, she also sells a very useful item called Inky Black Potion, which, when used, turns whatever area you are in into a very dark night. This is a really cool cosmetic effect and makes a lot of zones look very good.

But you can only get this potion from this vendor where you can buy for only one week once a month during the Darkmoon Faire, who is also hidden out in the middle of the woods. This makes her a very secret vendor.

 Magnus Frostwake

Magnus Frostwake WoW Secret Vendors
Magnus Frostwake

This vendor is found in the Western Plaguelands near the Caer Darrow. He sells a number of plans and recipes, with five of them exclusive to this one vendor. A few of the recipes are Major Mana potion and Transmute Water to Air.

One thing that makes Magnus Frostwake unique is that for the longest time, you couldn’t even see him. Well, this was the previous case. Now he is made available to almost everyone.

 Little Timmy

Little Timmy WoW Secret Vendors
Little Timmy

This Little vendor is a rare spawn vendor who can only appear in Stormwind and who sells one limited item, ‘White kitten’ each time he spawns. He wanders along the canals and through Cathedral Square.

One limited item means only one person can buy from him each time he appears. This vendor spawns around once every three to four hours and will make one rotation through the city, asking people to buy his cat before despawning.

 Mad Merchant

Mad Merchant WoW Secret Vendors
Mad Merchant

This vendor Mad Merchant is located in the center of the district in Dalaran. This Merchant sells incredibly expensive items; in fact, the most expensive items you can buy from a vendor in-game. The most expensive item he sells is Spider Mount, which costs 2M gold to buy.

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If you think you have enough gold to buy those kinds of stuff, good luck my friend, for finding him. This vendor has a very vague and random respawn timer. Once despawned, it can take as less a 4 hrs to a maximum of 2 days to respawn. But the good thing is, once spawned, he stays there for 1 to 2 hours before despawning.

 Kaye Toogie

Kaye Toogie secret vendors in World of Warcraft
Kaye Toogie

She is the most secretive vendor in the game. This vendor is located under a gate in the horde part in the Northrend Dalaran. You can’t actually get to her nor buy from her unless you reach to her by special means. Engineers have this item called Wormhole Generator Northrend, which, when used, gives you an option to teleport to one of the zones in Northrend.

It is a great way to quickly get to a place wherever you want in Northrend. Once used, it has a cooldown of about 4 hours. And if you are lucky enough, once in 50 to 100 tries, you will see in your wormhole the option ‘Underground.’ Clicking on that will directly take you to Kaye Boogie.

You can buy recipes from her. She sells three limited quantity engineering schematics, one of which is exclusively sold by her (Arcanite Dragonling). You have to buy from her in less than 30 minutes after talking to her.

Also, the recipes take time to make, and if you are unlucky, you might not be able to buy from her because some other player was already there before you.

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The reason Kaye Toogie is at the top of the list is because of how difficult and minimum chances you have to get to her. It requires the use of a specific item that has a big cooldown and depends on the luck to teleport underground.

Besides all this struggle, even though you reach her, it is not guaranteed that you can buy from her. This makes her the most secret and difficult vendor in World of Warcraft.


All the World of Warcraft vendors in this list is ranked on the basis of their rarity and the number and quality of exclusive items they sell. Also, they are ranked on the value of the items provided and the difficulty level to track and find them throughout the game.

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