Xfinity Blinking Orange Light: What Does It Mean?

Xfinity Blinking Orange Light

This article covers everything about Xfinity Blinking Orange Light, what it means, how to fix it, and more.

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Xfinity Blinking Orange Light: What Does It Mean?

Xfinity Blinking Orange Light: What Does It Mean?
Xfinity Blinking Orange Light

When you see the Xfinity blinking orange light, it means that your connection between the network and router is being established. One of the important questions is how long the Xfinity blinking orange light lasts.

Xfinity blinking orange light can also mean that the firmware update, that it could be updating, or the connection is getting interrupted due to some other reasons. Therefore, if you see the Xfinity blinking orange light, you should avoid turning off the router as it could interrupt the firmware update.

Xfinity is a technical device; it may have some issues but do not worry about it, as we have discussed all the solutions if your Xfinity blinking orange light.

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Light Indicators on XFINITY Routers

Light Indicators on XFINITY Routers
Light Indicators on XFINITY Routers

Sometimes you can see the white, orange, or red light on your XFINITY routers. If your Xfinity blinks orange light, it could mean that there’s some problem with the connection or the internet failed to connect with the device. The different lights on XFINITY routers are various ways of communicating with users.

What is Firmware on an XFINITY Router?

What is Firmware on an XFINITY Router?
What is Firmware on an XFINITY Router?

Firmware is a kind of software that connects one hardware to another so that the hardware function can be done. Every router has its own specific firmware, and Xfinity occasionally updates the firmware on your router to make it function properly well. As the routers are always connected to the internet, they can be updated automatically and would not require permission to start.

Can I Stop a Firmware Upgrade?

No, you should not stop the firmware update if it has started once and also if you are directly using a router from Xfinity. There are many people who use different units that are rented on their routers; if you have rented a unit, you can contact the service provider.

One of the most common reasons for the Xfinity blinking orange light is that it has started updating on its own. You should not stop the device from completing its update, as it can damage the router permanently. The newest version update makes the Xfinity routers run smoothly and keep the device away from any virus.

Xfinity Blinking Orange Light – Solutions

Firstly, check if the network connection is good, and try to restart the firmware update on your router again and again until it starts completely. If it doesn’t work out, you may need to reset the router. However, wait for an hour for the update to be completed. If it takes more than an hour, you can try alternative solutions.

Power Cycle Your Xfinity Device

Try to shut down the device and turn it on, as it may help your router to work properly. In most cases, this method helps with most of the problems in electronic devices, like phones, computers, routers, and others.

Remove all the power cables from both your Xfinity device and the power outlet. You will also have to remove all the connecting wires and leave them for a few minutes and then reconnect all the wires as they were before. If your problem is fixed, you will see a green light, and the Xfinity blinking orange light will go away.

Switch to A Wired Connection

You can switch to a wired connection, and the process of getting it is very simple. Firstly, detach all the previous wired connections from your router and create a connection from your router to the modem via the ethernet cable.

You will get an ethernet cable when you buy the Xfinity router. Once you have done that, you can reconnect the wires which were removed previously. After reconnecting, there should not be any orange light blinking from the router. If this doesn’t work out for you, then your device could be broken, and you might need a replacement.

Check For Outages

Go to the company’s website and see if your area is experiencing an outage. If yes, just wait for the network to be restored.

Here is how you can do that –

Step 1- Login to your Comcast account and click on “Support.”

Step 2- Go to the bottom of the page and click on View Status Center. You can check if the connection is working properly or if any server problem is detected.

Step 3- Click View Outage Map and select your nearby location.

Step 4- Now, you can chat with the nearby service center of Xfinity if your Xfinity blinking orange light is not fixed.

If New Installation, Try Another Coax Outlet

If your modem and the router have been working well previously, and the orange light started suddenly. Then, it could be because of any new installation or that the coax outlet you are using is defective. In such a case, you might need a new one right away to fix the error.

Are there other reasons the light might appear?

If the blinking continues for a long time, it could be because the XFINITY server is down. There are a few ways to check this that you should do as part of the troubleshooting process before resetting or disconnecting the router.

Are there any good Xfinity packages for seniors?

Yes, there are some really exciting Xfinity packages for seniors.


There you have it- an informative article on Xfinity blinking orange light. We have covered every possible detail that you should know to avoid the Xfinity blinking orange light issue. If you still have any questions, you can shoot them in the comment section, and our team will respond ASAP.

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