Xfinity vs Frontier – Navigating the Best Choice for You

Xfinity vs Frontier - Navigating the Best Choice for You

Do you need clarification on Xfinity vs Frontier internet providers to pick one? If yes, you have stumbled upon the perfect page.

While choosing the best internet service provider for your home is a difficult task with ample availability, it doesn’t even get simplified after considering only two in your list.

Determining the right provider between Frontier and Xfinity that will serve your purpose requires weighing out factors such as speed, plan price, customer service, bundles, etc, for both providers.

I was really torn between Xfinity and Frontier for my internet service. It was tough to decide because both had their perks.

Xfinity boasted super fast speeds and seemed to be everywhere, but the price was a bit steep.

Frontier, on the other hand, caught my eye with its unlimited data promise and the allure of reliable fibre internet. But, their fibre option wasn’t available everywhere, which was a bummer.

I looked into everything – from the variety of plans each offered to whether I could bundle services to save a few bucks. The data cap with Xfinity was a bit of a letdown, though.

I stream a lot and didn’t want to worry about hitting a limit. Then there were the added fees for going unlimited, which made me think twice.

After a lot of back and forth, considering the pros and cons, I finally made a choice.

I decided to go with Frontier. The unlimited data was a big deal for me since I didn’t want to worry about hitting any caps. Even though their fibre internet wasn’t available everywhere, it was in my area.

In this article, I have shared everything that I used to compare Xfinity and Frontier. Hope it helps you select the best internet provider for you.

So, without further delay, let’s begin.

Xfinity vs Frontier – A Quick Overview

Xfinity vs Frontier - A Quick Overview
Xfinity vs Frontier

Before we delve into the deep comparison, let’s take a quick overview of both providers.

Is Xfinity A Good Service?

Xfinity is an American telecommunications service provider owned by Comcast Cable Communications, LLC. It offers cable internet plans, cable TV packages with various channels, mobile phone services, and home phone plans with unlimited calling across the United States. The brand was started in 2010.

Whether any internet provider is good enough depends on many factors, such as interest speed, plans, customer service affordability, etc.

Regarding Xfinity, it is considered a good internet service provider known for wider coverage in the country.

The features of Xfinity plans include the following.

  • Internet type: Xfinity serves its customers with both cable and fibre Internet.
  • Price: Xfinity offers internet plans for $20.00-$120.00 per month.
  • Speed: Xfinity’s cable internet speed offered is 75-2,000 Mbps.
  • Data cap: Xfinity’s data limit is 1.2 TB.
  • Contract: Xfinity offers both contract-free and contract-based plans. The contract usually lasts for a year. However, if you have an Xfinity-free iPhone, you will have to pay the complete balance to terminate the contract.

Is Frontier A Good Service?

Frontier Communications is an American telecommunications company owned by Verizon Communications. It offers fibre-optic internet plans in some areas and bundled packages, including Internet, phone, and TV services in select areas of the United States.

The company was created in 2009, becoming a contender for the best internet provider.

Like other internet providers, whether Frontier Communication offers good services depends on many factors such as speed, availability, plans, customer service, plan rates, etc.

Frontier is a good service provider known for offering fibre internet with the same downloading and uploading speeds, an important aspect of fibre service.

The features of Frontier Internet plans are:

  • Internet type: Frontier offers DSL and fibre internet in the United States.
  • Price: The price of the plans ranges between $44.99-$154.99 per month
  • fibre speed: Frontier offers excellent internet speed ranging between 500-5,000 Mbps.
  • Data cap: Frontier Internet has no data limit.
  • Contract: It offers no-contract Month-to-month plans and an optional 1-year contract with a Visa Reward Card.

Every Internet provider can be good or unreliable for some regions depending on their services and peoples’ preferences.

So, how is Xfinity compared to Frontier, or how is Frontier in comparison to Xfinity? While both are best in their service areas, to precisely answer this, we need to compare both based on several factors, such as what speed they offer, how their respective coverages, plan prices, whether they offer bundled services or incur extra charges or installation fees, etc.

Below, you can find details on Xfinity vs. Frontier on various bases.

Xfinity vs Frontier – Compare Internet Speeds And Coverage

Xfinity vs Frontier - Compare Internet Speeds And Coverage
Xfinity vs Frontier – Compare Internet Speeds And Coverage

Xfinity offers cable internet plans with speeds ranging from 75 Mbps to 2,000 Mbps. Their Fibre internet is extremely limited to only certain areas.

Frontier provides both fibre and DSL internet. Fibre plans have speeds from 500 Mbps to 5,000 Mbps, faster than their DSL options, which typically range from 25 Mbps to 115 Mbps.

As we learned in Xfinity vs AT&T, Xfinity was at a disadvantage when it came to wireless services. However, When it comes to wireless services, Xfinity vs Frontier both of them use the Verizon network infrastructure, so they may provide the same speed.

However, Xfinity has a wider coverage area compared to Frontier.

Although Frontier’s Fibre availability is limited, their DSL service reaches more areas.

Xfinity vs Frontier – Plans and Pricing

Xfinity’s advertised prices are often lower than Frontier’s for the first 12 months, but they generally come with a contract, and higher price increases after the promotional period ends.

Xfinity also charges a $30 monthly fee for unlimited data, while Frontier offers unlimited data for free with all its fibre plans.

Frontier’s advertised prices are usually higher than Xfinity’s for the first year, but they don’t require contracts and generally come with smaller price increases after the promotional period. Frontier also includes unlimited data for free with all its fibre plans.

Xfinity offers affordable plans as compared to Frontier. However, Frontier is preferred for heavy data needs. The pricing and plans for both providers are mentioned in the table below.

Xfinity plans and pricing

Here are the Xfinity internet plans, showcasing Xfinity provides a variety of options.

Package Price Speed
Connect $20/month 75 Mbps
Connect More $35/month 200 Mbps
Fast $55/month 400 Mbps
Superfast $70/month 800 Mbps
Gigabit $80/month 1 Gbps
Gigabit Extra $85/month 1,200 Mbps
Gigabit X2 $120/month 2,000 Mbps

Frontier fibre Internet plan and pricing

Here are the Frontier fibre internet package details.

Package Price Speed
Frontier Internet $64.99/month Call for details
Frontier Fibre Internet 500 $44.99/month 500 Mbps
Frontier Fibre 1 Gig $69.99/month 1,000 Mbps
Frontier Fibre 2 Gig $99.99/month 2,000 Mbps
Frontier Fibre 5 Gig $154.99/month 5,000 Mbps

It is important to note that Xfinity and Frontier plan pricing stays for a limited period and may vary from time to time for different areas.

Xfinity vs Frontier – Installation And Extra Fees

Xfinity vs Frontier - Installation And Extra Fees
Xfinity vs Frontier – Installation And Extra Fees

Let’s discuss if there are any installation and extra fees in the case of Xfinity vs Frontier.

Xfinity Installation and Extra Fees

Xfinity charges standard installation and rental fees for internet and TV services.

Here are the detailed Xfinity charges.

  • Equipment fee: $15.00 per month for internet and TV bundles.
  • Installation fee: $100 for pro installation, free for self-installation with standard shipping.
  • Other fee: Here are the Xfinity other fees.
    • $10.00 late payment fee
    • $10.00 per 50 GB overage fee
    • $30.00 per month for unlimited data.

Frontier Installation And Extra Fees

There is no additional charge for limited data with Frontier. You must pay a monthly tax for the network with Frontier’s infrastructure.

It also offers self-installation for some fibre plans, emphasizing the convenience of fibre internet service.

Here are the details of the charges incurred by Frontier.

  • Equipment fee: No charge for DSL modem
  • Installation fee: Free fibre expert installation, $100 for DSL plan.
  • Other fees: Frontier has different fees for different services. Here are a few of them
    • $85.00 DSL activation fee
    • $10.00 restocking fee
    • $9.99 equipment fee for extra devices
    • $5.00 per month, no AutoPay fee
    • $2.99 per month paper bill fee
    • $1.50 pay in-person fee
    • Up to $10.00 pay by phone convenience fee

Please note that the installation and extra charges these providers incur may vary depending on your location or state.

Xfinity vs Frontier – Bundles And Additional Services

Both Xfinity and Frontier offer a variety of bundles that combine Internet, TV, and phone services. Their bundle includes TV+Internet +Phone services, T.V+ Internet, and only Internet.

Xfinity’s bundles generally include more channels and features than Frontier’s but can also be more expensive. Frontier’s bundles are more basic, but they are also more affordable.

Xfinity and Frontier also offer services like home security, mobile phone, and streaming services.

Xfinity generally offers a wider selection of additional services than Frontier, which comprise Home security, mobile phone service, and streaming services such as Netflix, Disney+, Hulu, Prime Video, Paramount, Spotify, Max HBO, etc.

Frontier’s all TV and internet bundles are with YouTube TV. When you sign up for a qualifying plan, you get a $10 monthly discount for an entire year.

Xfinity vs Frontier – Contracts and Commitments

Xfinity plans generally require a one-year or two-year contract. Early termination fees may apply if you cancel before the contract ends.

Additionally, you may get a month-to-month agreement for an extra monthly fee.

Frontier generally offers month-to-month contracts for its services, providing more flexibility. However, its three fibre plans come with an original 1-year contract when you sign up for the Visa Reward Card.

Xfinity vs Frontier – Customer Support

Amongst Xfinity and Frontier, none is known for excellent customer service. Xfinity receives lower customer satisfaction ratings but offers multiple contact options, including phone, online chat, and in-person support at Xfinity stores.

Customers often report long wait times and difficulty reaching Xfinity’s representative.

Frontier receives slightly higher customer satisfaction ratings, particularly for phone support, but offers limited contact options. Customers do not have to wait long times while contacting Frontier.

So, overall, frontier still manages to keep up with its customers.

Xfinity vs Frontier – Pros and Cons

Pros and cons
Pros and Cons

Let’s discuss some Xfinity vs Frontier pros and cons to determine the best internet provider.

Xfinity Pros and Cons

Here are some pros and cons of Xfinity

Pros Cons
Provides fast-speed Internet 1.2 TB monthly data cap
Offers good plan variety, including internet and TV bundles
Added fee for unlimited data
Have wider availability
Price may increase after the initial period
Have Bundle options

Frontier Pros and Cons

Pros Cons
Frontier has unlimited data
Fibre internet is available in limited areas
Offers fast and reliable fibre internet
Charges fees for equipment and installation
The Internet has symmetrical speeds
Customer service can be inconsistent
Frontier has vast DSL availability
Some areas might experience slower speeds

Xfinity vs Frontier – Final Verdict

After comparing Xfinity and Frontier based on many factors, it is time to appreciate one as the best internet provider. However, which provider is generally better depends entirely on individuals’ data needs and budgets.

Fibre internet is reliable and offers higher speed than any other internet. In conclusion, if you have access to Frontier fibre, you can go with it because it generally offers the fastest speeds and best value compared to Xfinity’s cable plans.

Frontier fibre also offers symmetrical upload and download speeds. This means you get the same speed for both uploading and downloading data.

Suppose you only have access to Frontier’s DSL service and must choose between Frontier’s DSL and Xfinity.

In that case, we recommend choosing Xfinity as it is likely the better option due to faster speeds and potentially better value.

Xfinity has data caps on most plans, while Frontier offers unlimited data with its fibre plans.

Again, Xfinity is good to go with if you do not have higher data requirements or do not need high-speed data and want a budget-friendly option. But, if you want more data, consider Frontier.

Frequently Asked Questions

What types of internet connections do Xfinity and Frontier offer?

Xfinity primarily offers cable internet, while Frontier offers both DSL and fibre internet. Fibre Internet offers the fastest and most reliable Internet, but its availability is limited compared to cable and DSL.

Does either provider offer unlimited data plans?

Xfinity has a 1.2 TB data cap, with overage charges for exceeding the limit. You can pay extra for an unlimited data option. Frontier offers truly unlimited data with no caps or overage fees.

Does Frontier offer bundled services?

Yes. Frontier offers bundled services, including Internet, TV, and phone, at a discounted rate.

Is Xfinity a good provider?

Xfinity is a good option if you want a budget-friendly option and do not need high data speed internet. However, Xfinity requires you to sign a contract, and their plans tend to increase their prices after the promotional period ends.

Is Frontier a good internet service provider?

Frontier is a good option if you are ready to invest a little initially because its advertised prices are often higher than Xfinity’s for the first year. But you get faster internet speeds, unlimited data, and no contract services.

Do Xfinity plans require contracts?

Yes. Most Xfinity plans require you to sign a contract.

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