Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 8th August 2020 Written Episode Updates: Kartik and Naira learns about their daughter

The episode begins with Naira thinking to leave while Kartik reaches to Kunal and tells that Naira shouldn’t know about his daughter. Kunal asks him that he want to know it. Naira receives Dadi’s call and tells her that she should leave. Meanwhile, Samarth and Gayu argue with one another and get scolded by Manish. Suwarna asks about Naira. Surekha tells that she went out while Dadi says that Kartik also went out.

On the other hand, Kartik tells Kunal that he doesn’t want to know the truth and hence he should shut the case. Kartik sees a man coming to him while Kunal tells him that he is the ward boy Anil who was on duty that day and asks Anil to tell about that night.

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai

Meanwhile, Naira sees Kartik’s car and searches for him. On the other hand, Anil tells that his daughter was alive, however sister Leela sold her. He was scared so didn’t say anything and apologizes. Kartik cries on learning the truth. Anil tells him that the baby was beautiful but weak because of being born in the seventh month. Kartik shouts how he let it happen. Kunal urges to listen to him and Anil tells something.

Kartik recalls Naira getting scared during her pregnancy and thinks how she will react upon learning the truth. He gets shocked to see Naira. On the other hand, Dadi stops Gayu from going saying that there are more games while Samarth says if she wants to go then let her. Dadi warns them that their fight should not affect the baby. She tells that Naira kept the function for Gayu and she along with Kartik has gone to get the gifts.

Meanwhile, Kunal and Anil leave. Naira gets furious while Kartik calms her down. He tells her that the man was the ward boy Anil who was on duty and kept our daughter in the cradle as she was alive. Sister Leela sold her to someone. She cries. He further says that as their daughter was weak she died after some time and the man came back to take his money back. However, as he couldn’t find her, he left the baby with Anil who did her last rites.

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 8th August 2020 Written Episode Updates

Naira says that she was unaware that he is finding this and she is feeling to lose her once again. Kartik says that he didn’t want to give her false hopes and so didn’t tell her. Both cries a lot and return to their car. They reach back home.

Suwarna asks about the gift to which Naira tells that they didn’t get it. Dadi tells them Gayu isn’t well and needs to rest while asking them to dance. Everyone dances while Kaira gets upset. At night, Kartik apologizes to Naira for hiding while she says that he was facing all this alone. He then asks her to promise to never talk about it again while she asks him to promise that he will listen to her and understand. Both agree.

She then tells him that though we have lost a lot, however, they can achieve a lot. She tells him that she has read his wish and wishes the same. Giving him a balloon, she tells that for their and Kairav’s sake, they should have a little sister for him. Kartik asks if she is sure while Naira shies away.

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