Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke 14th July 2020 Written Update: Abir & Mishti Came Home

Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke

Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke 14th July 2020 Written Update: The episode starts with Parul coming to wish Meenakshi on her birthday while the latter is looking for Abir. Meenakshi told her that except her, no one remembered her birthday except Parul to which she replied that Kunal has asked her to come and wish you birthday and tell you that he would be back soon. Meenakshi says that he can’t stay away from us to which Parul says that he can’t stay away from Meenakshi.

Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke

Further, Meenakshi says that she is missing Abir and he would have opened the NGO here if he wanted, however, it seems he would never return as he never forgets her birthday like he does this time. Meanwhile, Jugnu enters the room and tells them that Kaushal has fallen down to which they all run.

On the other hand, Kaushal acts to get electrocuted while signing Jugnu which Meenakshi notices and asks them to get a wooden stick, Kuhu beats Kaushal and the power goes off. As it comes back, Abir and Mishti come home to which everyone gets surprised and smiles. Mishti wishes Meenakshi a happy birthday and both Abir and Mishti seek blessings from her.

Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke 14th July 2020

Mishti recalls in the flashback how she convinced Abir to take her home.  It shows Abir confirming Mishti if she really wants to go or doing this for him only. She tells him that she is doing this for me as it’s Maa’s birthday adding that you will be happy there and that’s what her priority is.

Kuhu confronts Abir that he denied coming in the morning to which Abir says that it was a surprise and let’s cut the cake now. Meenakshi cuts the cake. Everyone sings. Meanwhile, Mishti screamingly calls Abir and runs upstairs panicking. Abir also excuses himself by saying that both Mishti and he are tired and will talk later.

Once he left, Kuhu says this was all Mishti’s drama. On the other hand, Mishti is crying as sees the room and recalls the past. Abir makes her sit by his side and assures her that they are together that is important, rest will be fine. Mishti says sorry as she got reminded of that night.

They hear police siren to which they run to see, Police asks about Mishti, to which Mishti says that police have come and everything is going to be over. Abir comforts her that they are together and nothing will happen to her. He then asked her to stay inside and let him talk to the police to which Mishti goes inside the room.

Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke 14th July 2020 Written Update

Meenakshi asked the police about what happened while Abir says that he will manage and took the inspector aside. Meenakshi gets worried while Kuhu brings Mishti out. Abir got worried and asked Kuhu why she brought her and said that he is handling the situation so stay out of it. Constable asks about a purse if it belongs to Mishti as it has her ID in it. Then handing the purse to them, police leave. Parul asked Meenakshi to make food by herself as Abir and Mishti would have been eating hotel made food for 3 months.

A flashback shows Mishti and Abir crying after looking at something while Mishti asking for help, FB ends. Mishti seeks sorry from ABir as she spoiled her sleep to which Abir shows her noodles and Mishti is surprised that he was cooking at this time and thanked him.

Kuhu tells Jasleen that Mishti always wants to gain attention while Jalseen instigates Kuhu by saying the Mishti is jealous of her. Meanwhile, Abir asks Mishti to stay away from Kuhu for time being and added that everyone loves her and once they will learn the truth they will support them.

The next morning, Abir sees Mishti sleeping and feels relax while Meenakshi prepares breakfast for Abir. Meenakshi says I have cooked the breakfast, Kunal isn’t here, just Abir will have the uttapam. Abir comes and Meenakshi says that the treat is for you and Mishti to which he says that she is sleeping. Nidhi asks why so late.

Abir says there was much work. Ketki says I have to tell something to which Meenakshi says that when Mishti comes, you can tell them together. Parul says just Mishti remembered to bring the cake to which Meenakshi says its enough that Abir and Mishti came. Meenakshi asks him to have food while Jugnu says Mishti is looking for you. Abir runs while Mishti screams and says I didn’t do anything intentionally. Abir pacifies her that there is nothing, its just sindoor. She says I can’t see. He says you trust me right, relax, its sindoor. She hugs him and cries.

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