Entertainment - Youkai Sharehouse Episode 1 Release Date, Cast, Plot, & Where to Watch?

Youkai Sharehouse Episode 1 Release Date, Cast, Plot, & Where to Watch?

Youkai Sharehouse Episode 1 Release Date: Youkai Sharehouse is a Japanese drama that is coming soon to meet the audience. The series will be woman-concentric drama, which has got the fans excited to see the story through a lead actress’s eyes. Let us get to know more about the upcoming series Youkai Sharehouse.

Youkai Sharehouse

Amidst the lockdown, people have gravitated more towards the web series era and OTT platforms tremendously and not just that, but people have also broadened their niche. Audiences have garnered and showered their praises on Korean dramas, as well as they are now gravitating towards Japanese shows.

This is a good thing because they bring in new concepts and fresh content for the audience, which is getting them excited to know more about the new upcoming series Youkai Sharehouse. So let us see more details about the new Japanese drama Youkai Sharehouse.

Youkai Sharehouse Plot

Youkai Sharehouse is a story about Mio Meguro, who is afraid of being judged and hated by others. More than often, she tries to keep all that she has to herself in fear of being hated. She is not specific about what she wants to do, but she a job and has dated a man in her workplace itself. Mio Meguro dreams of marrying that man, but it turns out he was a wrong person who breaks her heart.

He ruins her life, and she becomes broke, unemployed, and disturbed because of him. Her life becomes chaotic until she comes across a sharehouse where a mysterious creature Yokai lives that helps solve all her problems in a radical way. How she gets her life together and how Yoaki helps her is an exciting story to the lookout.

Youkai Sharehouse Cast

Koshiba Fuka as Meguro Mio
Masaki Reiya as Okuzono Kentaro
Matsumoto Marika as Yotsuya Iwa / Oiwa-san
Maiguma Katsuya as Sakai Ryo / Shutendouji
Ohkura Koji as Numata Hiyo / Nurarihyon
Iketani Nobue as Warabe Utako / Zashikiwarashi
These names include the main cast of the series along with the supporting cast of the series Youkai Sharehouse.

Youkai Sharehouse Release date:

The first episode for the Japanese series directed by Keisuke Toyoshima, Daisuke Yamamoto, and written by Yumie Nishiogi, Brazily Anne Yamada, will release on the 1st of August 2020. The series will air for a total of 6 episodes for now on the TV Asahi channel. The strange horror-comedy show is all gearing up to entertain the audience, and we sure can’t wait to know all about the series.

If you’re intrigued by horror and comedy both, then Youkai Sharehouse is the series for you, for a light heart fun watch. We will bring you information about many such amazing upcoming web series and regional dramas, so stay tuned to world wire for more updates.

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