YouTuber Aaron Marino AKA Alpha M Guy Biography, Net Worth, Wife, Family, & Wiki

YouTuber Aaron Marino AKA Alpha M Guy Biography, Net Worth, Wife, Family, & Wiki: Eminently known as ‘Alpha M Guy’, Aaron Marino is an American Lifestyle Expert and a YouTuber. He runs a channel called ‘Alpha M’ which especially helps in image consultancy and redevelopment, grooming, fitness, and other lifestyle-related tips. If you do not know this guy yet, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! 

Aaron Marino Early Life

Aaron Marino is known to lead a very private and decent life, so not much information about him is available. Yet, we know that he was born on the 19th of May 1976, in the US. He allegedly went to a private school and later on he studied at a college in West Virginia. Due to financial issues, he used to cut other people’s hair to make a living out of it and pay his educational fees. 

It’s sort of ironic that a guy who helps teens groom for a better social life doesn’t have quite a happening private life, or at least he isn’t very bold about it. In a decision that made his fans curious worldwide, he married Tracey Woodward in 2007. As expected, we do not know much about his relationship dynamics or whether or not he has kids. 

Aaron Marino Career 

Ever since his early teen years, he became extremely interested in fashion and grooming. Later on, he was certain that he wanted to make a living out of helping men with their grooming and fashion sense, that led him to becoming one of the experts in that arena. Taking gradual steps to do so, as soon as he graduated, he moved on to Atlanta with his friend to start a nutrition shop business.

Aaron Marino

Apha M Worth

What’s more inspiring and better, in 2006 he launched ‘Alpha M’ image consultancy firm and a clothing line called Alpha M apparel. He represented his company ‘Peter and Pedro’ in Shark Tanks but he was turned down. Despite that, his sales increased by quite a few folds that year. 

Aaron Marino Net Worth

Aaron Marino’s net worth is estimated to be around approximately a humongous $4million. A majority of this comes from his image consultancy firm. After attaining celebrity status, he has worked as a personal trainer and a hairstylist for several formidable celebrities making him a ton of money. 

Not to forget his YouTube earnings which is estimated to be around $2 million yearly. His YouTube channel has gradually become one of the most formidable ones for taking tips on fashion, grooming, fitness and lifestyle for males around the world.

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