Lalbazaar Web Series Leaked Online? Watch & Download Only on ZEE5

In what comes as another motion crime-based thriller for Indian and local audiences to feast their eyeballs on, Lalbazaar has gradually gained attention and has potentially become the most awaited web series in this season. Zee5 has constantly tried to gain more and more audiences, especially locally and it has fairly been successful.

This has also a lot to do with the surge in demand for OTT platform-based thrillers as other bigger sources of entertainment haven’t been functioning. So if you’re anxiously waiting for yet another crime-based thriller, this beautifully curated storyline is a must to watch! 


This wonderful series is based in the City of Joy Kolkata yet promises to be a much different narrative from the mainstream Kolkata-Based thrillers. Lalbazaar will be devoted to depicting the lives and drawing powerful narratives from the life “behind the uniforms.” Does this particular phrase ring a bell as to who could star in the role? Yes, it’s none other than Ajay Devgan who has a perfect personality for this and has already played in several such roles before. 

It will show a realistic view of the lives of those police officers in the homicide department of Lalbazaar- a market located in Central Kolkota. These police officers will put their lives on the edge to investigate a gruesome murder within their jurisdiction. It promises to be a thriller and all this makes it quite irresistible to be honest. 

ZEE5 Lalbazaar Release Date 

I’m pretty sure that if you are a fan of Indian motion crime-based thrillers, this wonderfully woven storyline has definitely grabbed your interest, and now you’ve waited to know when you can finally feast your eyes. Well, the fruit of patience is always sweeter, but this time around it’s going to be spicy, and action-filled! 

In an official tweet made by the Zee5 team, they made a statement that this intriguing series is going to be released on the 19th of June, 2020! It certainly does promise to be a wonderful thriller, but first, let’s get a glimpse of it!

Zee5 Lalbazaar Leaked Online?


Earlier, we have seen the reports online which suggested that all the episodes of the LalBazaar leaked online though that is totally wrong. You must know that the ZEE5 LalBazaar will be available for download & watch on ZEE5 only.

It is often said that a trailer contains half of the plot in itself. So it’s the sole basis of how excited the fans are left, once they see it. In a one-minute-long trailer of sorts provided by Zee5 on YouTube, it has tried to create a very tense and immensely curious atmosphere around. That probably speaks volumes of how the series is going to come out. Let’s see how this eventually pans out and how audiences will react to it, till then hype your friends and family up for this promising dramatic thriller. 

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