Prasanth Varma’s Zombie Reddy Release Date is confirmed? Fans are Excited!

Prasanth Varma is coming back with yet another movie after his direction in Kalki and Awe, where the name of his third movie came in front. His third movie is titled Zombie Reddy, and it is no doubt the most awaited film that is getting everyone excited mostly because of its name that hints towards a unique storyline and plot. Today we get to know more details about this upcoming comedy movie called Zombie Reddy.

Zombie Reddy release date:

According to the sources, the production of the movie is coming to its end. Most of the film is already completed and will be wrapping soon. The trailer and the release date are yet to be released by the team of Zombie Reddy. It is said that once the post-production of the movie begins the trailer nad the apparent release date of the film will be out soon.

Zombie Reddy cast:

Just like the release date, the team has officially announced anything about the cast and crew of the movie Zombie Readdy as well. But once the post-production of the film begins, the makers should reveal the cast. But the director has taken over twitter to inform the fans about his upcoming movie. Look at his tweet below where he mentioned about his new movie.

Zombie Reddy Plot:

The plot of the movie Zombie Readdy is not revealed yet; all we know so far is the film will be a comedy-thriller and will entertain the fans to its fullest. Prasanth Varma even took  it to Twitter, and he made the announcement in which he wrote: “This time will entertain the hell out of you guys.” This clearly says that the movie will make everyone laugh and entertain the audience. This is one sort of a statement that the director has made ensuring that he will not disappoint with Zombie Reddy.

Indeed, the expectation from the movie is high now after the director Varma has given two incredible movies Awe and Kalki, for which he has been having gained immense credits from the audience and the critics. So there is no doubt that the audience would not expect from Zombie Reddy; rather, the expectation and hopes from this comedy entertainer are much more than anticipated. Once the post-production of the movie begins, many details about Zombie Reddy will be revealed by the team, and everyone is eagerly waiting for it, so don’t worry sty tuned to world wire, we will make sure to keep you informed on any new information on the movie.

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