100 Percent Fed Up website review, is it reliable?

This article will cover all the information about the 100 Percent Fed Up website review, is it reliable? What is the credit score? And help you, readers, to have clear information about the 100 Percent Fed Up website and the credit score. Read below the detailed information given. Before heading towards the details of the topic let’s know about the 100 Percent Fed Up website.

About 100 Percent Fed Up website

100 Percent Fed Up is far-right news and opinion site founded in 2012. On the website, 100 Percent Fed Up does not disclose ownership information. The Detroit News reports that the website is co-owned by Tea Party activists Patty McMurray and Leisa Audette. As well, the website does not disclose funding, but there is advertising and a store that sells conservative and branded merchandise. Their goal is to expose the lies and hypocrisy of the progressives in academia, the entertainment industry, and the MSM using social media.” Like most questionable websites, the site does not list ownership, nor authors/staff associated with it.

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 100 Percent Fed Up website review

100 Percent of Fed Up reports news with an extreme right-wing bias. By using loaded emotional language, all news favors the right and denigrates the left. In terms of sourcing of information, 100 Percent Fed Up usually provides links to mainstream sources followed by hyperpartisan, right-wing biased opinions. Occasionally, they also use right-wing conspiracy websites, such as Info Wars. The conservative platform is thoroughly endorsed by this website.

100 Percent Fed Up website credibility score

The credit score of 100percent fed up with 0a website is above average, which means it’s a credible source, and the data present on the website can be trusted and taken as a reliable source of information.

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