2022 Tennessee gubernatorial election Candidates

2022 Tennessee gubernatorial election Candidates

Tennessee is holding an election for Governor on November 8, 2022. The primary election is organized on August 4. 2022. The deadline to file was April 7, 2022. This is the 36th gubernatorial election taking place in 2022. The Governor serves as a State’s top executive officer and is the only executive officer elected in all 50 States. There are presently 28 Republican governors and 22 Democratic Governors. On  July 21, 2022, there were  14 Democratic trifectas, 23 Republican trifectas, and 13 divided governments where neither party held trifecta control.

Tennessee Governor Candidates 2022

The race for Governor election is in full Swing in Tennessee, with early voting ahead of the August 4, 2022, primary election. Also, Statewide, there is a competitive primary for the Democratic gubernatorial nomination; there are three nominees competing for the chance to take on incumbent Republican Gov Bill Lee in the Nov 8 elections.

vote 2022In the Democratic primary, Memphis community activist Carnita Atwater, Nashville Physician Jason Martin, and Memphis City Council member JB Smiley, Jr are competing. Here are the candidates who enrolled for Tennessee Governor Candidates 2022.

  • Bill Lee ( Incumbent Republican Governor)

In the year 2018, Bill Lee was elected to become Tennessee’s 50th Governor as a political outsider with no previous elected office experience. He was the first Republican Governor in the state’s modern history to succeed as a Republican in office.

Bill LeeHe has followed policies on education finance reforms, improving civics education, and creating an Education Savings Account, which was successful. Regardless, his struggle to transform Tennessee’s version of Medicaid administrations from Donald Trump to Joe Biden. Even Bill Lee signed into law the American civics Institute at the University of Tennessee Knoxville on May 12.

  • Democratic candidate Carnita Atwater

Carnita AtwaterCarnita Atwater is a resident of Memphis. She has been fighting for her community for many years, tracking racial disparities, healthcare Disparities, and economic equality. Carnita competes for the Democratic gubernatorial nomination in Tennessee on August 4, 2022. Carnita’s occupation is community activist, with previous experience in health care and higher education.

  • Democratic candidate Jackson Martin

Dr. Jason Martin was Governor nearly a year ago in response to Lee’s inaction around the coronavirus pandemic. He served as a director of Hendersonville Medical Center’s critical care unit; Martin experienced firsthand the devastation of COVID-19.

Jackson MartinHe was a voice if Lee, including signing a letter to urge Lee to direct masks in business during a deadly winter surge of COVID-19. Martin wishes to make health care a defining issue of his campaign. He is the age of 47, His hometown is Nashville, and his occupation is ICU Doctor, prior to running for Governor.

  • The Democratic Candidate JB Smiley Jr 

jb smileyJB Smiley’s campaign for Governor with the slogan “A Better Tennessee” has concentrated on standard Democratic issues, LGBTQ rights, supported abortion access, and also shown himself as a more tolerant alternative to Republican Gov. Bill Lee. He always aimed higher; now, he’s going for the Democratic gubernatorial bid. His age is 34 as of now, and his hometown is Memphis. He served as a Lawyer and a Memphis City Councilman.

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Tennessee Republican Governor Candidates

A Republican Party Primary will be held on August 4, 2022, In Tennessee to determine which candidate will have the right to run as the party’s nominee in the State’s Gubernatorial election on November 8, 2022. Republican Governor Bill Lee will be eligible to seek a second term, and he has declared his intention to do so. The winner of the 2022 gubernatorial election was organized on January 21, 2023. Now let us know about the Republican gubernatorial candidate in detail.

  • Bill Lee

Bill Lee, a Republican party, is the Governor of Tennessee. He assumed office on January 15, 2019. His term ends on January 21, 2023. Lee is running for re-election for Governor of Tennessee. He is voting in the Republican primary on August 4, 2022. Lee was born in Franklin, Tennessee, in the year 1959. He completed his high school in Franklin. Bill Lee graduated from Auburn University in 1981 with a degree in mechanical engineering; after his graduation, he started working at the Lee Company, a mechanical contracting and home services company founded by his grandfather.

Bill LeeIn the year 1992, Lee became president of the Lee company. He served till 2016. During the time of his election, Lee was also affiliated with his family’s Triple L Ranch, a cattle ranch located in Franklin, Tennessee. Lee was elected in the year 2010 and re-elected in 2014. Lee’s election in 2018 honored the second time in Tennessee’s history that Republicans won control of Consecutive governorships.

govbillleeLee’s election, along with the continuation of Republican majorities in the state House and Senate, maintained a Republican trifecta in Tennessee, which had been in place from 2011. Lee represented the 7th Congressional District to the Tennessee Higher Education Commission and as a member of the Board of Trustees at Belmont University. Lee also served as president of Tennesseans for Economic growth, Chairman of the YMCA of Middle Tennessee, and also board member of the Men of Valor Prison ministry.

Tennessee Democratic Governor Candidate

  • Carnita Atwater

She was born in Clarksdale, Mississippi. Atwater graduated from Frayser HIgh school. She completed her bachelor’s degree in community health education and nursing. She did a master’s degree in gerontology and public health administration. And also have a doctorate in public health administration.

Carnita AtwaterHer career experience comprises owning the Kukutana African-American History and Culture Museum of Memphis and working as a nurse.  Atwater is running for election for Governor of Tennessee. She is on the poll for the Democratic primary, which will be held on  August 4, 2022.

  • Jason Martin

MartinHe is running for election for Governor of Tennessee. He is on the poll for the Democratic primary on August 4, 2022. Jason Martin’s career experience includes owning a business, and also he worked as a doctor.

  • JB Smiley Jr

Smiley is a member of the Memphis city council in Tennessee. He assumed office on January 1, 2020. His current term terminates on January 1, 2024. He was born in Memphis, Tennessee. He earned his degree at the University of Arkansas at Little Rock Wil H. Bowen School of Law. Smiley has good experience in woning the Smiley & Associates law firm and as well working as a lawyer.

jb smileyHe also served as judicial council for the Young Democrats of America and the vice chairman of the Black Caucus of the Young Democrats of America. Smiley is running for election for Governor of Tennessee. He is on the ballot in the Democratic primary on August 4. 2022.

Tennessee gubernatorial election Candidate

The 2022 Tennessee gubernatorial election will held on November 8, 2022. In order to elect the Governor of Tennessee. Incumbent Republican Governor Bill Lee will be eligible to seek a second term and also has declared his purpose to do so. The winner of the 2022 gubernatorial elections is scheduled to be declared on January 21, 2023.



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