32 best Gettr alternatives you must try

32 best Gettr alternatives you must try

GETTR is a social media and microblogging site targeted at American conservatives. It was invented on the principles of rejecting political censorship, independent thought, free speech, and “cancel culture.” Gettr is an app. It was invented by Jason Miller. He is a former Donald Trump assistant. GETTR was officially launched on 4 July 2021. Its features and user interface are extremely identical to those of Twitter.

The platform suffered problems soon after launch, including posting content, internet trolls, that infringed the terms of service, the brief hacking of some high-profile accounts, and users flooding it with pornography. Reporters have identified the plurality of irrational content on the platform, including antisemitism, terrorist propaganda, and racism.


According to Gettr, the app had nearly 3 million total users and approximately 400,000 daily average users by November 2021. As of February 2022, the company declared that its number of users had boosted to 4.5 million. According to Sensor Tower, Gettr has a total of 6.5 million global downloads from the Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

32 best Gettr alternatives you must try

#1 Moodle


It is an All-in-One platform that provides remote teams and office staff the capacity to create content, post ideas, share schedules, create content, and have video calls all within a single secure site. Cloud hosting and Premise are available.

#2 Mighty Networks

It is a community platform. You can bring your online courses, community, website, and memberships together on your social network to create a thriving digital subscription industry.

#3 Parler

Parler Social Media

It stands for a free speech social network. Users here can express themselves without censorship.

#4 Gab

It is a social networking site. People have an option when using Gab Social, they can either have an account on Gab.com or, if they just want to regulate their own experience, they can spin up their own Gab Social server that they control, that enables them to communicate with millions of users on their federated servers from around the world, including users on Gab. Gab.com aspires to be the residence of free speech online.


#5 Flote

It is a free-port social network for uncensored self-expression. People here receive crypto rewards while building significant connections. Flote makes it simple to find and interact with like-minded people and engages rich media knowledge. You can publish opinions in text your thoughts, audio, videos, and images, including live streaming, without the fear of being edited. It taxes ZERO FEES, so you get 100% of what you earn!

#6 TRUTH Social

Truth Social

It is America’s “Big Tent” social media platform that motivates a free, open, and honest global discussion without discriminating against political ideology. Launched by former US President Donald Trump in February this, year, the app has garnered a huge number of users, in a matter of few months. The app is currently available only for Apple users, and through a web browser, but the Android version is currently in the works, and will be launched soon.

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#7 Twitch

Twitch is a decentralized social network. people here own their data and earn money for their content. It provides people to own their content, earn from it, and take it with them wherever they move.

#8 Mastodon


You can follow friends and discover new ones among more than 4.4M people. You can publish anything you wish, pictures, links, videos, and text. hi is a community-owned and ad-free platform. Mastodon is not a single website like Facebook or Twitter, it is a network of thousands of communities operated by different individuals and organizations that provide a seamless social media experience. It comes with powerful anti-abuse tools to help protect yourself.

#9 Trybe

Trybe app

The trybe is a social network where you have the power to create your community in one place, have fun, be creative, and get rewarded for what you perform. It collects and combines content from other platforms and integrates them into yours. We also can create a new video, audio, image, and text content.

#10 BitClout

It is a decentralized social network built on the blockchain. BitClout is a cryptocurrency token. Creators on the BitClout platform can receive Creator Coins to monetize their brand.

#11 Mind

It is a social network that enables free speech and is incorporated with blockchain and cryptocurrency technology. Its users and pages can publish and earn cryptocurrency when their content is appreciated, commented on, shared, or when users subscribe.

#12 Agency

Agency is a decentralized Blockchain-based social network. It is the next-generation social network for Web 3.0. Blockchain technology gives you real free speech, without any banning and censorship. Only you regulate your account, communities, and content.

#13 Steemit

Steemit has redefined social media by creating a breathing, living, growing, social economy, a community where users are awarded for sharing their voices. It includes websites like DTube and SteemPeak.com that are powered by the steel cryptocurrency and Steem blockchain.

#14 Peepeth

Peepeth social media

It is a social network for those who value responsible engagement. Its elements motivate thoughtful content while discouraging hateful and reactive posts. It gives you custody of your online legacy because data is protected by the Ethereum blockchain. Blockchain data is decentralized open, and immutable.

#15 Pinterest

Pinterest app

People arrive at Pinterest to get motivated and attempt new things. Here, you can reach people when they are planning and making decisions. On Pinterest, brands inspire—they do not interrupt. You can easily share your notions with people who want to take action.

#16 MeWe

It has a business model where members are customers to respect and serve, not data to be shared or sold. You have entire control over your newsfeeds and the order of how posts occur. It empowers you and enhances your world. It delivers an uplifting social media experience in the spirit of human companionship.

#17 Zinger

It is a social media app to catch people nearby. You can use this social app to discover photos, posts, stories, and people nearby. Here, you can meet and find new friends nearby.

#18 OnlyFans

It is a platform for content creators to upload content and earn money from fan subscriptions. The platform is built to optimize creator engagement. The platform is growing continuously as more creators are using content as a way to reach their fans.

#19 Triller

It is a music and entertainment platform. Triller is the video app .You can express yourself and connect with the content you adore. You can create wonderful music videos and follow trending challenges.

#20 Josh


This is a video community app that lets you follow your favorite performer for fun and entertainment. It is an Indian video app that has become a leader on social media now. People from all over the world connect here because it is the most fun app. This is a full dose of entertainment video, made in India. You can find creative trends, daily challenges, entertainment, and a lot more short videos.

#21 Rumble


Rumble.com is an open video platform

#22 Clubhouse

It is a space for casual, drop-in audio conversations, with friends and other interesting people around the world. You can go online anytime to talk with the people you follow, or jump in as a listener and listen to what others are talking about.

#23 Reddit


It is home to thousands of communities, endless conversation, and credible human connections. Whether you are into breaking news, TV fan theories, sports, or a never-ending stream of the internet’s cutest animals, there is a community on Reddit for you. The community can share content by posting images, links stories, and videos. The community can comment on posts. Comments provide discussion and often humor.

#24 Snapchat

Snapchat gettr alternatives

It has been proven the fastest way to share a moment. It lets you easily talk with friends, witness Live Stories from around the world, and explore news in Discover. It helps in empowering people to live in a moment, express themselves, learn about the world, and have fun together.

#25 MX TakaTak

It is a short video community app built locally and especially by MX Media & Entertainment in India. You can find rich video content quality on MX TakaTak. It is not just a dialogue dubbing app but also a tremendous video editor, where you can edit videos online, shoot, apply filters, and become the next superstar. This App shows fun videos that you can watch and share with your family and friends.

#26 Douyin

You can learn about the latest events and principal content here. The stars you love are all on Douyin. It offers one-click videos, smart matching of music, and plenty of original filters, special effects, and scene switching to enable you to become a blockbuster in one minute so that your life can be skillfully recorded on Douyin. It contains travel strategies, Life coups, food practices, scientific and technological knowledge, current affairs, news and city information, and all the practical content you need.

#27 Xiaohongshu

It is a lifestyle platform for youthful people, where you can discover a real, beautiful, and diverse world and discover the life you want. From trendy shoes to on-the-go tips, to specialty trip destinations with beautiful scenery and few people, from easy-to-learn hot food recipes to the well-known and popular Amway TV series, and more novelty vlogs for you to see additional satisfactory life. You can Upload videos or images by using clothing beauty, food, and journal album templates to create blockbuster pictures with one click, and can easily generate a wonderful life vlog.

#28 Aether

Aether app

If you screw up, insist on the wrong opinion, and then understand otherwise, that is okay. No one will come after you, it gives you the liberty to be wrong, and move on. Aether is private by default. You can select to be completely private, or fully public yourself. Largely people use pseudonyms, though you can use your actual name or company.

#29 NetVillage

It is a Social Networking solution. It offers interactive services such as discussions, chat rooms, discussion boards, blogs, micro-blogs, shared document libraries, video catalogs, friend feeds, Hotmail-style community email, twitter-style updates, and other tools.

#30 Moo social

It is a decent social network script to create a social site or niche community. It is highly configurable, feature-packed, and expandable with many characteristic add-ons. MooSocial is mobile-friendly, it is effortlessly accessible through Android and iOS mobile apps, or the mobile web . You can start your community site in moments. It is simple to use even without design or programming skills. It assists many monetization techniques such as ad-free membership, advertising placement services, or exclusive access rights.

#31 ClearVale

ClearVale app

It is the social network for business, where accountability and transparency mean real work gets done. Organizations utilize the ClearVale integrated social platform to engage with customers, employees, and business partners to share information, crowd-source ideas, create relationships, and improve business efficiency through alliances in online communities and networks. It is entirely customizable and facilitates companies to unlock true business prospects by empowering participants to track sources of knowledge, business processes, and adoption.

#32 Sphinx

It is decentralized social media, that takes back your data. It serves End-to-end encrypted chat with no central server using the bitcoin lightning network. You can pay your favorite content producers with bitcoin. You can also buy using bitcoin on lightning. Sphinx lets you talk and pay.


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