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movies like Interstellar

Sci-Fi movies are the future of the entertainment industry. The fan base of Sci-Fi movies, which involves time and space providing the audience experience, is massive. One cannot get enough of one such movie by Christopher Nolan “Interstellar.” The movie is highly appreciated by the audiences and, even today is one of the best Sci-Fi movies. If you are one such fan of a film, we have brought 5 best movies like Interstellar to binge this weekend.

5 movies like Interstellar that are worth the watch:

Following a similar concept of Interstellar, “gravity” follows a space adventure. It taps into the depth of grief and deprivation of emotional attachment. The movie is fast-paced and woman-centric, which dives deeper into the space adventure, including many thrilling scenes. Debris’s big storm is flying closer to earth, which is the primary concern of Sandra Bullock, an astronaut. Will her team overcome the crisis is an intriguing story.

2- The Martian:

The Martian is based on Andy Weir’s bestselling novel, which is based on the same name. This movie is one of the best sci-fi movies based on a central theme of survival. The film follows a central character Matt Damon who is stranded on Mars and is presumed dead. He is a botanist, and his accidental counter on Mars leads to the story’s central plot. The Martian is definitely a binge worth movie this weekend.

3-First Man:

Many Sci-Fi movies have had a central theme of emotional detachment, and First Man revolves somewhat into the same theme. First Man is a biographical drama that revolves around the journey of Neil Armstrong and what went on his mind during his journey to the moon. The movie basically highlights the practicality and everything that goes on in the mind of an astronaut. The film has a more tangible approach, which makes First Man and Interstellar quite similar.

4- Solaris:
This drama has answers to many questions. This movie is also an adaptation from a novel, but it has a very different film approach. The movie is full of enveloping drama and philosophical questions. Watch this movie if you’re looking for more visual beauty and experience. This is not a very familiar story but is very appealing and exciting.

5-Ad Astra:
It is a very similar movie in terms of Interstellar because it has a very linear and direct approach. But in terms of intensity, it is far more different than that of Interstellar. Brad Pitt plays the lead character, with the role of a son finding answers to his father’s questions.


These are the top 5 movies that are similar to the Sci-Fi movie Interstellar. If space and astronauts intrigue you which includes everything lying beyond earth’s reach, these movies are worth a binge. Most of them don’t follow the same path but do have a similar touch to their plots. Most of them are visually appealing, while others have a strong story base. So give these ones a try and stay tuned to learn more about such exciting topics.


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