60K Film Industry Workers to go on strike – Explained

60K Film Industry Workers to go on strike - Explained

The Union members of the Film and Television crew have pressurized ongoing for a nationwide strike if the producers of the Hollywood industry don’t meet their requirements as per the new contract deal. There are almost sixty thousand people who have decided to go for a strike which includes, workers who work behind the scenes, people who operate cameras, make-up artists, and other people who are responsible for managing the studio have created an alarming situation for Hollywood producers to go on a strike if Hollywood producers don’t agree with them. 

As announced by Matthew Lob the President of International Alliance Of Theatrical Stage Employees on Wednesday that the Union members have decided to go on a strike against studios who are on the top list from October 18, which also might cause a great slow down in the production house of the United States. 

As per the new contract deal, the demand they have asked to fulfill are practical work conditions which should include a sufficient amount of time to rest,  lunch breaks in between and also an increase in their salary. 


Mathew Lob’s take on the strike

Mathew Lob the President of IATSE (International Alliance Of Theatrical Stage) is in continuous negotiation with the producers of Television since previous months. Mr. Lob is been negotiating on the proper working environment, a suitable amount of shift timing which should have at least a gap of 10 hours for the workers. He also claimed in one of his statements that this issue is been dragging now for a longer period of time and now the basic needs of his members should be taken seriously. 

The Union workers have decided to go on a strike from 18th October which signifies it’s less than a week left, that is why the workers and continuously bargaining with the producers so that their needs are considered on a serious note. 

One of the important issues which were addressed by the offline worker was that there should be at least a gap of 54 hours time during the weekend and this point is also included in the new contract deal. 

Elizabeth Shuler’s take on the strike.

As mentioned by Elizabeth Shuler the President Of AFL that it’s been a long time since this same issue is going on and they have been negotiating on the same for a very long time. He also claimed that even in the year 2021 workers are still made to work overtime. And when the companies are making a huge amount of profit they are unable to pay for the extra amount paid. They can’t even provide lunch breaks to their workers. And not only this once the Friday shift is over, they are again been called on Saturday morning which does not include even a gap of 8 hours in between. 

If we go by the figures then almost 98% of the Union workers have decided to go on a nationwide strike and have also decided to cancel the contract who provide wages that are not sufficient for their livelihood which includes television brands like Netflix, Disney Hotstar, Amazon prime. 

As mentioned by AMPTP ( Alliance of Motion Picture and Television producers) that they are working hard on keeping the entertainment live which is very essential for most people as they are working from home due to Covid 19 pandemic. 

The film industry has been the bread and butter for most people as they are the ones who help to create interesting content for the public. Therefore, as mentioned by Mr. Shuler he will go forward and fight for the right of Labour.  

In the 128th history of IATSE, the workers will stop working from 12:01 am and go on a nationwide strike for not meeting their requirements as per the new contract deal.

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