Hollywood Celebrities join the Enbridge Pipeline protest

More than 200 celebrities and Democrat donors have signed a letter asking President Joe Biden to halt the Enbridge Line 3 pipeline expansion in Minnesota. Hollywood A-listers like Leonardo DiCaprio, Mark Ruffalo and, Jane Fonda are amongst the most notable names to join the protest. In addition, native communities are concerned about the risks the line poses to their rivers and lakes, and pipeline opponents claim to be standing in solidarity with them.

Why are people protesting?

Line 3 of the Enbridge pipeline currently runs from Edmonton, Alberta, to Superior, Wisconsin, carrying a type of petroleum deposit known as tar sands. Unfortunately, Enbridge is presently trying to take the pipeline through the tribal wetlands of the Anishinaabe people in northern Minnesota. This danger for the local environment and wildlife could also end up violating the tribe’s treaty rights. In addition, environmentalists claim that this would contribute substantially to the rise in global warming too. It is estimated that once fully functional, the pipeline will produce up to 193 million tons of carbon dioxide per year.

What has happened so far?

After taking office in January, President Biden stopped the easement for the Keystone XL pipeline. Still, he has yet to weigh in on the Minnesota pipeline, and his administration has taken a hands-off approach when it comes to Dakota Access. After the Army Corps of Engineers was ordered to redo the project’s environmental review, the administration opted not to halt that pipeline’s operation in May. With support from many celebrities and socially influential people, all eyes are set on the next move made by President Biden.

What are the protesters doing?

Most protesters are content with obeying the law and trying to establish a meaningful and constructive conversation about their aims. Other protesters, however, weren’t interested in obeying the law or waiting for the courts to rule. They blocked access to the pipeline construction site with a fishing boat and bamboo poles, climbed on top of equipment, and chained themselves to machinery. They have also started a website to make more people aware of their strife for the preservation of the local environment. Many of the protesters have been arrested by law enforcement, but others have vowed to carry on their fight. 


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