Planning your next travel? Here are 9 cool travel hacks for you

9 cool travel hacks for you

Everyone needs a getaway from their busy schedule once in a while, to forget all the worries and escape from the rat race to have fun and relax. In this article, i will explain you the best travel hacks. Travelling provides peace therapy to the brain. It helps you wonder about things around you. However, planning your trip at times can be tiresome. Right from deciding your travel destination, travel dates, and booking tickets to packing your bags. But don’t worry, these things aren’t quite difficult when done in the right way, following the right techniques.
Here are a few cool travel packing hacks to help you pack your bag like a pro the next time you decide to travel. Bon Voyage!

1. Prepare a Pack list for the travel

The first step is to prepare a list of the things you wish to take along with you.It’s important to do so because quite often you have many things at hand and you tend to forget to pack the essentials. Making a pack list helps you solve this problem. And you don’t miss anything.

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2. Follow the 1/2 rule. one of the best travel hacks.

Quite often we tend to pack a lot of unnecessary stuff and end up having overfilled luggage. Hence following the 1/2th rule helps. It means packing just half of what you need. For example, if you need 4 pairs of pants, pack 2 instead or else you could Pack three tops for every bottom. You can do laundry almost at any destination. This helps you lessen the weight of your luggage and helps you save space for other essentials.
Pro Tip: If you find it difficult to decide which clothes to carry you could decide on a color scheme and pack things accordingly. This helps you make choices faster.

3. Roll roll, roll your clothes

Travel hacks are the best thing you can do while traveling. This is the best way to save up space and occupy many outfits in a smaller space. All you need to do is roll your clothes instead of folding them. This hack also prevents your clothes from getting wrinkles and it erases the need to iron them. Congrats you are officially travel hacking

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4. Go minimalistic

Transfer all the essentials things like shampoo, toothpaste, perfume, and medicines into mini containers so you carry only the amount that’s needed. You could even use a contact lens case to transfer your makeup essentials.

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5.Carry a petite essential bag

Have along with you a small bag which is easy to access and where you can keep the essential things like your passport, money, identification card, sunglasses, chargers and so on. A handbag would suffice the need too.
Pro Tip: Put your chargers in your sunglasses case, this way you prevent them from getting entangled and it’s easy to find. This is one of my favorite travel hacks.

6. Fill your shoes

Use the maximum space occupied by the shoe by filling it with socks and all the other things that could fit inside the shoe.

7. Stand Out

This travel hack is the best. Not literally, of course! What it means is to put on some cover to your baggage or some stickers or anything distinctive that’ll help you identify your luggage easily even from a distance and prevent you from spending a lot of time at the luggage collection counter.
Pro Tip: You could also label your luggage as fragile for it to be handled with care and get the needed attention to prevent it from being mishandled.

8. Have a heavy look

Looking for a perfect travel hack? Put on the heaviest clothes you have. If you are carrying footwear, wear shoes that take up the most space. For example, if you are carrying flip-flops and sneakers. Have the sneakers on. If you are carrying a jacket put it on too. This will save you room and prevent your bag from getting heavy.

9. Keep the dirt away

Carry a small bag with you to keep the dirty laundry separated. This helps you if you are travelling for many days and allows prevents your clean laundry from getting dirty.

Hoping these hacks will help you save your time as well as space and that you’ll enjoy packing. I hope I covered all the cool travel hacks. In fact 9 of them.

HAPPY WONDERING WHILE YOU WANDER! Thanks for reading my blog on Travel Hacks

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