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Alaina Marie Mathers- Everything you need to know

Alaina Marie Mathers is the adopted daughter of Eminem, the extremely popular American rapper. Even before Eminem adopted her, she happens to be the daughter of Dawn Scott, the twin sister of Kim Scott, Eminem’s ex-wife.

If you know Eminem well, then you know he is a father of three daughters. One of them is Alaina Marie Mathers. In fact, Alaina is not her biological daughter, but he adopted her. Eminem has one biological daughter with Kimberly Anne Scott, and her name is Hailie Jade Scott Mathers.

Why did Eminem adopt Alaina?

Alaina Marie Mathers was born on February 22, 1993. She was born in Boston, the USA, to Dawn Scott, Kim’s twin sister, and her unidentified boyfriend. However, Kim and Eminem raised her. Due to her mother’s inability to take care of her, Eminem and then-wife Kim legally adopted Alaina in the mid-2000s. Alaina’s Mother Dawn Scott is actually Kimberly’s twin sister. She and Eminem have known each other since school days and the period when Kim and Eminem were dating. However, in some later periods, Dawn had a lot of problems with depression with poverty.

Of course, Eminem and Kim tried to help her, However, It was too late. Dawn already had a problem with drug addiction at the time, which has the reason for Alaina’s adoption. Alaina has two maternal brothers, Patrick and Adam Scott.

Alaina Marie Mathers- Everything you need to know


As per reports, Eminem adopted Alaina due to Dawn’s drug addiction and frequent run-ins with the law. Eminem did not want her childhood to suffer as her mother did. She was not in the condition to raise Alaina, whereas there was no whereabout her biological dad. So, in order to protect Alaina’s childhood and give her a better life, Eminem and Kim ended up adopting her.

Alaina has two sisters: Hailie and Whitney Scott

Eminem tried his best to get Dawn out of her drug addiction and mental problem. But his efforts all went into vain as Dawn was so exposed to drugs that she could not think beyond the drugs. In order to save Alaina from the miserable life that she was passing through due to her mother, Eminem took a big decision. He took her into custody and adopted her with laws.

Eminem raised Alaina as his own daughter with his only biological daughter, Hailie Jade. Hailie too welcomed her as her own sisters. Halie has the most public persona of Eminem’s daughters.

Alaina Marie Mathers Net worth

Alaina keeps her life private and shares almost no information about herself. It’s really hard to say exactly her net worth.

However, if we take into account Eminem’s net worth, which is about $290 million, which is actually the main source of her net worth, we come to about $1 million, So, a rough estimate is that Alaina Marie Mathers’s net is worth about $1 million.

Alaina is very successful in keeping her life undercover, a very little information is there about Alaina. She does not have a single account on any social media networks. Nothing is known about her interests, her love life, etc.

Alaina simply wants to keep her privacy to herself, which is quite understandable. The only information is available about her is that she is graduated from Oakland University.

10 Facts about Alaina Marie Mathers ‘
  1. Her Biological mother, Dawn, has two children, Adam and Scott.
  2. Her Father, Eminem, has also been included and ranked in several publications’ lists.
  3. Alaina grew up with Halie and Whitney as they became close.
  4. Her biological mother, Dawn, has two children, Adam and Scott.
  5. Rolling Stone included him in the list of the 100 greatest artists of all time and the 100 Greatest songwriters of all time.
  6. Her biological mother, Dawn Scott, fell into drug addiction to cope with depression and poverty.
  7. She is not active on social media platforms.
  8. She has two more adopted siblings named Whitney Scott Mathers.
  9. On 19 January 2016, her biological mother, Dawn, died of a drug overdose.
  10. she is an avid pet lover.


Eminem loves Alaina and Whitney as much as he loves his biological daughter, Haile. He even officially changed Alaina’s name when he legally adopted her, in order to keep her away from the tragedies of her past life.  Eminem even mentioned them in his most famous songs, such as Mockingbird, crazy in Love and going through Changes.Dawn Scott passed away as a result of a heroin overdose. She was found lying dead in her apartment in January 2016, which came across as a major blow to Eminem’s family.The complexity involved in Eminem’s personal relationships reflects in his songs from time to time. Presently, he lives in a mansion, along with his daughters and his half brother.

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