All you need to know about Dick Cheney’s Arrest!

Dick Cheney is an American politician and businessman who served as the 46th vice president of the United States from 2001 to 2009 under President George W. Bush. Cheney often cited as the most powerful vice president in American history, ended his tenure as an unpopular figure in American politics. He is currently the oldest living former U.S. vice president, following the death of Walter Mondale in 2021.

Cheney’s arrest makes headlines.

Cheney accidentally shot American lawyer Harry Whittington in February of 2006. The acquaintances were out on a Quail hunt located in Armstrong ranch in Kenedy County, Texas. Secret Service agents and medical aides traveling with Cheney came to Whittington’s assistance. They treated his birdshot wounds to his right cheek, neck, and chest. An ambulance standing by for the Vice President took Whittington to nearby Kingsville before he was flown by helicopter to Corpus Christi Memorial Hospital.

On February 14, 2006, Whittington had a non-fatal heart attack and atrial fibrillation due to at least one lead-shot pellet lodged in or near his heart. Because of the small size of the birdshot pellets, doctors decided to leave up to 30 pieces of the pellets lodged in his body rather than try to remove them.

The incident hurt Cheney’s popularity standing in the polls. According to polls on February 27, 2006, two weeks after the accident, Dick Cheney’s approval rating had dropped five percentage points to 18%. The incident became the subject of some jokes and satire.

After decades of serving as vice president of America, Cheney has been arrested for his crime. 

Cheney hailed as ‘most powerful vice president’ in American history

Cheney has been characterized as the most powerful and influential Vice President in history. Both supporters and critics of Cheney regard him as an intelligent and knowledgeable politician. He knows the functions and intricacies of the federal government.

Cheney has actively promoted an expansion of the powers of the presidency. The Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act, the Presidential Records Act, the Freedom of Information Act, and the War Powers Resolution are, in Cheney’s words, “a restoration, if you will, of the power and authority of the president.”


Vice” isn’t exactly a biopic. It’s more of a darkly comic film, with elements inspired by the life and career of Dick Cheney.

Writer/director Adam McKay doesn’t promise that every conversation in “Vice” happened verbatim. But he does claim some of them did, that he read every book by and about the Cheneys he could, that he hired a journalist to corroborate his script with off-the-record reporting, and that, as a disclaimer at the start of “Vice” reads, “we did our (expletive) best.”

The film manages to cover six decades of the life of Cheney. Played by an unrecognizable Christian Bale, it jumps throughout history, a false ending, iambic pentameter, and direct-to-camera speeches by Cheney and an unnamed narrator. 

Cheney’s Education

Cheney attended Yale University, but he had problems adjusting to the college on his own account and dropped out. He later attended the University of Wyoming. There he earned both a Bachelor of Arts and a Master of Arts in political science. He subsequently started but did not finish doctoral studies at Wisconsin–Madison. 

Cheney’s Personal life

Cheney’s wife, Lynne, was chair of the National Endowment for the Humanities from 1986 to 1996. She is now a public speaker, author, and senior fellow at the American Enterprise Institute. They met at the age of 14 and got married in 1964.

The couple has two daughters, Elizabeth “Liz” and Mary Cheney, and seven grandchildren. Liz is now a Congresswoman Mary, a former Colorado Rockies baseball team employee, and the Coors Brewing Company.

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