All you need to know about ‘We the People Fight Back Event’

We the People Fight Back’ is a two-day event focusing on giving voice to people who stand against the Democrats.

It promises to give tools to have a voice against radicals.  Conservatives claim that liberals take control over the nation and lead America into the dark abyss. Time, date, and place of the event

The people fight back event will take place in Naples in Florida. The event’s exact location is Naples Hilton, 5111 Tamiami Trail N, Naples, FL 34103. The event will take place in the Royal Palm Ballroom of Hilton.

The event is for two days- 7th January 2022 and 8th January 2022. The massive event will start at 10 am and conclude at 6 pm the following day.

Dress code at We, the people, Fight Back Event.

There is no such compulsory dress code at the event. People to wear business attire. Along with this, people are free to wear patriotic red, white, and blue.

Purpose of “We the People Fight Back Event.”

Republicans and Trump supporters consider that the US 2020 elections are void. This is a massive loss of America, according to ‘patriots.’

This event educates the ‘patriots’ through several speakers on having a distinctive voice.

The official site of the event reads, “We all know that the 2020 Presidential Election stolen from President Donald J. Trump and the American People. There’s plenty of evidence to prove it. Unfortunately, the radical left and RINOS will do everything to hide the truth. Plus, the fake news media is only focused on telling lies to the American people to strengthen the Democrat party.”

That’s why we must fight back and stay focused on Making America Great Again. This is no longer just a campaign slogan… it’s a battle cry of all Patriots fighting for America!”

Topics discussed at We the People Fight Back Event.

The event will put light on many issues, including:

  1. The ways to recognize the dangers of communists in America. 
  2.  How Coronavirus exposed the Radical Left’s true agenda.
  3. Why Christians must follow god’s words and refuse to compromise.
  4. Pro-life movement & abortion – alternative options and education
  5. The truth about the depth of Joe Biden’s decades-long corruption.
  6. Why we must support small business owners and entrepreneurs in America.
  7. How the radical left cares more about illegal aliens than American citizens.
  8. Socialism versus Capitalism – why America can never be a communist country!
  9. How Joe Biden will murder tens of millions of children around the world.
  10. Why the Radical Left wants to divide our nation and cause chaos.
  11. The culture war is going on in high schools and on college campuses.
  12. How to maximize Capitalism in America and take advantage of our free enterprise system.


Organizers of We the People Fight Back Event.

The event is organized by John & Christie Di Lemme. They both are the founders of The Conservative Business Journal.

John Di Lemme

John Di Lemme is the founder of Di Lemmi Development Group Inc. He proudly created this company in September 2001 to focus on expanding the personal development industry.

John built a successful company and built and changed many lives for good. His deep determination for perfection in each field makes him an extraordinary speaker.

It was first clinically diagnosed that John was stuttered during his childhood. His immense dedication and hard work turned him into a life-changing mentor. After that, John shared the stage with renowned people like Dr. John Maxwell, Dennis Waitley, Jim Rohn, Les Brown,

Mark Victor Hansen, and Loral Langemeier, and many more. His career revolved around guiding people and the direction that they needed.

Apart from being a successful strategic business coach, John is a fantastic writer. John has written several books, plenty of podcasts, and other online material that ideally guides and motivates anyone.

The Conservative Business Journal

John Di Lemme founded the conservative business journal as his traditional beliefs are extremely strong. A conservative news site is made in fear of the spread of libertarianism. Also, there is a Journal Podcast of conservative business news.

John believes that the nation stands on solid conservative pillars, and it is now getting destroyed by liberals. He was banned from youtube for life due to his traditional beliefs and similar content.

Contact Information for We the People fight back event

To know more about tickets, VIP Booking, you can call at (561) 847-3467 or drop an email here:

t[email protected] 

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