John Di Lemme’s Net-Worth, Wife, and Bio

John Di Lemme is the founder of Di Lemmi Development Group Inc. He proudly created this company in September 2001 to focus on expanding the personal development industry.

John built a successful company and built and changed many lives for good. His deep determination for perfection in each field makes him an extraordinary speaker.

It was first clinically diagnosed that John was a stutterer during his childhood. His immense dedication and hard work turned him into a life-changing mentor. After that, John shared the stage with renowned people like Dr. John Maxwell, Dennis Waitley, Jim Rohn, Les Brown, Mark Victor Hansen, Loral Langemeier, and many more.

John Di Lemme’s Career

John’s career revolved around giving people the guidance and direction they needed. Apart from being a successful strategic business coach, John is a fantastic writer. John has written several books, plenty of podcasts, and other online material that ideally guides and motivates anyone. Many can live their dream life by following the wise words of John Di Lemme.

David Dweck, an investor, and broker who listened to John praises him. He says,” I have had the pleasure and privilege to have John Di Lemme speak at numerous events for over ten years. He always over-delivers on content, offers a great message, “fires up” the crowd, and is very direct in engaging the audience to take action and make a decision. John is a masterful speaker and a marketer who knows how to deliver a top-notch presentation and always keeps the audience engaged. John and his team are professionals in every aspect and are very easy to work with. I highly recommend John!”

He has made people effectively lead their lives, but he has also made his own company huge. He creates an unbreakable customer base by giving commendable customer service. His clients are from medicine, law, business, etc. He hires like-minded team members to generate qualified leads.

John Di Lemme has given 500+ Speeches and is a recognized elite speaker.

Conservative Business Journal

John Di Lemme founded the conservative business journal as his traditional beliefs are extremely strong. A conservative news site is made in fear of the spread of libertarianism. Also, there is a Journal Podcast of conservative business news.

John believes that the nation stands on solid conservative pillars, and it is now getting destroyed by liberals.

He was banned from youtube for life due to his conservative beliefs and similar content.

John Di Lemmi Wife

John Di Lemmi married Christie, who is an attorney. She also works with John for the conservative business news.

They both organized an event called We the people fight back, supporting the former US President. This event was first organized in September 2021.

The second We the people fight back event will occur in January 2022.

John Di Lemme net worth

The net worth of John Di Lemme is yet unknown. This information is not disclosed anywhere.

John Di Lemme writes books

  • Champions are born, and losers are made
  • 177 motivational success quotes to live the championship life
  • 7 principles to live a champion life
  • 31 attitudes of a self-made millionaire
  • My dream journal
  • Find your way and fly! the ultimate success factor
  • 8 fundamentals to earn a million dollars in network marketing
  • The ABCs of millionaire marketing
  • 5 decisions you need to make to shred fear out of your life

Inspirational quotes by John Di Lemme

Here are some quotes by John Di Lemme which are extremely powerful:

“The key of persistence opens all doors closed by resistance.”

“Faith stands, and fear runs!”

“When you think of quitting, remember why you started!”

“It’s simpler to live in a mindset of moving forward than in a mindset of procrastination!”

“Time is your most valuable currency!”

“Quitters quit, decision-makers, move on!”

“What kind of impression are you leaving on people? Activate the ability for your first impression and last impression!”

“Someone Else’s words can detour your potential!”

“Commitment shows up before results do!”

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