American war of Independence: Everything the USA has made wrong – and got right

American war of Independence: Everything the USA has made wrong - and got right

American war of Independence: It has been two months since the National Emergency in the US due to Coronavirus infection. So far, 95 thousand people have died, and millions have become unemployed in the country since COVID-19.

Right now, there is a huge debate in America. Many questions are being raised. For example, was this country fully prepared to face the epidemic? 

Did the government start taking the right steps to combat this virus as soon as it entered American soil?

By mid-March, most government officials had begun to believe that the crisis in Corona was so great that it could not be dealt with by simple steps. This requires enormous effort.

Lockdown was imposed in most parts of the country. The purpose of this unprecedented lockdown was to slow down the pace of Coronavirus infection in the country.

The second objective was to save the healthcare system from the burden of pressure from the growing number of patients with the Coronavirus so that they get enough time to prepare for the prevention of infection and to save those suffering from serious diseases.

American war of Independence: Everything the USA has made wrong – and got right

The achievements

American war of Independence
American war of Independence

American war of Independence: Little success in slowing down the speed of Coronavirus. Some success has indeed been achieved in reducing infection. But let’s first mention achievements.

The way shutdown and social distancing were taken in almost all the provinces of America helped prevent the rapid infection of the virus.

Due to these steps, the pace of the epidemic has increased in New York, Michigan, and Louisiana, the worst affected by Corona. 

And this crisis, which was spreading very fast at one time, could be overcome.

The shutdown and social distancing hit corona the most, and New York was successful in reducing the rate of infection in some other provinces.

But there is concern about the infection. Outside these three states (New York, Michigan, and Louisiana), the rate of infection has increased broadly in the rest of the United States. Yes, now its speed is not seen as before.

Overall, if we look at the chart of new cases, it seems that the pace of its transition has become flat, but perhaps it is yet to stabilize.

Come, now let’s also mention some lousy news that raises concern about infection. 

According to the ‘Washington Post,’ states that started partially opening lockdowns have increased cases of disease compared to countries where it is still fully implemented.

A report by the Corona Virus Task Force, which was leaked on NBC News even before its release, said that there was a spurt in infection in cities in the interiors of the country.  In the inner cities of the country, week-to-week infections, including de Moen, Nashville, and Amarillo, recorded an increase of over 70 percent.

During the last six weeks in America, there has been a success in preventing infection by stopping people from going out and closing businesses.  But for this success to continue, you will have to run a testing program and also adopt contact tracing on a large scale.

Dr. Anthony Focchi, chief of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Disease and a member of the White House Coronavirus Task Force, said before the Senate on Tuesday. 

“We are going in the right direction. It does not mean that the infection is under our control in any way now.”

A large number of ventilators

American war of Independence
American war of Independence

When White House press secretary Cali Mechani was asked to tell about the Trump administration’s achievement so far regarding Coronavirus infection, he mentioned ventilators. 

(When the patient is unable to breathe on his own, ventilator help is taken.)

“The success of the Trump administration in Coronavirus infection is that we provided at least 4000 ventilators in New York as part of the biggest effort since World War II.

” He said, “One American patient died due to lack of ventilators Has not happened. “

The US government issued contracts worth billions of dollars to build new ventilators. 

President Donald Trump pressurized General Motors, a 70-year-old defense manufacturing law, to create a ventilator and overcome supply chain problems for other manufacturers as well.

But there was no problem with ventilators because their supply increased. But they were being used less in the states. 

One was not in demand, and among other healthcare professions, no firm opinion was being formed about its benefits. 

Because despite the installation of ventilators, the survival rate of patients was low.

Professor Gerard Anderson of Bloomberg School of Public Health at Johns Hopkins University said, “I think these people (the administration) worked very well in terms of transporting the ventilators from the less-needed to the needier.” 

To my knowledge, there was no place where there was a shortage of ventilators.”

Trump called America the ‘King of Ventilators‘ in an April 25 tweet. He then offered the rest of the ventilators to Latin American, European, and African countries, stating that the ventilator supply is now a matter of pride for the Trump administration.

Hospital Capacity

American war of Independence
American war of Independence

On March 18, New York Governor Andrew Kumo issued an alarming warning. 

He said, “In the next 45 days, New York City has to arrange 1,10,000 beds in its hospitals for coronavirus patients Ga Whereas now there are only 53,000 beds. “

Following this warning, Donald Trump instructed to take immediate action, and New York transformed the Javidge Center (the site where Hillary Clinton’s election night party took place) into a 2000-bed medical facility.

However, when the number of coronavirus patients was counted in New York on April 12, it finally became 18,825. 

This was the maximum number. Much less than the number of patients who had been warned to be admitted. 

Since then, the number of patients has steadily decreased. Due to the Coronavirus infection, there is increased pressure on healthcare systems in many places across America. 

For example, – New Jersey, Maryland, and Massachusetts saw trouble in the healthcare system. 

The healthcare system also increased its capacity in these places because of the increased number of patients.

Anderson said, “From the point of view of treatment, it is a tremendous success. 

All the patients who were coming were treating everyone. The patients may have had to wait for a little, but those who needed intensive care were given. “

The situation did not arise like the kind of severe warning given. The case that was being feared was born in northern Italy.

Vaccine and Treatment

American war of Independence
American war of Independence

Trials are being conducted on humans of several vaccines of the Coronavirus. 

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), there are currently 100 potential vaccines worldwide in various stages of their development.

It was said earlier that any effective Coronavirus vaccine would take one and a half years to be prepared. 

But now it is being told that such a vaccine will come only in early 2021.

Anderson says, “We are doing a tremendous job in developing the vaccine. We have engaged a large number of companies and organizations to improve the vaccine. 

Now our most important question is that the first vaccine that we came to use Start it or wait for a more effective vaccine? “

Until a vaccine is reached to reach as many people as possible, the best solution for governments is how to prevent the spread of the infection, and it should be managed with full vigor. Governments should focus on saving their weak people.

Meanwhile, patients are getting discharged from hospitals early due to the anti-viral drug Remedisivir. Due to this medicine, now they are being released in 11 days instead of 15.

The head of the US National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Disease, Anthony Fauci, said last week about the drug, “It improves the situation by 31%. 

It doesn’t mean we get 100% success. While 100% success is necessary, “It has been proven that the drug can stop the virus. It is the first drug with documented evidence of its effect.”

Mistakes: False claims

American war of Independence
American war of Independence

Over the past few weeks, Trump and several Conservative commentators have begun to shout about the anti-malarial drug chloroquine that can cure the coronavirus.

Some hospitals and healthcare facilities started stocking this medicine quickly. This led to a shortage of this medicine very fast.

In a nursing home in Texas, some patients were given this medicine without family permission. 

In many states, public health officials were seen in a hurry to end the coronavirus infection, and in this round, chloroquine was being used there.

Later studies showed that this drug failed to stop the coronavirus. The use of this can endanger the patient’s life.

You have to show confidence in science,” says Anderson. In the context of chloroquine, he said that the situation could be hazardous due to the emergence of anything in the state of emergency. “

During a press conference in April, Trump said that coronavirus infection within the man could be eradicated with disinfectants and ultraviolet radiation. 

He was sharply criticized for this. Due to this, the number of calls to Poison Hotline in some states had increased.

Scientists and public health officers have played an essential role in the Corona Virus Task Force of the White House. 

But the President has often been seen giving some strange advice aside from his advice.

The impact of such ideas on the functioning of the government was also seen, and people’s tendency to try dangerous prescriptions was also observed. Besides, it also created difficulties in adopting science-based policies.

Reduction in production and supply of PPE

American war of Independence
American war of Independence

When a nurse at White House Eye told the President last week that the supply of PPE, gloves, face mask, and gown was not regular, but we are running the work, she said that even though the amount has not been regular for you but many others This situation did not come before the people.

There have been reports in the last few months that according to which healthcare workers had to work without safety devices (face masks, PPE, etc.) or wear the masks used, PPE.

Ordinary people also had to make masks with scarves and coffee filters because these things were reduced in the market to protect against coronavirus.

Anderson says that the problem in the supply chain caused by Coronavirus infection led to a lack of protective gear (face mask, PPE, etc.). 

It could not bring protective kits coming from China. The Trump administration tried to increase the supply, but there were mixed results of domestic production. 

The stock in America was not enough for such a large-scale transition.

Trump told the states that it is their job to keep supplies sufficient. He said that the federal government is not a ‘shipping clerk.’ 

Due to this, there was chaos in the states, and they started asking for bids by paying more than the open market. 

On many occasions, it happened that the federal government had forfeited the orders of the states.

The Trump administration had started ‘Project Airbridge’ to subsidize the supply of protective gear from aircraft from outside countries, but it was accused of lack of transparency. 

The government claimed that over one million items were sourced from outside. But the ‘Washington Post’ made an investigative report and raised the question as to where it was ultimately supplied?

Domestic production of protective gear has increased in recent times, but there remains a concern about the distribution network. Still no quick delivery of supplies to healthcare workers deployed on the front against coronavirus infection Getting it

Testing Flaws

American war of Independence
American war of Independence

On Monday afternoon, Trump was standing in front of the banners in the Rose Garden. They wrote- “America is at the forefront of the world in testing.” 

He told reporters gathered there, “We have achieved that position. We have won.”

He said the federal government would give $ 11 billion to the states for the testing program. 

Trump said that 90 million Coronavirus tests had been done in America so far. These include tests taking place at the speed of three lakhs every day at this time.

He also said that in the test, America has now beaten South Korea, which till now, was seen as the country to control this transition in the best way. But the reality is that South Korea increased its testing speed significantly in February and March itself. 

The United States may have equaled or surpassed it, but so far, 80 thousand people have died here, and the coronavirus infection continues to spread.

During a hearing on the coronavirus in the Senate on Tuesday, Republic Senator Mitt Romney said that we started testing in February and March. I do not see anything in my testing record that can be celebrated.

The matter became more complicated due to the exaggerated promises made by the Trump administration regarding testing. It was never fulfilled as claimed. 

On March 10, Vice President Mike Pence said that the United States would cross 4 million tests this week.  But this goal could not be achieved even by the end of April. (Mike Pence later said that he was talking about test distribution and not processing).

In mid-March, Trump said that through public-private partnerships, drive-through testing would be started in shopping centers across the country. But even after a month, very few markets have been opened.

Still, only 2.74 percent of the people of America have been tested. This is much less than in other developed countries. Harvard University estimates that the nine million tests claimed in a day are also under suspicion. 

University says that Coronavirus infection does not spread on a large scale in the country; for this, it is essential to identify hotspots in the country correctly.

Subsidy disturbances

American war of Independence
American war of Independence

Since the outbreak of Coronavirus in the United States, the US Parliament has given more than three trillion dollars in financial aid. A large part of this is to handle the economy hurt by Coronavirus infection. Lockdowns and shutdowns have led to the loss of jobs for the entire country.

Industries and businesses have been given billions of dollars at low interest. If they do not remove the employees, then they will be forgiven. Cash is being offered directly to the Americans. Those who have become unemployed are being given extra help.

It was easy to approve these expenses from Parliament. But it is more challenging to ensure that financial help reaches the right place. In this sense, it has proved to be more difficult.

The package that the government has issued for small businesses has flaws. There is confusion between the business owners and the private lending banks, who apply for help regarding government policies.

These questions are also arising that big companies, restaurant chains, prosperous universities, and people in business and companies with political clout have already got financial help. 

When the fund ran out, Parliament had to make more funds for small people in the business. Anat Adami, Professor of Economics at Stanford University’s Graduate School of Business, says another problem is the steps taken for relief in America. 

Here the government relies on many private intermediaries (middle link) to help people. Intermediaries also include private and public companies with access to the financial market.

He said, “The terms of the loan program for small businesses are confusing.  It is not known who will get the loan and in what condition. The terms of the responsibilities for repaying the loan are also not clear.”

However, the loan program is working correctly compared to the employment system that the state is running. Some states are still lagging in making weekly payments to those laid off. 

In Florida, online orders created for receiving payments were spoiled by applications. Then the state government released the paper forms. Long lines of applicants were seen at some places.

It is being said that the President’s advisors have asked him to focus more on the economy than on public health issues. Francis Craigathan, President of the Consumer Data Industry Association, has warned that the massive amount of money raised to revive the American economy could lead to some problems going forward.

He said the question now is not to block money. Take it out What the Trump administration has done so far is a perfect move indeed. But in the unprecedented situation, we are in right now, how much more money will be enough to put into it, it cannot be said.

MPs from both Democratic and Republican parties have talked about giving a third stimulus package to the economy.  But the MPs on both sides are far from agreeing on where to proceed from here.

This number of coronavirus infections The cut is now months long. But the government still has to take many steps, whether they are good or bad.

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