Asia vs Coronavirus: India is setting a global example in dealing with the epidemic

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Asia vs Coronavirus: Before 1914 there was a world without a visa, a visa was not needed to travel to Europe, America, and their colonies. Then the first world war took place, and the circumstances changed.

Countries grew stronger, and national borders became more rigid. After this, the period of economic solidification and collapse began. Nationalism reached the pinnacle of powerful nationalism and became the cause of the second world war.

After World War II, a world of harmonious relationships was, focused and situated. The same globalization remained unresolved even after a painful and painful 75 years.

The illness caused by the Coronavirus threatens to put global operations at the same level as before. After World War I, the countries of the world became dictatorial and dictatorial states.

Asia vs Coronavirus: India is setting a global example in dealing with the epidemic

Asia vs Coronavirus
Asia vs Coronavirus

Some political scientists have predicted the emergence of a homogeneous world during the Coronavirus where the world will become more stable and more patriotic. The ‘return of the nations’ is a new reminder. Economists talk about the days of globalization and free trade.

Where did the great disappointment come from? With a corona of just 0.125 “coronaviruses equal to one-thousandth of our eye? Probably not. There is not one virus, but two of the most powerful countries in the world, which shake the whole world. American Hoover Institution historian Niall Ferguson calls the two countries’ Chimerica’.

For the last decade, China and the United States have established a model of economic relations, compared to Ferguson Nichebei (US-Japan strong economic relations at the turn of the last century). Coronavirus has transformed this ‘chimeric’ into a mental state.

Two Principles of China

Asia vs Coronavirus
Asia vs Coronavirus

The Chinese leadership is facing accusations of hiding the truth in the world, and as a result, the virus has come to other countries and has become an epidemic. China’s tariffs are being contested, and their numbers are being questioned.

According to official statistics in China, there are 82,000 patients infected with Corona, and 4500 people died. However, Derek Scissors of the American Enterprise Institute, a Washington-based think container, said the number of infected people in China is about 2.9 million.

China is one of the few countries that does not follow traditional studies. China is about covering historical encounters here. What China is today is a product of a long transition, after which Mao seized power in China in 1949.

China’s view of the world is guided by three key principles – GDPism, the idea of ​​keeping China as a center and recognizing the incredible ability to defend itself.

Asia vs Coronavirus
Asia vs Coronavirus

All three of these laws come from the transformation of Mao. In 1980, Dang Xiao Ping declared in the 1980s, “the most important principle is economic development.” The GDP tells Chinese economists.

The second principle is based on the need to keep China at its center. Mao emphasized independence, independence, and confidence. Every word of China brings with it the words of the famous Chinese national anthem ‘Geichang Juguo’, composed by Wang Shen, where China is big and beautiful in the mountains, the sand, and the Yangtze River called our country.

The third principle has to do with China’s incredible potential. China does not believe in learning anything from others. During the revolution, it kept Mao’s instructions – ‘Practice and just do it. Chinese leaders insist that the solution to their problems comes from their wisdom.

It’s sufficient to fight for the Asian Corona

Asia vs Coronavirus
Asia vs Coronavirus

History analogs may not always be true. China’s nationalist view is very much in line with Germany’s pre-World War II sentiment. Racial, historical, and unique Aryan history, which the world was familiar with in the 1930s. That was the custom in many countries at the time.

When Hitler conquered Sudetenland, a part of Germany that was formerly Czechoslovakia, Europe decided to please Hitler rather than challenge him. Roosevelt watched this happening as far away as Britain, France, and Italy celebrating Hitler under the Munich Treaty.

American President Franklin Roosevelt said in praising Hitler, “I am sure that millions of people around the world will accept your act as a historical service to the people.”

Not surprisingly, within one year, Hitler returned his promise and began to show more violence. This marked the beginning of the second world war. The situation in Britain in 1939-40 was similar to that of America today.

Asia vs Coronavirus
Asia vs Coronavirus

Trump finally allowed Coronavirus to destroy the chaos in America before he woke up. On January 28, Trump was urging his supporters in South Carolina to heed the warning of the plague.

He was calling for the epidemic to alert the media spirit and said Corona’s threat would prove to be a new lie. At the same time, European countries arriving in China by accident, taking advantage of the Belt and Road, are struggling to prevent the epidemic.

Interestingly, the countries facing the deadly disease are often the democratic countries of Asia. It is spearheaded by South Korea who conducts more tests daily than the US with more than six people.

Singapore has successfully prevented the epidemic by conducting experiments. Hong Kong and Taiwan have taken timely steps to prevent corona infections, learning about the past experiences of the SARS virus.

Hope for a better war?

Asia vs Coronavirus
Asia vs Coronavirus

On the other hand, India has set a precedent for the democratic process to challenge Corona. Prime Minister Narendra Modi has succeeded in implementing the goals of the closure and division of society in partnership with state governments.

They take the lead and have the full support of the people. In a country with a population of 1.3 million, more than 21 thousand people are infected by Corona. Like the Prime Minister, Modi does not take any opposition or retaliatory decision.

Although there have been efforts to spread propaganda and misinformation such as Islamophobia, Modi has faced such propaganda with great depth, discipline, and confidence. He asserted that democracy with visible leadership could face such problems without compromising the principles of independence.

Asia vs Coronavirus
Asia vs Coronavirus

With the new globalization going on, India, along with countries like the USA and Germany, can play an important role in building a new world based on the cooperation of the Labor Party. Recommended staffing. It’s time for a new Atlantic Charter. Environment, health care, technology, and democracy liberalism can be the basis of the new Atlantic Charter.

Today, China has a chance too. It is being criticized worldwide. Tensions within the country are also increasing. Xi Jinping’s leadership continues to face challenges. The time has come when the Chinese leader must turn to Deng’s command, in which he spoke of ‘hearing the rocks cross the river.

There is action in the Chinese Communist Party – Laxian Duzheng, such as Line St Fighter. For some people, this power struggle also exists. But it shows the battle for a new party line. There have been so many conflicts in the past. The question is, can the world expect a better war at this time?

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