How to get Asics Military Discount- Easy Guide

How to get Asics Military Discount- Easy Guide

Looking for the Asics Military Discount? If yes, you have stumbled upon the right webpage.

This article will delve deep into Asics Military Discount to provide information about the discount, ways to claim it, eligibility criteria to fulfill it, and many more.

Asics is a renowned Japan-based clothing and footwear brand for children, women, and men. The store provides accessories, clothing, and footwear at a reasonable price with coupons and discounts.

People with a military background would be glad to know that Asics offers Military Discounts.

What is Asics Military Discount?

Asics Military Discount is a discount offered to military service members and veterans as a form of thanks for their service. The discount is not limited to military members but is available for first responders and medical professionals. With the discount, you can save a certain amount on selected items.

Does Asics Have Military Discounts?

Yes, Asics offers Military discounts to military members. It is available to first responders and medical professionals.

How to get Asics Military Discount?


This section will help you know the process you can follow to get the Asics Military Discount. Follow the step-by-step guide to redeem it:

  • Visit the Asics official website.(https://www.asics.com/us/en-us/military-discount-program.html)
  • Check out the upper right corner with the link “My Account.” You must register your professional email on the Asics website with it.
  • Check your email after completing you have registered. You will receive an email that reads, “Welcome to the One Asics membership program.”
  • Then, forward the received email to [email protected].

However, remember to include two important things:

  • Attach a photocopy of your military ID.
  • Click on “I am registered.”

After you have sent the email, you will receive confirmation within three days of opening once you are set up to receive the discount.

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Ways to Get Asics Discount

If the abovementioned process does not help you, you, fortunately, have alternate methods. We have listed some other methods to help you get the discount. Check them below:

Asics Discount Option #1 – Periodic Sales

Customers of Asics cannot expect to have codes or coupons. However, they can benefit from using sales and discounts. Fortunately, discounts and sales are available for all individuals. The sales take place periodically. It is not tied to any occasion like a holiday or any particular time of the year. One such periodic sale is the Semi-Annual Sale. These sales can get you a certain percentage off on some selected products. Some items are qualified for the discount, which Asics decide. So, customers may have limited products to purchase at a discounted price.

Usually, Asics items are discounted at half the price. That means certain items are available at a discount rate of 50%. However, some products remain at full price.

You can learn if they offer products at a discount by visiting their home page. You will find a banner or button appearing on the page to announce if an ongoing sale is taking place.

Another method you can try out is signing up for their newsletter. You will find a banner once you go to the Asics home page. You have to input your email and click the “Sign-up” button. Upon doing so, you will receive updates about coupons, discounts, and special offers. You might also receive a free 2-day delivery on orders above $50 and free returns.

Asics Discount Option #2 – Couponing Sites

Since Asics does not offer many codes and coupons to customers, sites like RetailMeNot and Slickdeals, which are third-party couponing sites, can be utilized. The sites mentioned above collect coupons from the internet to compose the coupons into an easily readable list. So, upon online purchases, the coupons can be redeemed during checkout.

The coupons can bring the following advantages:

  • Knock off a certain percentage from your total amount.
  • Discount on some types of products.
  • Free shipping on purchases with a certain subtotal, etc.

With these coupons, the customers are not just limited to receiving discounts on only certain items. It offers more freedom than the periodic sales offer. Thus customers can find discounts offered by these coupons. Another benefit these websites offer is the ability to filter out coupon results.

That means the customers can only find coupons that will discount a certain percentage off from the total or coupons offering one free discount, letting the shoppers curate their shopping that comes with the coupons and avoid scrolling through various coupons to find the best one that deems fit.

The coupons can be found through slickdeals.net or retailmenot.com. When you visit the sites, type “asics” through the search bar at the top of the screen.

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Customers can also get coupons by searching the websites of their choice. Then just input the name Asics on Google.

Another advantage of these websites like Slickdeals is that they mention which coupons are verified. Verified implies that other shoppers have already used the coupons or codes. This feature gives the customer peace of mind since they know if they are using a verified code instead of a faulty one.

Asics Discount Option #3 – Cashback Sites

Ebates and Rakuten are cashback sites offering a platform to save money on purchases. These sites offer cash back to shoppers who use their plugin or application for shopping. These cashback sites are similar to those offering rebates for spending a specific amount or shopping with them.

Do you understand what a plugin is?

A plugin is an application installed into your web browser instead of being accessed through the computer’s Start Menu. The plugin tracks your online purchases and records the money spent on online purchases. This record helps them to calculate the cashback.

So, are you wondering how a plugin can be installed? Oh, the process is simple!

You must visit your preferred cashback site to sign up for a free account. Complete the sign-up to proceed with installing the plugin.

The installation of a plugin is similar to downloading files to a computer. The only difference is that instead of going to the download folder, you will have it installed in your web browser. Once you have installed the plugin, you can save money on online purchases.

Shoppers can search for the store they want to buy at on the cashback site. In this case, search for Asics to check out the discounts they offer. You will have the same experience similar to a third-party couponing site. And, You will be exposed to various coupons and discounts in a list.

You have to format and filter the coupons to find the coupons you wish to apply to your purchases. Along with the coupons, you will also find the percentage of cashback they offer for shopping with them. You will learn that Ebates offers 1.5% cash back on purchases made on Asics’ site.

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It might be less percentage for a cashback, but it is better than having no discount.

So while you are looking for a coupon that you find proper to apply, you must click the button adjacent to each coupon after installing the plugin. It will redirect to the Asics section of the website, where you can begin shopping.

The plugin will then take care of your cashback and coupons. You will also see that they provide you with information on the websites along with the offers. That means you will be well informed about the products the company deals in and deals they offer that are not known widely.

In this case, you can get information on Asics offering free standard ground shipping on all orders. You will also be informed regarding the savings the customers have saved using the plugin.

How Can I Claim Asics Military Discount?

Customers must verify their documents with Sheer ID to claim the Asics Military Discount. Once you have verified your status with the necessary documents, you will receive a unique promo code for one-time use. You can claim the discount at the checkout. Though the code is single-use, military members can re-verify to get additional codes. Besides, remember to check out the items eligible for military discounts and the terms and conditions applied to them.

Military members can get the discount four times in 30 days. However, you will need a new promo code each time. To get a new code, you must re-verify your military status to use it to shop again.

Eligibility for Asics Military Discount

To be eligible for the Asics Military Discount, you have to do the following:

  • Verify through SheerID: You have to complete the verification form. In addition, you have to upload the necessary documents to verify your military status.
  • After the verification, you will receive a promo code through email and on-screen for a discount.
  • While checkout, you have to copy and paste the promo code when required.


Can I Use the Asics Military Discount in an Asics Retail Store?

Unfortunately, the discount cannot be utilized in the store but only on Asics.com

Who Is Eligible For The Military Discount?

Military personnel, veterans, retirees, and reservists, including their spouses and dependents, are eligible for the Asics military discount.

Can I Use My Discount Code More Than Once?

Unfortunately, you cannot use the discount code for five full-priced items at one checkout. However, you may get up to two discount codes every 30 days, subject to program terms. On every order, five full-priced items are the limit. Verifying your status will issue a promo code that can only be used once. When you wish to shop again, you must re-verify your status to get a new code. Remember that you cannot combine discount coupons with other discounts or offers.

How Long Does It Take To Receive the Promo Code?

The verification is almost instantaneous in almost all cases. The promo code is provided on screen and through email. Sometimes, verification needs a document review that can take up to 20 minutes.

What Kinds of Coupon Codes One Can Find In Asics?

Coupons from Asics offer different types of savings. For instance, the most popular code offers a $20 discount on orders of $75. Other discounts can offer 20% off on certain items. You will find such coupon discounts at Asics.


Asics does not offer much through Asics military discounts and coupons. However, they offer various other methods to save on purchases that the shoppers can use. Along with sales and promotions from Asics, you will find various third-party websites where you can save money.

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