Attack On Titan Chapter 131 Release Date, Plot, Recap, Spoilers and Other Details

Attack On Titan Chapter 131

Attack On Titan Chapter 131: Release Date, Plot, Recap, Spoilers, and Other Details: Chapter 130 of Attack On Titan is out and the chapter looks so amazing. Fans are going nuts over the chapter and the things it revealed. We got to see the rumbling in action, Eren’s titan in action, and other conflicting things that are gonna shake fans completely.

Attack On Titan Chapter 130 Recap

We predicted in the last post that the rumbling will continue and guess what, Rumbling is still in effect with full force. And we predicted Floch is alive and again guess what who turned out to be alive, Its Floch.

Attack On Titan Chapter 130 Release Date, Spoiler, & Recap

At the start of the chapter, we see Mikasa and others controlling Annie as she just got to know that Liberio can’t be saved and she was heartbroken. She told everyone that she is getting off. And Hange delivered a speech of Duty that was really moving and Annie just asks a simple question to them, Will they be able to kill Eren?

We then went to the flashback and get to know how the main character of the manga, Eren Jaeger has lost his humanity a very long time ago and we don’t think there is coming back from it.

We got the anticipated flashback of Historia and Eren where Erne told her that he will destroy the world and all the enemies without leaving them alive. Historia told Eren that it will be wrong, It’s not justified in any way and there are so many innocent humans around the world but as I told you Eren has lost his humanity so long ago and told her that it is the only reason to remove the hatred from the world not realizing that he himself has drowned in the pool of hate so deep that he can’t see his actions. And when we were getting to the main point of the flashback where it was going to be revealed that the father of Historia’s kid is Eren or not, Isayama played us and brought another flashback in action.

Where Eren is having a chat with Zeke and he told Eren that Miskasa loves him no matter what and Eren revealed that he is only gonna live for 4 more years. Again Historia is shown in the background talking about bearing a child but Isayama again didn’t reveal the father of the child. And the back to the present the rumbling has is so close to Marley and the War Ship attacks have no effects on the Colossal Titans who can now swim too. Yes, you read that right they can now swim too.

They destroy every single warship and continued there march and then a beautiful storytelling example by Isayama when we saw a flashback of Eren’s mom being killed by a titan and the present where Eren is going to destroy the world side-by-side. And then in the background behind the Colossal Titans, The Attack Titan is rising who is at least 5X bigger than a Colossal Titan. The mere sight of that was terrifying nonetheless.

Attack On Titan Chapter 131 Release Date

The release date of chapter 131 has been pushed to an earlier date. This is because of the distribution system where the magazine can’t be released on a Sunday and sometimes Saturdays. It was revealed by Shintaro Kawakubo. So it’s good news for the fans.

Attack on Titan wiki which is the most trusted news source for Attack on Titan revealed that chapter 131 will release on August 7th, 2020(Japan Time). Other sources have revealed that the raw cuts and leaks related to chapter 131 will be available on 4th August, 2020.


Attack On Titan Chapter 131 Predictions

As soon as the official raw cut and spoilers are released we will give an update to you, till some things look really certain.

Annie can’t get off the boat, not now, anyway, not while they’re out at sea. She’s not going anywhere for the moment. We also think that Eren can’t turn back into human anymore,  this is what Eren has become now. We might see more of rumbling and in the next chapter, we can also see the father of Historia’s child, its time now.

This chapter showed the real power of titans and how the humans are helpless in front of them. The manga has reached an interesting point where waiting for each chapter is becoming harder and harder, so we hope that all the remaining chapters are released as soon as possible and we can see the end of this brilliant story.

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