Berserk Chapter 361 Release Date, Spoilers, Recap, Where to Read Online?

Berserk Chapter 361

Berserk Chapter 361 Release Date, Spoilers, Recap, Where to Read Online: Well, Berserk fans might be dying with excitement as they are getting 2 chapters of Berserk in the same year and the release date is closer than expected.

Berserk is a manga series written by Kentaro Miura. The main center of the story is a mercenary named Guts. The main antagonist of the series is a man named Griffith who is the leader of the group ‘Band of the Hawk’ and Guts work under him. But are things as simple as they look? Or are their secrets lying in front of Guts to be revealed? What will happen when a horrendous event will change the life of Guts forever?

Berserk is a series full of dark, edgy, and gore content. But the story of the manga is what makes it so good and different from other manga series. Berserk manga has a habit of going into hiatus every now and fans have gotten used to it now but the frustration when a new chapter is delayed and the excitement when a new chapter is announced is unreal.

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Berserk Chapter 361 Release Date

The last chapter came out on 28th April 2020 and it was announced that Chapter 361 will be out in June, so fans were really happy. But a tweet came out by the official twitter page of Manga Mogura saying that the chapter will not release in June and it will be delayed to 22 July, 2020.

It was a blow to the fans but considering the past releases, the hiatus was short compared to them.

Now that the release date is closer than ever no one can contain their excitement, so let us go back to Chapter 360 to see what happened.

Berserk Chapter 360 Recap

The last chapter did not focus much on Guts. Casca has woken up from her sleep and apologizes for the scene she created, She told everyone that every time she see Guts she is reminded of her past and all the horror she faced. Even after her memories have returned she still sees Guts as a monster.

After putting her back to sleep, Schierke and Farnese talk with the witches, and Farnese has to show the strength of her abilities. She excels the strength test and everyone in the audience watching is surprised and mesmerized by Farnese magic skills. After Schierke also showed her strength of skills and she also leaves everyone speechless. After that Farnese asks the witches to teach them healing magic so that they can cure Casca, Danann pitched in saying that she is perfect for the job. And in a surprising turn of event Morda reappears, which was nice to see. And another character returned, The Skull Knight returned and met Guts and told him to see the end of his story.

Berserk Chapter 361 Spoilers and Predictions

At this point, Mimura is just building up the tension for the surprising event he talked about in an interview. Since there are no raw chapters or spoilers leaked we cant provide you confirmed spoilers, but some things are certain.

The next chapter will most probably focus on Guts and Casca and their reuniting(I really hope so). Skull Knight will also have an involvement in the recovery of Casca. The main thing that is noticeable is the last thing Skull Knight said to Guts in the previous chapter “You have to see the end of your story, even if it’s not a happy one”. Is Mimura saying that Casca will never accept Guts now? We will never the reuniting of Casca and Guts? That will surely be heartbreaking for every fan who is waiting for almost 20 years for them to reunite. Or is this just a dialogue that doesn’t mean anything? We will see in the upcoming chapters.

The end of Berserk is near and is predictable but it is promising.

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