Berserk Chapter 362 Release Date, Spoilers, Recap of Previous Chapter Read Here

Berserk Chapter 361

Berserk Chapter 362 Release Date, Spoilers, Recap of Previous Chapter Read Here: Chapter 361 of Berserk was really something. It cleared all the doubts of the fans whether the manga will end or not. And with the cliffhanger episode we got, it looks like many more things will come in the story of Guts. Many new possibilities have been opened and the thing is manga will run at the same pace it is running.

Berserk Chapter 362

So if the story gets really interesting just like it was at the start we will have to wait quite a while for every chapter to drop. Even without a hiatus, the speed of Berserk is really slow and 6 chapters a year is the highest we can expect to be released.

Berserk Chapter 361 Recap

The chapter started right from where chapter 360 was ended. The Skull Knight and Guts were on the mountain cliff and Skull Knight was telling Guts to be aware of the future as the casualty is yet supposed to happen. Guts asked him what is supposed to happen but is interrupted by Gedfryn.

Gedfryn sees Skull Knight and immediately addresses him as ‘Your Majesty’. Skull Knight recognizes Gedfryn as the son of Viz. Guts was surprised by this encounter and ask Gedfryn his age, but he told Guts that it is different as time flows differently for him. Gedfryn understands the relationship between Guts and Knight and says that he wants both of them to accompany him to Hanarr. Hanarr was the person who build Berserker armor. Both of them start following Gedfryn.

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Meanwhile, Morda sees them and then returned back to the village where Schierke was training to fly on a broom and was really struggling to get the grasp of it. Morda joins the training and take Schierke away on her broom. Schierke was scared at first, but she slowly starts enjoying it, and then Morda points towards Guts and the other two men and told Schierke that they were going down the ravine, where outcasts of the island lives.

They both follow them to investigate why they were going down there. On the way, they both saw many wicked and different creatures and on the way they saw Morda’s teacher Volvapa, Morda asks her about Guts and Volvapa told them that all three went towards Stone Forest. After they both leave, Volvapa murmurs about the prophecy of an old man coming true.

They both catch up to Guts and others who were standing in front of Hanarr and all were having a chat when Hanarr notices the Berserker armor and told Guts that the armor belongs to him but it doesn’t mean he has mastered the armor yet. He hit the armor with his hammer and suddenly a fox shaped head starts covering Guts face and the chapter ends there.

Berserk Chapter 362 Release Date

There is no official date for the release of the next chapter. But considering that we have got two chapters this year it might be for the best if you don’t hope for the next chapter this year. But if the chapter 362 comes this year, it might be in the month of September.

Berserk Chapter 362 Spoilers And Predictions

It will take some while for the raw cuts or spoilers to be released and we will update you as soon as we get some information about it. But looking at the chapter we have to see what is happening to the berserker armor and also about the prophecy of the old men that Volvapa was mentioning. But a lot of new things can happen in the upcoming chapter and we have to wait for the next chapters to come out.

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