Entertainment - Anime - Dragon Ball Super Chapter 63 Release Date, Recap, And Spoiler (Where to Watch)

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 63 Release Date, Recap, And Spoiler (Where to Watch)

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 63 Release Date

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 63 Release Date, Preview And Spoiler: The last chapter of Dragon Ball Super was really good and surprising. Fans lost their mind after reading the chapter. The last chapter had some of the highest stakes we have ever seen. People who really didn’t like Dragon Ball Super are taken aback in this ongoing arc, as this arc really gave some classic Dragon Ball Z vibes to the fans.

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 63

Galactic Patrol Prisoner might be one of the most action impeded arc of Dragon Ball and the last chapter was just a cherry on top of it. We saw a big hole in Goku’s chest, tell me the last time you saw scenes like these in Dragon Ball.

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 62 Recap

After absorbing Seven-three in the last chapter, Vegeta charges Moro for counter-attack continuously but Moro keeps dodging his attacks. Gohan and the Z fighters tell Vegeta that Seven three’s ability lasts for only 30 minutes. but Moro laughs, he says that after absorbing 7-3, he has no time limit disadvantage to him anymore as he goes on to grab Vegeta’s neck and copies his abilities.

He lands 2 very strong hits on Vegeta and then hits him with his own move the big bang attack and knocking Vegeta out. Dende sees the despair the Z fighters are in and decides to go to the battlefield and heal them. Krillin is trying to return to the battlefield so he can give them some Senzu beans. Gohan and Piccolo try to land a hit on Moro but he blocks both of their hits and throws Gohan in the air while Piccolo is on the ground.

Piccolo holds Moro from a distance with his stretched out hands and Gohan uses an attack similar to Gotenks to hold Moro still and Goku attacks moro with a full power instant transmission Kamehameha. Moro’s hand gets blown off. he walks slowly towards Goku and pierces Goku’s chest with the same hand that is regenerating in the blink of an eye, leaving Goku with a hole in his chest. Gohan seeing this, charges at Moro but his attacks have no effect on him and get knocked out by him with a single punch.

Dende contacts with Piccolo by telepathy and told him that he is coming to help them but Moro eavesdrops their telepathic conversation and then creates a large barrier to stop Dende from coming here.17 and 18 charges at Moro but are also knocked out with a single attack. Piccolo, in despair, decides to charge a full-power attack that will blow everyone inside the barrier but before he could, Moro attacks him with his own move, special beam cannon, and leaves a hole in piccolo’s chest too.

Jaco, now being the only one standing, fires his gun at Moro out of fear. suddenly, another bullet hits moro at the same time Jaco’s hits moro. Moro gets really angry and looks for the one who shot him and with the smoke clearing out and revealing Merus, the angel in training, standing in his galactic patrol uniform.

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Dragon Ball Super Chapter 63 Release Date

Chapter 63 is all set to release on August 20, 2020. Dragon Ball Super releases a chapter every month.

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 63 Predictions

Well, considering it’s Dragon Ball, we don’t have to make any multithreaded or complex theory about it as in Dragon Ball case the answer is always simple.

We are going to see a showdown between Merus and Moro and we will see how far Merus have to go to defeat Moro. At this point, we can also see Beerus’s involvement in the fight as it has been too long and there is no point in him sitting idle.

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 63 Where To Read

You can read the latest chapter of Dragon Ball Super on the official site of VIZ and Shueisha. We request you to use only legal sites as it will promote the creators.

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