Best Anime of 2022: You Must Watch These Anime in 2022(Updated)

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Best Anime of 2022 So Far: Not many anime are released this fall due to the current world scenario, but even after that there is much anime released this year that is worth watching. Some anime got started and some got the much-awaited second season. Let’s look at the Top 10 anime of 2022 so far that you should definitely watch.

Best Anime of 2022

10. Kingdom (Season 3)

 The second season of the Kingdom ended in 2014 and after 4 years fans almost gave up on the third season of the series. But last year when the third season was announced fans got so excited after hearing that their favorite warrior Xin will be back on their screen after such a long time.

Kingdom focuses on a warrior named Xinand Piao who wants to become the”Great Generals of the Heavens“. He wants to protect his kingdom from any outsider attack, but what will happen when the real enemies are inside the kingdom itself? Kingdom has a really good story to present and after 6 years it is making its return with better animation so you should definitely give this one a try.

9. Fruits Basket (Season 2) 

Fruit Basket is an anime that can make you cry anytime it wants. It is a heart-wrenching story of an orphan girl Tohru Honda who after meeting three new people learns some dark truth about their family. As the series continues, she learns all the difficulties faced by the family because of that.

The second season is halfway completed and with each episode the intensity of the storyline increases and it is surely gonna melt your heart.

8. Darwin’s Game

Well, if you action/thriller genre fan, look no further, Darwin’s Game is a perfect watch for you. The 11-episode series might be one of the best thrillers ever. The series focuses on Kaname Sudō who receives an invitation, from a friend who recently died. He accepts the invitation and from there he is pushed into a survival game called ‘Darwin’s Game. For survival, he must rely on his every sense and must forget every other thing that he could trust. If you are looking for that sudden adrenaline rush this anime is for you.

7. The God Of High School

The God Of High School can be ranked higher in this list but with only two episodes out it will not be fair. But the reaction the first episode got was amazing and with solid source material at the disposal already this anime might become a cult classic too.

The plot centers around Ji Mo-Ri, a 17-year-old from Seoul, South Korea. He is invited to a competition called ‘The God of High School’. And the winner of the competition will get his/her wish fulfilled. The series will be filled with amazing action sequences and with the animation done right, you are going to get goosebumps in many scenes.

6. Keep Your Hand Off Eizouken!

 How frequent it is that we get an anime about High School Students. Well, too frequent. But how frequent it is that the students in the anime want to set up an anime club in the school and produced their own anime. Now, that’s something unique for sure.

The plot of the anime is too unique and this by far is the best comedy anime of 2022, so you should definitely give this a watch.

5. RE: Zero Season 2

On March 23, 2019, Re: the zero-second season was announced on their official Twitter page and the whole fandom was thrown into a hiatus. No one was able to contain their excitement.

With two episodes already out and the pain train of Subaru is more painful than ever, Fans are enjoying Season 2 even after slight changes in the animation and other things.

4. Fire Force (Season 2)

The cliffhanger of season 1 left many fans gutted and the wait for the season felt longer than it was because of that. 2 episodes of Season 2 have already been released and the first episode of season 2 was regarded as one of the best season openers after so long.

So, get ready to join Shira in the quest of decimating all the Evangelists and help him find his brother because that reunion will definitely leave a tear in your eye.

3. Haikyuu!! To The Top: 

Haikyuu’s fourth season was released earlier this year and even after the change in character’s design and production staff, the season got an amazing reaction.

Haikyuu is one of the best sports anime out there and with the second part of the fourth season just around the corner, it is the best time to start the show.

2. Tower Of God

 Tower Of God is one of the few originals of Crunchyroll. It is based on the Korean Manhwa of the same name. The series is a fantasy genre anime. The series is dark and the finale cliffhanger was so good and out of nowhere that fans were left totally speechless by it.

If you want to start an anime, you should start with this one.

1. Kaguya Sama: Love Is War(Season 2):

You can argue all you want but I will give Kaguya Shinomiya the rightful position she deserves and that is number 1. No excuses.

The Romantic/Comedy is one of the best in its genre and by the end of season 2, I was in tears. We just hope that the third season comes sooner than later and we can see Kaguya Sama back on our screens.

Must Watch Anime 2022

Choosing an anime to watch is really a hard choice. And with so many choices it becomes harder and harder. But we hope that with this list we have made that problem somewhat easier.

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