25 Best Family Guy Episodes According To IMDB

Best Family Guy Episodes

Family Guy is one of the most sensational cartoons of all time and has been running for more than 20 years now! This series follows an offbeat family, who often find themselves in hilarious and unpredictable scenarios. So, we decided to curate 25 Best Family Guy Episodes for you.

With an IMDB of 8.1/10 and several awards under their belt, this series is loved by many throughout the world. 

Here is a list of 25 top-rated episodes of Family Guy according to IMDB.

  1. Road to the Multiverse (2009)

Best Family Guy episodes - Road to Multiverse

IMDB Rating: 9.1/10

When Stewie wins an animal contest using a different-looking pig, Brian becomes suspicious. On enquiring, he finds out that Stewie has access to a parallel universe through remote control from where he got the genetically modified pig.

The duo go on an adventure to different universes and ended up in one where humans are subservient to dogs! This episode is filled with fun and exciting events that will keep you hooked to the television.

  1. Back to the Pilot (2011)

Best Family Guy episodes - Back to the Pilot

IMDB Rating : 8.8/10

Meddling with the past can have some seriously dangerous outcomes! Brian and Stewie find this out when they decide to travel back in time to change history. They do stop a lot of historic apocalypse by doing so, but that comes at a heavy price!

Soon, there are multiple Stewie’s and Brians throughout the history of time, and it becomes difficult to manage them. Only time will tell whether Stewie and Brian be successful in stopping the havoc they created!

  1. And Then There Were Fewer (2010)

Best Family Guy episodes - And Then There Were Fewer

IMDB Rating : 8.6/10

This episode is the premiere of the ninth season of the series “Family Guy”. Accepting a dinner invitation in his honor by an unknown person might be the biggest mistake Peter Griffin can make.

With a chain of murders taking place in a single night in the dinner party venue, the question is will the Griffin family be able to come out of this deadly trap alive? One of the most thrilling and entertaining episodes, every minute of this episode is worth the watch!


  1. PTV (2005)

Best Family Guy episodes - PTV

IMDB Rating : 8.6/10

This episode is a parody of the measures taken by the FCC after Janet Jackson’s wardrobe malfunction in the Super Bowl XXXVIII show. While this episode is hilarious, it also sends out a strong message supporting freedom of expression.

With FCC’s insane rules of censoring out anything that they feel is even slightly inappropriate, angers Peter, who starts his own show ‘PTV’, challenging the new rules and regulations. The oppression of FCC is gone and the episode is a barrel of laughs for the viewers. 

  1. The Simpsons Guy (2014)

Best Family Guy episodes - The Simpsons Guy

IMDB Rating: 8.4/10

Peter starts a comic strip of his own, but things go haywire when he starts making comics offensive to women. The public turns against him and the family is forced to leave their home as they don’t feel safe.

On their way, their car gets stolen and that is when they meet Homer Simpson who decides to help them out. They stay with the Simpsons family and develop new bonds with them over time, while they are searching for their stolen car. An episode where the Simpsons meet Griffins is what the world needs right now! Watch the entire episode to know more!

  1. Yug Ylimaf (2012)

Best Family Guy episodes - Yug Ylimaf

IMDB Rating : 8.4/10

The episode name very cleverly depicts what the storyline is. ‘Yug Ylimaf’ is the reverse of Family Guy, and much like its name, this episode features the adventures of Brian and Stewie when they reverse time.

Brian uses Stewie’s time machine without his knowledge and in the process of removing the evidence, the time machine explodes. Everything starts moving backward, towards the point when Stewie was born. If the time machine is not fixed on time, Stewie might even cease to exist! Hit with reality and panic, they try to fix things up before it’s too late!

  1. Stewie Kills Lois (2007)

Best Family Guy episodes - Stewie Kills Lois

IMDB Rating : 8.4/10

After being deeply enraged with Lois, Stewie plots a plan to kill her while she is on a vacation with Peter. While Stewie is successful in his plan, it is yet to see whether the truth comes out or not.

During the investigation process of Lois’ disappearance, Peter is framed while Stewie secretly celebrates his perfect murder plan. The question is,  will Peter get justice or will Stewie get away from this crime? 

  1. Lois Kills Stewie (2007)

Best Family Guy episodes - Lois Kills Stewie

IMDB Rating : 8.4/10

This episode is part 2 of the episode ‘Stewie Kills Lois’ and features the return of Lois. She narrates how Stewie had attempted to kill her and how she was saved by a merman. Knowing that his secret was out, Stewie escapes and plans his next move.

Lois and Stewie have a face-off but she soon realizes she can’t kill her son. The last two episodes are largely unsettling for us after all, how can a son kill his mother and mother attempt to kill her son! Watch this episode to get the shock of your lives!


  1. Meet the Quagmires (2007)

Best Family Guy episodes - Meet the Quagmires

IMDB Rating : 8.4/10

Peter travels through time to his past to enjoy his single life in his youth. He takes the form of his 18-year-old self and decides to skip his date with Lois to hang out with other women. Much to his dismay, it has a drastic effect on his future as he discovers that he isn’t married to Lois anymore.

To undo his mistakes he pleads Death for a do-over, but things still don’t go quite the way. Will Peter be able to reverse his actions or does he have to live his new life? Watch it now to find out what happens!


  1. Road to the North Pole (2010)

Best Family Guy episodes - Road to the North Pole

IMDB Rating : 8.3/10

Kids love Santa Claus. But here, Stewie is on a mission to kill him as an act of revenge! As Stewie and Brian venture into the North Pole to find Santa. As they reach his workshop, they make shocking discoveries.

Realization strikes them and they decide to help Santa out, who is in a miserable condition and attempt to make the deliveries for him. Things go out of control as they mess up their work and now they need to make amends. A very fun show to watch, it is sure to keep you entertained throughout!


  1. Road to Rhode Island (2000)

Best Family Guy episodes - Road to Rhode Island

IMDB Rating : 8.3/10

This episode revolves around Brian’s life. He visits a psychiatrist to talk about his time in the puppy mill. While on an adventure with Stewie, they cross the puppy Brian was born in and found that his mother was stuffed and turned into a table by the owners of the puppy mill.

Along with Stewie, he gives a proper burial to his mother. Towards the end of the episode, we witness a romance between Peter and Lois and things heat up.

  1. Petarded (2005)

Best Family Guy episodes - Petarded

IMDB Rating : 8.3/10

Peter took a test and discovered that he was mentally retarded. He was very upset with the fact but soon enough he realized that being retarded could help him get away with anything he does. He starts taking advantage of his situation, but things spiral out of control when the judge labels him as an unfit parent.

His kids are taken away from him and he barely escapes prison. He needs to convince everyone that he indeed, is a good parent and is capable of looking after his children.


  1. Death is a Bitch (2000)

Best Family Guy episodes - Death is a Bitch

IMDB Rating : 8.3/10

To avoid paying the hospital bills, Peter declares himself dead on the insurance form. Death chases down Peter because he doesn’t want him to spread the fake news that everyone is immortal. Sadly enough for Death, it becomes a piece of top news.

This leaves Peter with no option but to take the duty of the Death to prove that humans are not immortal and only then will Death leave him. Peter goes on a quest to restore the natural way of life in this episode. 


  1. The D in Apartment 23 (2017)

Best Family Guy episodes - The D in Apartment 23

IMDB Rating : 8.2/10

Brian starts tweeting insensitive and racist comments which land him and his family in trouble. They are faced with an angry and offended mob and run for their lives. Even Brian’s apology falls flat and no one is ready to listen to Brian.

To save their family, the Griffins order Brian to move out of the house to someplace else. We see how Brian battles the situation and if the family will be able to get back together.


  1. Emmy-Winning Episode (2017)

Best Family Guy episodes - Emmy-Winning Episode

IMDB Rating : 8.2/10

Peter Griffin is agitated that the show ”Family Guy” didn’t win an Emmy, and held a campaign to make the show as close to the ones that win Emmy. This episode makes the audience burst into fits of giggles as the characters imitate “The Big Bang Theory”, “Modern Family” and more!

Unfortunately, the show performed so badly that Family Guy owes back an Emmy to the Emmy producers! One of the most entertaining episodes of Family Guy, you should not miss this one!


  1. PeTerminator (2021)

Best Family Guy episodes - PeTerminator

IMDB Rating : 8.2/10

Stewie is up for another evil plan to kill his mother Lois because she forced him to eat broccoli. He designs a robot that looks like Peter to carry out his plan. Things don’t go as planned as instead of killing Lois, the robot was trying to kill Stewie! Brian and Stewie escape temporarily to plan out how they can undo what Stewie did.

This is followed by more adventure when Brian’s secret comes to light! Stewie and Brian struggle for a long time but they soon realize an innovative way to stop the terminators.


  1. Three Kings (2009)

Best Family Guy episodes - Three Kings

IMDB Rating : 8.2/10

Peter discovers the three famous writings of Stephen King: Stand By Me, Misery, The Shawshank Redemption. He starts to daydream about how his life with his family and friends will be in these writings. Peter is a very imaginative person and it is proved by the way he imagines the book scenarios.

The retelling of these three stories intertwined with the characters of Family Guy is a masterpiece and would keep you hooked to the screen. 


  1. Blue Harvest (2007)

Best Family Guy episodes - Blue Harvest

IMDB Rating : 8.2/10

The family was watching television together when suddenly there was a power cut. To pass time, Meg asks Peter to tell them a few stories. Peter is an imaginative person, narrates Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope. He retells the story by using himself and his family as the characters of the story.

As the story comes to an end, the power comes back, and everyone thanks Peter for keeping them entertained. Well, it’s not just the Griffins who are entertained but us too! 


  1. Stewie Loves Lois (2006)

Best Family Guy episodes - Stewie Loves Lois

IMDB Rating : 8.2/10

Peter feels there is something wrong with his prostate so he goes for a medical checkup. During the examination, the doctor’s action makes him uncomfortable which made him feel like he was raped. He sued the doctor, whose license was ultimately revoked. However, no doctor dared to treat Peter, which made him realize his mistake of suing the doctor.

Meanwhile, after Lois saved Stewie from a dog and made his favorite dinner, he became overly affectionate to her. At first, it was fine with Lois, but soon she started getting bothered by it. Although we must say, Stewie liking Lois is a very rare sight!


  1. To Love and Die in Dixie (2001)

Best Family Guy episodes - To Love and Die in Dixie

IMDB Rating : 8.2/10

Chris to afford a birthday present for a friend’s birthday takes up the job of a paperboy. While Chris is at a convenience store, he witnesses a robbery. The robber escapes but he plans to kills Chris. The FBI relocates the family to the South, where the family finds it a bit difficult to adapt to the lifestyle there.

Unfortunately, the robber tricks the FBI into giving him Chris’s location in the South. Chris is now in danger as his potential killer is on the loose! 


  1. E. Peterbus Unum (2000)

Best Family Guy episodes - E. Peterbus Unum

IMDB Rating : 8.2/10

Peter is denied tax refunds for a swimming pool when everyone else seems to be getting one. He requests for a zoning permit and the Mayor declares that Peter’s house is technically not a part of the United States.

Peter takes advantage of this situation and refuses to follow any law since it is his own country now. It was all fun and games for him until reality struck. The situation that Peter creates for himself is difficult to get out of. 


  1. Da Boom (1999)

Best Family Guy episodes - Da Boom

IMDB Rating : 8.2/10

The Griffin family managed to save themselves from any mutations from the nuclear holocaust that had occurred in the state. However as food runs out, they are forced to get out of the house. Unfortunately, Stewie is exposed to the harmful nuclear waste which mutates him into a strange octopus-like creature.

Stewie notices he has put on weight but surprisingly hatches eggs. Stewie’s spawns are very dangerous and start killing the New Quahog citizens.


  1. Forget-Me-Not (2012)

Best Family Guy episodes - Forget-Me-Not

IMDB Rating : 8.1/10

The guys sneak out of their house and while on their way to the bar, they spot weird lights and blackout. The next thing they know is they are in a hospital with no recollection of where they were last night, or in fact who they were whatsoever.

They reach Peter’s car and with Brian’s help they figure out where they live. After much confusion, they slowly discover the person who is responsible for their condition. Watch this exciting episode to know the mastermind behind the setup!


  1. The Big Bang Theory (2011)

Best Family Guy episodes - The Big Bang Theory

IMDB Rating : 8.1/10

Stewie and Brian break into a fight, and Stewie plans to go back in time to insult Brian. He again plans to go back in time to mess Brian’s former date with Victoria’s Secret model and when Brian gets to know about this, he plans to stop it.

As they both fight, they accidentally launched into space where the laws of physics won’t apply. The Return Pad cannot function in its environment. They try to revive the system but it causes a huge explosion – The Big Bang!


  1. Road to Germany (2008)

Best Family Guy episodes - Road to Germany

IMDB Rating : 8.1/10

Mort in desperate need to pee is horrified when he finds out that the washroom is occupied by Meg. To stop himself from soiling his pants, he enters the time machine, thinking that it was a “portable toilet”.

Brian and Stewie realizing that Mort didn’t have the return pad, decide to save him, only to realize that they were in Germany during 1939, the day of the Nazi invasion of Poland! The trio is up for a series of adventures, including Stewie impersonating Hitler to get Return Pad’s fuel, and Hitler ordering their execution! The trio escapes for their life and has the adventure of their lifetime!



If you haven’t watched Family Guy yet, now is the perfect time to binge it! Peter Griffin, Lois, their two teenagers, an evil baby, and the smartest dog Brian, are sure to make your day! Even though it is a cartoon, its quirky scenarios, and well-defined characters can induce giggles even in grown-ups.

Which of the Family Guy episodes did you like the best? Tell us in the comments below!

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