Top 5 Japanese Romantic Dramas in Netflix & Viki- Best Japanese Romantic Dramas 2020

Love and romance need no language, and this is something everyone has accepted and adapted even in web series and dramas. With many series building its storyline on love and romance, Japanese dramas are nowhere behind in the race, and many dramas are on Netflix that you can watch, and we will talk about the top 5 today.

Best Romantic Chinese Drama 2020

Best Japanese Romantic Dramas 2020

-In Time with You

The story revolves around love and friendship and always sticking together. Determined Mitari Yo finds immense pleasure in her job working for a shoemaker. She earns her promotion and works very hard for it and makes a promising career for herself. But her love life isn’t that enjoyable, but when her best friend Ishida Ren offers her shoulder to lean, and they set on a desperate wager on getting married before turning 31, and things change for better.

Best Chinese Drama 2020

-Pretty Proofreader

A pretty proofreader is a women-centric Japanese drama that involves a strong female lead with the passion and hunger to achieve her dreams. Kouno Etsuko will act as a great role model to most of us; she’s extremely passionate and dedicated and always has her eyes on the goal. She wants to become an editor of the fashion department of a prestigious magazine, and with her hard work and passion, she achieves it and gets a promotion.

10 Best Romantic Anime

-The flower and the beast

If you’re interested in High School teenage dramas, this one series is for you. This story revolves around many kids in high school navigating their way in high school, and they have a tough time. It is mainly around a transfer student Kumi who fits in quite quickly thanks to the friendly and helpful Hyo, who is also very handsome. After falling in love with him, Kumi even has her first kiss with him. And soon, she realizes he is not what she thinks, and she has heartbreak and cannot cope with her feelings.

-My long-awaited love story

This story is a perfect definition of “Love arrives when you least expect it.” The story revolves around Riko Shirono, who is not interested in finding the one and is satisfied with life. But one day, she gets hired by a large app developing company to assist them in a game. Still, The CEO of that company, Soichiro Kurokawa, is horrible at making women fall in love with him, but he tries to seduce the women he likes with his fined Riko’s help. And right when this starts, things start getting complicated.

-Winter, Grasping love

The story is about love, heartbreaks, betrayal, and is a seven series drama but does involve a lot of story to it, which makes it worth the watch. It revolves around the lead character called Hikaru Ikeuchi, a designer by profession and is happily engaged to her fiancé Kota Okukawa. Still, things turn chaotic when her long-gone ex-boyfriend shows up in their lives.


These are the top 5 Japanese drams available on Netflix and VIKI, and you can stream online. These are stories that are light and enjoyable but entertaining at the same time and worth a try. We bring you more such fascinating topics, so stay connected to World wire.

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