Best Places to Live in Minnesota with a better neighbourhood

The small but perfectly formed places of Minnesota lies just east of Lake Superior on the United States and Canada border. Did you know there are more than 10,000 lakes in this state! Lakes, like natural lakes! It’s not just huge puddles! Besides Lake Superior, Minnesota is home to the spectacular Lake Itasca.

In the decision-making process, factors such as cost of living and job availability play an important role. For young families, proximity to great public schools and social provision are all critical factors. Even though crime statistics and median home values can give you a formal impression of a place, local people’s feelings may provide you with the most accurate view a business has to offer.

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Best Places to Live in Minnesota

Prairie Eden

Infrastructure Projects | City of Eden Prairie

Eden Prairie is a beautiful town only 30 minutes south of bustling Minneapolis. Eden Prairie is an affluent but non-exclusive town. With 62,626 residents, there is a wonderfully diverse community of high achievers. It is almost unheard of for a town to earn upwards of $50k a year with a median household income of $97,640. Yet, the resident satisfaction rate is high, probably because so few have financial concerns!

The small-town feel initially draws families, but being an hour from Minneapolis means that they have a large city to explore when the kids tire of playing ball in the street.


The City of Edina can be found in Hennepin County; being a 20-minute drive from the Minneapolis CBD, this is a cozy suburb of the larger of Minnesota’s Twin Cities. Being in Minnesota, Edina is practically surrounded by water on every side. The largest-ever lake in the area is Lake Cornelia, bordered to the north by Rosland Park.

House prices here are relatively high compared to the national average but comparable with other Minneapolis suburbs; at an average of $404,000, many families would consider this an aspiration. Parents have their work cut out, choosing one outstanding school from another in this excellent school district with over 50 public schools to choose from.


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Chanhassen, home to 24,437 people, is just northeast of Eden Prairie. This is our most affordable suburb in our top three, and there are always some excellent properties on the market. The area is not transient; there is an established, happy community here; with many family homes now housing empty nesters, some residents have moved onto pastures new, leaving in their wake some phenomenal homes for you to choose from.

In addition to homes that sell for upwards of a million dollars, there are also charming family homes for as little as $193k, creating an exceptionally diverse community.

Heights of Falcon

Falcon Heights

It is a peaceful and safe suburb of Minneapolis with a population of just 5,484 people; being one of the city’s smaller areas, there is a minor crime here, and everyone looks after each other.

Our list of the 15 best places to live in Minnesota includes only one location with a significant median rent value. Falcon Heights tenants can expect to pay $871 on average, well below the national average. 

With 45% of residents living in rented housing, it is safe to say the hunt for rental properties would be more fun than arduous, spoiled for choice, as some would say. The University of Minnesota has a campus in Falcon Heights, and residents say that the influx of students has been beneficial to the area.


Deephaven – WCCO | CBS Minnesota

With an overall A+ score on, Deephaven is a bit of a hidden gem. With only 3,700 full-time residents, this small and cozy suburb of Minneapolis is rarely on the radar of newcomers to Minnesota. 

Despite being an expensive place to buy property, almost all homes here boast lakeside views.

Because the houses are large mansions, the median home value of $539,400 is quite reasonable. Despite the median rent hitting $2,045 monthly, only 5% of residents choose to rent! Many families here make over $100k a year, so the price tags aren’t that intimidating.


Shorewood: One of Wisconsin's Most 'Walkable Communities' - Shepherd Express

Since Minneapolis is the center of Minnesota’s action, its suburbs are flourishing. Each suburb of the city could be considered a small town in its own right. 

You’ll love Shorewood if you like the lakeside feel of Deephaven, but not the crazy high prices. With house prices averaging around $401,400 and many homes on the market around the $300k mark, you’ll want to move in right away.

Being centered around Lake Minnetonka, this neighborhood is perfect for anyone who has a passion for the outdoors, and being close to Minneapolis’s downtown means you get the best of both worlds.


Dellwood 'cottage,' now for sale, had famous visitors

It was astonishing to discover that Dellwood is a

tiny suburb of Minneapolis with an even smaller median rent value, just $444 a month! There are only 6% of residents living in rental accommodation. However, since rentals become available only once in a blue moon, if you have the patience to wait until a rental property becomes available, you will be in the money.

Being home to just 1,164 people, there is a close-knit but type-cast community here. However, with the average annual income being upwards of $160,000 a year, there is little room for economic diversity.


Minnetonka, Minnesota - Wikipedia

A suburb of 51,240 people, Minnetonka is charming by name and by nature, being on the water’s edge of its namesake lake. Minnetonka is another Minneapolis suburb, but those who live here would be quick to point out this is a town all its own. Though Minnetonkans earn less than $80k a year on average, Minnetonkans live a more than comfortable existence, unlike those in Dellwood.

Locals are quick to note that even if they had to live their lives over again, they would still pick Minnetonka, which is quite a compliment. 

It will delight parents to hear that this is a great school district that offers students a great start in life.


Woodbury Common Premium Outlets Shopping Tour from Manhattan 2021 - New York City

Woodbury is the largest city in Washington County, located in Minnesota’s Twin Cities, St Paul, and Minneapolis. However, it is unclear whether Woodbury is a suburb of St Paul or Minneapolis.

The locals, on the other hand, identify Woodbury as a stand-alone neighborhood. However, this suburb is undoubtedly becoming a city in its own right!

Woodbury is popular with millennials looking to settle down and raise a family. Almost every home in the area is growing, so development brings better infrastructure and more job opportunities.


Plymouth Tourism (2021): Best of Plymouth, England - Tripadvisor

With Medicine Lake, Parkers Lake, and Gleason Lake (to name a few), you are never too far from water in Plymouth. As a result, the township offers a wide range of job opportunities, good schools, and a high level of resident satisfaction.

Plymouth is home to 73,896 people, and they rarely complain about the city. If you have a low cost of living and ample opportunities to get outdoors and socialize, why would you complain?

The houses in Plymouth are spacious and stately, many with extensive gardens and long dining rooms for families to enjoy. The median home value is $297,400, but in reality, you need $390K to play with should you want the options to choose from.


Royal Victoria Place © N Chadwick cc-by-sa/2.0 :: Geograph Britain and Ireland

One local describes Victoria as ‘charismatic’, while others call it ‘irreplaceable’ and ‘beautiful’. That’s high praise indeed. The town is small and safe enough to raise a family, yet close enough to Minneapolis that commuting is not too complex. That is precisely what many residents of Victoria do each day, proving to be profitable as the average household income here in Victoria is $131,971 per year.

The Minnesota Landscape Arboretum to the east and Carver Park Reserve to the north offer countless opportunities to get outside and exercise.


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