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Best Psychological Anime

Best Psychological Anime To Watch: Psychological animes are far more than just cheap tricks like jump scares. It is a vast genre that involves so many things. A psychological anime can be even less harmful than a shounen anime, but it will affect you in the long term, and then you will realize what happened. Psychological anime has a very selected fanbase because of its slow pace and hardcore nature. But once you get into it, you will realize that the Psychological genre has so much to offer. We have compiled a list for you to get into this genre without much of a hassle. In the article let me take you on a journey where I will tell you about the best psychological animes of all time.

1. Monster

The first anime that comes to mind after hearing Psychological is ‘Monster.’ This anime is not like any other anime you will ever watch, that slow pacing storyline that reveals everything bit-by-bit, It will be painful to watch at times, but that slow burn of this series that you will feel with each passing episode, not realizing what happened until you finish it; and when you finish it, you will be left with so many things to digest. Monster is truly a masterpiece, and it is a must-watch for everyone.


2. Paranoia Agent

You ever see something that doesn’t make any sense, but as it plays out, everything falls into place, and you realize the answer was right in front of you? That is Paranoia Agent for you, one of the best and criminally underrated series of all time. On the surface, it is a straightforward crime thriller, but as the story folds out, you will see something beautiful happening right in front of your eyes, and it will be so good to watch.

Paranoia Agent

3. Shiki

Shiki is less of a psychological and more of a horror kind of anime. The main story is slow-paced, but it shows the development of the characters side-by-side. This anime has one of the best endings you will ever see. The sheer bloodlust of everyone in the last few episodes was enough to scare anyone out.


4. One-Outs

This is a sports anime on the surface, but when you start watching it, you will know it is a battle of mind rather than baseball. The mind game involves shows you the dark side of the game that you were deprived of. It is coming from someone who hasn’t played baseball in his life and it is such a good anime. Shockingly, people don’t talk about this anime that much. The only flaw this anime has is its lack of interesting characters other than the main character.

One Outs

5. Aoi Bungaku Series

It’s a 12-episode series that includes six short stories, and a different director directs every story. It is one of the few anime that has adapted Japanese literary work, and every single story is considered a masterpiece in Japan. With a different director, you get a unique way of storytelling in every episode, and all the stories are based on realistic themes. So, it is an excellent show to watch.

Aoi Bungaku

6. Shinsekai Yori

Do you know those anime where the last few episodes give a whole new level to the anime? Shinsekai Yori is just that. The entire anime is well-written and directed, but the last two episodes will shake you down to the core, and this anime has one of the best themes ever. The 4 minutes of opening and ending will give you the creeps, and the tension will be sky-high.

Shinskeai Yori

7. Kakegurui

This is a bizarre anime. Kakegurui is my personal best psychological anime. It is tough to relate to as the gambling rules are all insane, and everyone is so rich that the stakes are always so high. But the sheer hype in every episode and the opening and ending are so good that you can’t help but enjoy this show. The end was so true to the core of its premise that the second season was a little dull, but it was still a fantastic watch.

Kakegurui Season 3

8. Higurashi: When They Cry

Higurashi is the pinnacle of horror/spooky anime. It is one of the darkest anime you will ever watch. And you can say that Higurashi was the anime that revolutionize the psychological thriller genre completely. The anime just got a reboot. You can watch that if you don’t like the old animation style.


9. Death Parade

Death Parade is one of the most original and refreshing anime of the past decade. Just look at the concept of this anime. This show is built on style. Even some of the most hackneyed scenarios presented are rendered attractive, or at least enjoyable, by the visual and musical flair lavished on them. What happens after death? This anime tries to answer that and in a unique way. The anime is connected with Death Note, and we even see a 2-second cameo of Light Yagami in the show.

Death Parade

10. Death Note

Death Note is a milestone anime. It has become too mainstream that it doesn’t matter if you are an anime fan or not; you have heard about it or watched it. It is one of the most entertaining and addictive shows you will ever watch. There will be so many moments where you will look at your screen with disbelief and jaw-dropping. The story was excellent, and the soundtrack was stellar as well. The characters are interesting and lovable. So watch this anime as you would be doing yourself a favor by doing so.

Death Note

11.  Neon Genesis Evangelion

This anime is a masterpiece for sure. But it is not for everyone. It has some flaws, but it is Evangelion we are talking about. The same anime that Darling in the Franxx tried to rip off and failed utterly. The ending was a bit messy and disappointed the fans, but that’s on the budget. If you’re used to the modern anime production style, it will seem almost jarring and rather bland, but once you get into the rhythm, it is a fantastic anime to watch. If you can’t handle the animation style, you can watch movies with modern animation, better pacing, and no budget restraints.

Neon Genesis

12. The Tatami Galaxy

It is the only anime that will go from good to masterpiece in just two episodes. Amazing stuff. Fantastic visuals, narration that will keep you glued to the screen, and one of the most satisfying endings in anime history.

tatami galaxy

13. Texhnolyze

It really can not get any darker than Texhnolyze. But it is sort of different from any other anime. If you can’t analyze or look for details in the anime background, you won’t enjoy this one. You have to use your head for this one continually, but if you can do that, you will know that it is a slow, heavy, and dark story-based anime, and that is precisely what you are looking for here, right?


14. Steins Gate

I still don’t know why people don’t rate Stein Gate that much. People find the first eight episodes so dull that they drop the anime entirely, but if you stick to it after that, you will know how beautiful this anime is. The characters are wholesome, and the anime gets deep at times, definitely a true masterpiece.

Steins Gate

15. Ergo Proxy

Another underrated anime. Because of its slow pacing, many people don’t like these kinds of anime, and most fans prefer visuals over storylines. But give it a try. That’s why Shounen anime get more appreciation these days, but Ergo Proxy is one of the best things I have ever watched. The storyline, The tension, and that dark, creepy feeling that looms around you throughout the wholes series, you won’t witness it in any other anime.

Ergo Proxy

16. Ping Pong The Animation

Second sports anime to make this list. I will list the same things for Ping Pong The Animation I recorded for One-Outs. Masaki Yuasa is excellent, it is his second anime on this list. You might not like the animation style, and it might be a turn off for you, but if you can watch 2-3 episodes, you will realize that the animation will reel you in, and you won’t stop before completing the whole anime.

Ping Pong The Animation

17. Mirai Nikki

If you want a girlfriend, then watch this anime, and you will never dream of it again. What starts as an innocent game turns into so much mind-twisting thrill that will involve even the gods and leave them speechless. It is one hell of an anime. If you can stick around for the first few episodes, everything will be over in an instant after that.

Mirai Nikki

18. Parasyte

This anime is focused on one character only. And what a fantastic anime this is. It just really focuses on who the real monster in our society is. It will make you focus on many things at once, and it is filled with emotions too. You will love this anime for sure because of how deep this anime is.


19. Erased

Erased was one of the hottest anime just a year after its release. It is a profound story that plays with time itself. The tale plays with elements of mystery and suspense. Even though the show is one of the highest-rated anime on MAL, fans are divided for the show. Few fans loved this anime. Few don’t like it. We will let you decide after you watch it.


20. The Promised Neverland

The Promised Neverland is one of the best manga you will ever read. The second season is right around the corner, so it is the right time to start it. The ending of the first season might be a little bit rushed, but the show’s sheer passion and thrill are enough. The show’s mere plot will shake you down to its core and leave you demanding more, and guess what, you will get it soon.

The Promised Neverland

21. Welcome To NHK

It is one of those shows that will frustrate you and give you so many joyous moments that will make you fall in love with this anime. This anime focuses on its main plot without focusing on some irrelevant sub-plots. Every scene in this anime has some meaning, and if you watch it, you will know how good this anime is. This anime series is most loved and considered as one of the greatest psychological anime of all time.

Welcome To NHK

22. Hell Girl

This anime can be a hit or a miss, according to your taste. The concept of the anime is cool. It gets more and more insane and repetitive as the anime progress, but it is a good watch nonetheless. It is an anime that exposes the dark side of human nature. Animal abuse, Neglect, Jealousy, and Bullying, this anime focuses on all these aspects of human nature but with a disturbing perspective.

Hell Girl

23. Bungo Stray Dogs

The only show where you will love the backstories of the characters more than the actual story itself. Unlike all the other anime, it is not depressing or bleak, but it is more in-depth if you look into it seriously. The second season is a massive jump in quality compared to the first one, and it is definitely worth the watch.

Bungo Stray Dogs Dead Apple

24. School Live

It is one of those cute anime until they are not. This anime highlights PTSD, Psychosis, Hallucination, and all the other similar mental issues and very dark emotions. It only becomes more and more depressing with every episode, and you will love this heavy dose of depression.

school live

25. Gyakkyou Burai Kaiji: Ultimate Survivor

This anime is everything that Kakegurui wanted to be. The main issue with Kakegurui was that the games were involved for their excellence. The gambling in Kaiji was way simpler and straightforward, which was easy to follow through. And the thing where you don’t know that Kaiji will win or lose makes it 100X more interesting.

Gyakkyou Burai Kaiji: Ultimate Survivor

26. Code Geass

I didn’t want to put this anime on this list, but it is just that good. If you are a fan of action-packed anime with strategy and tactics involved, then you are in for a treat. And the ending of this anime is something to be mesmerized about. You will enjoy every second of this anime.

Code Geass

27. Serial Experiments Lain

This anime is synonymous with mind fluster. It is a mystery anime with sci-fi and slice-of-life flavor to it. It will start slow, but you are in for one of the best rides of your life. The character design and animation are excellent, and the music will give you goosebumps.

28. Puella Magi Madoka Magica

You might think that you are watching a cute magical girl show, but you will realize what it is once you are in it. It is one of the most depressing anime but in the right way. I know it is not making sense right now, but you will realize what I am talking about once you watch it.
Puella Magi Madoka Magica

29. Terror In Resonance

This anime had so much potential. The anime plot gives you the hope of something extraordinary but couldn’t live up to that expectations. But the fantastic direction and high-quality animation will make you sit through this anime till the end.

Terror In Resonance

30. Eden Of The East

One of those anime that you can watch randomly on any day. This anime will hook you up for its entirety. The movies are disappointing, but the anime is excellent. Not just psychological, it is one of the Best Psychological Animes for those who want to start watching thriller animes too.
Eden Of The East 

31. Speed Grapher

Ending my list with my favorite best psychological anime – Speed Grapher.  It is a criminally underrated anime. The anime might have gone downhill in its second half, but indeed it is one of the excellent anime out there that you can watch from. The animation is fantastic, and you will enjoy the anime throughout.

Bonus: Best psychological thriller anime of all time

Finding the best animes is difficult in my research I found this video, which mentions the best psychological thriller animes that are out there. I found the list to be interesting and hence thought to share it here. Hope you had fun watching my list and wish you all the fun while you watch your pick on the best psychological anime.

This is our take on the best psychological animes out there. We know we might have missed some anime, so please add your suggestions in the comment box below.

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