Betaal Season 2 Release Date; Cast, Trailer, & Storyline (Spoilers)

Betaal season 2 is releasing? The creator of the series Patrick Graham said that it’s not up to me, though the decision is under Netflix as well as Red Chillies Entertainment. The way the series created a buzz and killed it within the release we really got disappointed with it. We were expecting a lot from the web series and our expectation died with the first episode though the series actually attracted good viewership and expected that the fans will watch the new season.

Betaal Season 2

Betaal is featuring Vineet Kumar Singh and Aahana Kumra in the leading role. Also, the series is directed by Patrick Graham and co-directed by Nikhil Mahajan. Even though we watched the Betaal season with huge expectations all expectations died when we watched the series. We think that the first season was trapped in between mythology and zombie which created confusion for the viewers.

Betaal Season 2 Release Date

You must know that the series was slow though it had only 4 episodes they were not a cliffhanger. We are expecting the Betaal Season 2 to be released between March-April of 2021. The exact date of release isn’t announced yet so we can’t really say that it will release on time. As you all might know that COVID-19 is affecting everything or delaying the production work of all kinds.

Betaal Season 2 Storyline-

The first season has ended with a great climax in which we have seen how the zombies get alive and even though the actor kills the leader of the zombies still we found out that there are a lot of them and they all are heading towards Mumbai from the ocean. Betaal season 1 is really impressive and the viewers are going to love the series because of the quality content if you expect less then you would love it.

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