Biden Unhurt As Car Crashes Into Presidential Motorcade Vehicle

Biden Unhurt As Car Crashes Into Presidential Motorcade Vehicle

The United States President remained affected after a car crashed with his motorcade vehicle in Delaware. 

Here are the details of the news.

Biden Unhurt As Car Crashes Into Presidential Motorcade Vehicle

On Sunday, a car hit a parked SUV that was part of President Joe Biden’s motorcade in Wilmington, Delaware. 

According to the reports, the President and the First Lady, Jill Biden, appeared in their campaign headquarters in downtown Wilmington, Delaware, on Sunday evening to attend a campaign dinner with their staff and volunteers. The incident occurred when the President spoke to reporters outside his campaign office after the dinner, and the President’s motorcade was waiting for the President and his wife to drive them to their residence. 

Biden and the First Lady were reportedly unhurt by the crash. Soon after the incident, the U.S. Secret Service agents became alert and led the President into his vehicle. Agents surrounded the car with their guns pointed toward its driver, who, in fear, raised his hands. 

Biden Unhurt As Car Crashes Into Presidential Motorcade Vehicle
Biden Unhurt As Car Crashes Into Presidential Motorcade Vehicle

Secret Service and Law Enforcement Reaction

In a statement, the Secret Service agent said the collision was an accident, leaving Biden unaffected, and there was no threat toward him. 

Informing about the incident, a spokesperson for the Secret Service, Steve Kopak, said, “Today, at approximately 8:09 p.m., a Secret Service vehicle securing the President’s motorcade route was struck by another vehicle in Wilmington, DE. No protective interest was associated with this event, and the President’s motorcade departed without incident”.

According to the Wilmington police, the driver, a 46-year-old man from Wilmington, has been charged with driving under alcohol influence. 

“The Wilmington Police Department is investigating the motor vehicle collision, which did not result in any injuries. Investigators are also working to determine if impairment was a factor,” the spokesperson added. 

While several news and media have highlighted the incident that seemed to endanger Biden’s life, many have also pointed toward his capabilities for his reelection to the White House as a 2024 Presidential candidate

This comes as a reporter questioned Biden about his low polling number for the 2024 Presidential race shortly before the car crashed his motorcade vehicle. Although the President ignored the question by replying, “They’re the wrong polls,” the polling number says it all. Biden, who has been struggling with his age and health issues, has greatly emerged as one of the most undesirable candidates to be reelected as the U.S. President again in 2024.  

Biden has been focusing on his economic policies, known as ‘Bidenomics,’ since announcing his candidacy for the second term. 

However, his policies have remained unpopular and appear incapable of impressing Americans and attracting enough votes. As such, Biden’s 2024 Presidential bid seems to be in jeopardy.

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