Biden vs Trump: Who is leading the polls?

Biden vs Trump Who is leading the polls

U.S. President Joe Biden and his Republican challenger, former President Donald Trump, are tied in the race for the November presidential election.

The recent poll of ‘If the election were held today’ by Reuters/Ipsos which lasted eight days and ended on Tuesday, depicted that 40% of registered voters had voted for Biden under the poll cast with the same percentage choosing Trump.

The result offers a similar percentage to that of the last poll conducted by Reuters at the end of April, in which Biden had a slight 1-point lead over Trump.

Reuters reported that the survey’s margin of error for registered voters was about 2 percentage points.

Twenty percent of registered voters in the poll haven’t chosen a candidate yet and are considering third-party options or might not vote at all.

The poll also found that there was an increase in the percentage of votes for Robert Kennedy Jr., an anti-vaccine activist running as an independent.

The poll noted a hike of 5% ranging from 8 to 13 percent vote from respondents.

However, nationwide surveys show signs of American support for political candidates, with a slight tilt in the U.S. Electoral College’s stats deciding the winner.

However, in the 70 years of the electoral match, it would be the first time that both candidates would face significant challenges in this election rematch.

Trump, is allegedly facing accusations of falsifying the business records in order to cover up the Hush money payment made to Stormy Daniels, the p*rn star, to keep her silent before the election campaign of 2016.

The trial is ongoing in Manhattan court in which Trump is found not pleaded guilty.

However, the recent trial involved the lead key witness of Trump’s case Michael Cohen, and Ms Stormy Daniels, the former lawyer Trump was set to testify.

Biden vs Trump Who is leading the poll
Biden vs Trump Who is leading the poll

Both the statements from the witnesses have centered on Trump in this trial. However, the trial is still ongoing, and Daniels will appear for her second round of testifying on Thursday.

Apart from this, Trump is also facing accusations in other cases, such as that Trump tried to overturn his 2020 election defeat or that he mishandled sensitive documents after leaving the presidency in 2021.

However, Trump has pleaded not guilty to all these charges.

Biden’s liabilities include his concerns about his age, i.e., 81, as well as strong criticism from a slice of his Democratic Party over his support of Israel’s war on Hamas militants.

Even in recent weeks, Democrats have expressed concern that some young voters could turn against Biden.

However, the poll surveyed adults across the United States to gauge support for both Biden and Trump.

It found that they were tied at 46% each among registered voters when respondents were not given the option to vote for a third-party candidate or say they weren’t sure who to pick.

Among registered voters who said they were completely certain they would vote in November, Biden had a slight 3-point lead. The poll included responses from 3,208 registered voters who were surveyed online nationwide.

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