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Boruto Chapter 48 Out; Recap, Spoilers, & Read Everything Here

Boruto Chapter 48

Boruto Chapter 48: Things are getting out of hand in Boruto. The story is progressing at a really fast pace. It has only been 48 chapters and we have had so many new twists and turns in the story. In the last chapter, we got to know that Kashin Koji was the clone of Jiraya and in this chapter, we saw him almost getting killed. In chapter 48, the main focus was the battle between Kashin Koji and Isshiki. But it definitely set up hype for the upcoming few chapters as the story is indicating towards a fierce battle is going to happen and it might change the whole scenario of the world.

Boruto Chapter 48

The chapter started right where chapter 47 was ended. Kashin and Isshiki are in a fierce battle. Kashin is trying all sorts of attacks in his arsenal to defeat Isshiki but he is not able to inflict a single scratch on him. One noticeable thing is that even though Kashin is a clone of Jiraya he had surpassed his senjutsu. Between the fight, Isshiki told Kashin that Kashin is just a sacrificial lamb and will now be able to beat him.

Amado used Kashin just as a tool to get him out of the body of Jigen so that he will become unstable. Isshiki can only live for 2-3 days before the power destroys the body and now he has to go meet Kawaki and plant him with another Karma so that he can resurrect. Back in Konoha, Amado has been given civilian rights with certain conditions and he revealed that the bomb on Shikadai’s neck is fake. He advised Naruto to evacuate the citizens and hide Kawaki somewhere.

Naruto ordered Sai to do so. Back at the fighting scene, Kashin just got into Sage mode, and is showing a tremendous amount of power, but still can’t defeat Isshiki and is almost beaten to death when he summons Kuchiyose and escapes from there. Back in Konoha Boruto is just asking Naruto to take him with them as he wants to fight Isshiki and save Kawaki. Naruto and Sasuke are explaining Boruto to how dangerous it is and suddenly Ino notifies Naruto that an unidentified chakra has been spotted above Konoha, indicating that Isshiki is already here.

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Boruto Chapter 49 Release Date

Boruto releases one chapter every month. That’s why every chapter of Boruto is almost 40 pages long. The next chapter will be out on August 20, 2020.

Boruto Chapter 49 Preview And Spoilers

Any types of previews or spoilers or Raw Cuts will be released a few days2-3 days before the official release of the chapter. And right now predicting this manga is really hard, as it is one of the most unpredictable manga I have ever read. We thought all of the Kara members will be wiped out before getting to this point right here, We thought that Sasuke Vs Code will happen before all of this and now Naruto and Sasuke will fight Isshiki.

We all know that Naruto and Sasuke will die at some point in the manga, it might happen now, as Sasuke told Boruto in this chapter that “Both Naruto and Him are ready to die for Konoha” and that is a bad sign. Still, we have to wait for a month now to see what will happen.

Boruto Chapter 49 Where To Read

You can read the latest chapter of Boruto on the Viz official site. We advise you to use the only legal site to read the manga as it will help the creators.

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