Latest News - USA - Brian Dahle – Bio, Age, Wife, Polls, Voting Records & Net Worth

Brian Dahle – Bio, Age, Wife, Polls, Voting Records & Net Worth

Brian Dahle – Bio, Age, Wife, Polls, Voting Records & Net Worth

This article covers everything about Republican Brian Dahle, including his bio, wiki, voting records, net worth, polls, and other unknown facts.

So, without any further ado, let’s get started –

Brian Dahle Biography and Career

Brian Dahle Biography and Career

Brian Dahle is an American politician serving in the California State Senate. He is a Republican representing the first district, encompassing the Shasta Cascade region and the northern Sierra Nevada.

Earlier, Brian was a Lassen County supervisor for sixteen years. Brian was first elected to the Assembly in 2012 and again re-elected in 2014, 2016, and 2018.

On June 4, 2019, Brian won a special election to fill the State Senate seat given up by Ted Gaines, who resigned after his election to the California Board of Equalization.

Dahle is known as a voice for public safety, providing shelter for homeless people, and reducing taxes. He always stands against the onerous government regulations driving up the cost of living, forcing many people to California and businesses to close their doors. 

Brian Dahle is a longtime advocate of building a better business climate in California. He was the California Chamber of Commerce’s top-rated senator for pro-business votes in 2021 and had a hundred percent rating from the National Federation of Independent Business.

In 2017, Dahle was chosen by his peers to be an Assembly Republican Leader, and in 2018, he stepped down as leader to run in a special election to fill a vacant seat in the first Senate District. 

Brian has a decade of experience in the legislature. He worked to pursue environmental health to keep communities safe from devastation by passing bills to modernize outdated laws and streamline those regulations for landowners.

Dahle worked bipartisanly to expand broadband internet access in underserved communities. To protect Californians’ digital privacy, he stopped the extortion of hospital patients with out-of-network bills.

Dahle served on the subcommittee on sexual harassment prevention and response, improving the legislature itself, so memes were not protected from the consequences of their offensive behavior.

Brian won the election to the legislature in 2012 and worked for his community for around four terms on the Lassen County Board of Supervisors. Brian was especially proud of leaving the county debt-free with its fully funded pensions.

He did not stop himself only to this. He continued to operate his family’s farm and seed business back home in Bieber, along with his wife, Megan Dahle, and their three children, Chase, Reagan, and Roslyn.

Brian Dahle Age

Brian Dahle was born on September 20, 1965. As of now, his age is 56 years old.

Brian Dahle Wife

Brian Dahle with his wife Megan Dahle
Brian Dahle with his wife Megan Dahle

Dahle is married to Megan Dahle, who has Dahle’s former State Assembly seat. They have three children. Their names are Chase, Reagan, and Roslyn.

There is not much information about Brian’s personal life, wife, and children on the internet. However, we will update this article with more reliable information.

Brian Dahle Political View

Brian Dahle, the Republican Party’s longshot hope to unseat Governor Gavin Newsom in California, knows to win in his progressive home state. He cannot allow Democrats to label him as an election-denying, abortion-hating, gun-loving, and bombastic right-winger.

Dahle is a generous farmer and state senator from the sparsely populated northeast corner of the state and goes out of his way to make it clear.

Brian Dahle Polls and Voting Records

California voters picked Brian Dahle, a Republican State Senator from rural Northern California, to challenge Governor Gavin Newsom in his re-election bid in November.

Gavin Newsom, a Democrat, has earned the most votes, with Dahle coming in a distant second. Vote tallies posted showed Newsom with 56% of the vote and Dahle with nearly 17%.

According to a recent poll, Gavin Newsom holds a double-digit lead in his re-election bid for California Governor.

Brian Dahle Polls
Brian Dahle Polls

New Berkeley Institute of Government Studies poll announced poll rates, Newsom is leading Republican Sen Brian Dahle by 27 points. Gavin received 52%, whereas Brian received just 25%  of the votes. 

The poll was administered between August 9, 2022, to August 15, 2022, among 9,254 registered California voters in English and Spanish. 

Democrats expressed that they will support Governor Newsom, with 80% saying they will vote for him in November.

Brian Dahle Net Worth

According to various sources, Brian Dahle net worth estimates at around $3 to $5 million. His primary income source is mostly from being a politician.

Besides that, he is also a farmer and has a massive social media following.

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