Buy Tickets for Defeating the Great Reset event by TPUSA

Buy Tickets for Defeating the Great Reset event by TPUSA

In this article, we are going to cover the process of buying tickets for Defeating the Great Reset event by TPUSA, schedule, timing, and location, including a brief description of the Event.

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Steps to buy Tickets for Defeating the Great Reset event by TPUSA

 Currently, tickets are available only on the official website (, so go to the website and get your tickets so we can defeat the Great Reset Together. Follow the below steps to get your tickets now!!!

Tickets for Defeating The Great Reset
Register Tickets for Defeating The Great Reset
  • To buy Tickets for Defeating the Great Reset Event, you have to visit (
  • Click on Register now 
  • Provide your personal information such as name, age, address, phone number, and email id.
  • On the next page, make the payment.

Defeating the Great Reset Event Ticket structure: 

  • Fee for Student Admission $50: It consists of general admission to the conference. Subscribers must have an email address to be eligible for student admission.
  • Fee for General Admission $100: It consists of general admission to the conference. 
  • Fee for General Admission plus Hotel $300: It consists of general admission to the conference plus 2-night at the Grand Resort of Arizona (September 16th -17th).

All tickets comprise Saturday meals, beverages, and snacks. Tickets with the hotel add-on contain four free passes for the water park.

Where to Watch the Defeating The Great Reset Live Stream? 

Until now, no information is available regarding the Livestream of the Defeating The Great Reset Live Stream. But If Event goes live then World Wire will stream the Defeating The Great Reset event on our website. For More Update join our telegram channel. We always update on our channel. Also, to get the live stream url in your inbox subscribe us with your email.

Defeating The Great Reset Schedule, Timing, & Venue 

  • The Event is on September 16th and 17th, 2022
  • Arizona Grand Resort 
  • 8000 Arizona Grand Pkwy, Phoenix, AZ 85044

 About Defeating the Great Reset by TPUSA

On September 16-17, 2022, Turning Point USA will host the movement’s newest Event, Defeat the Great Reset. Join Charlie Kirk, Steve Bannon, Jack Bosubic, Drew Hernandez, and more to stop this evil plan to destroy America. 

Watch Defeating The Great Reset Live
Watch Defeating The Great Reset Live

The Great Reset, created by the WEF (World Economic Forum), is a political, social, economic, and environmental plan to “reset” the priorities of an entire society. Applying this ideology led to mass protests in Europe to limit energy independence, close farms, and limit private property. 

The WEF’s goal is to “implement long-awaited reforms that promote fairer outcomes,” Most importantly, they want people to “have nothing and be happy” by 2030.

The “Great Reset” of the World Economic Forum constitutes one of the most severe threats to individual freedom, national sovereignty, sacred rights, and free enterprise that the world has ever seen. The Great Reset Must Stop: America’s Turning Point is leading the way. 

All speakers bravely oppose the radical left’s efforts to globalize America and lose its greatness, sovereignty, and even freedom – they are here to inspire, educate and empower to support them!

What is TPUSA?


Turning Point USA (TPUSA), or Turning Point, is an American non-profit conservative organization dedicated to identifying, educating, training, and organizing students to advance the principles of liberty, free markets, and limited government. Charlie Kirk and Bill Montgomery founded the Organisation in 2012. 

TPUSA holds several conferences each year on various topics, including the Student Teen Action Summit, the Young Women’s Leadership Summit, the Young Black Leadership Summit, the Festival of America, and the Latin Youth Leadership Summit. The group is funded by conservative donors and institutions, including Republican politicians. 

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