Watch Defeating The Great Reset Live

Watch Defeating The Great Reset Live

One of the most DANGEROUS threats to individual freedom, national sovereignty, divinely ordained rights, and free enterprise that has ever existed is the World Economic Forum’s (WEF) “Great Reset.” You can watch Defeating The Great Reset Live right here in this very article.

Turning Point USA is leading the campaign to stop the Great Reset. In light of this, Turning Point USA has organized an event called Defeating the Great Reset for September 16–17, 2022, in Phoenix, Arizona! Please read ahead to know more.

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Watch Defeating The Great Reset Live Stream

We will stream the event live so that you can watch it at your convenience on the day of the event. Users can subscribe to our email list and join our telegram group to receive updates, and we will provide the live stream URL to their inbox.

Defeating the Great Reset: Schedule, Timing & Venue

Defeating the Great Reset

  • Date: September 16-17, 2022
  • Location: Arizona Grand Resort 8000 Arizona Grand Pkwy, Phoenix, AZ 85044
  • You can register for tickets at the TPUSA official website.

What is the Great Reset program by World Economic Forum?

The Great Reset by the World Economic Forum

The World Economic Forum has launched a project called The Great Reset. The WEF’s founder and executive chairman, Klaus Schwab, came up with the idea, and it has developed over the past few years. It is predicated on the conclusion that the global economy is seriously troubled. According to Schwab, several variables, like the pandemic’s disastrous effects on world society, the unwinding of the technological revolution, and the impact of climate change, have made the situation significantly worse. In a piece published alongside the launch, he described the concept of the Great Reset, saying that it provides a “unique but limited window of opportunity to contemplate, reinvent, and reset our world to create a healthier, more egalitarian, more egalitarian, and more prosperous future.”


Most of the stories being propagated concerning the Great Reset are not original.

According to experts, the New World Order, which draws inspiration from 18th-century conspiracy theories, has been the umbrella term for similar ideas about the emergence of a totalitarian world government since the 1960s.

The Great Reset by the World Economic Forum
The Great Reset by the World Economic Forum

Skeptics of the Great Reset repackage these concepts while adding new, illogical Covid-era assertions, such as that vaccines “contain microchips” and “enslave” people, microchips, “altered DNA,” and other incorrect information about vaccines conspiracy involving the Illuminati was accidentally created.

The WEF acknowledged that the messaging surrounding the Great Reset didn’t exactly go as planned in a video from January. In response to inquiries over whether conspiracy theorists had taken over the conversation, the WEF issued a statement: “Conspiracy theories substitute reason with fantasy.


Political figures like former British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, U.S. President Joe Biden, and New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern have all embraced the concept of “building back better.” 

Biden has endorsed the Great Reset program by the WEF

Time magazine released a series of articles, essays, chat videos, and interviews titled “The Great Reset: How to Build a Better World Post-COVID-19.”


Some observers have criticized the Great Reset Initiative and the World Economic Forum for supporting economic deregulation and giving major multinational firms more influence over policy at the expense of governmental institutions.

Trump supporters have vehemently opposed The Great reset program by WEF
Trump supporters have vehemently opposed The Great reset program by WEF

The project gave rise to various conspiracy theories circulated on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter by American far-right and conservative critics. Such approaches include illogical assertions that the COVID-19 pandemic was engineered by a covert organization to take over the world economy, that lockdown measures were purposefully implemented to cause an economic meltdown, or that a global elite was attempting to abolish private property while using COVID-19 to enslave humanity through vaccines.

Great Reset deception claims became more prevalent. When politicians, including Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern, and US President Joe Biden, discussed a post-COVID-19 “reset” in their speeches, the severity of Great Reset conspiracy theories intensified.

Defeating the Great Reset by TPUSA

The WEF’s stated goal is to “achieve long overdue changes that foster more equal outcomes,” but maybe their most famous goal is for people to “possess nothing and be happy” by 2030. One of the greatest threats to human liberty, national sovereignty, divinely established rights, and free enterprise has ever existed is the “Great Reset” proposed by the World Economic Forum.

Defeating the Great Reset

Turning Point USA is leading the campaign to stop the Great Reset through this event on 16-17 September 2022. The newest event in the movement, Defeating the Great Reset, will be held at Turning Point USA.

The event will be attended by Charlie Kirk, Steve Bannon, Jack Posobiec, Drew Hernandez, and many more to stop this evil scheme from destroying America. Each speaker has heroically resisted the radical left’s efforts to globalize America and cause her to lose her greatness, sovereignty, and even her freedoms. They are here to encourage, inform, and equip you with the knowledge and tools you need to stand with them.

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