Catherine Engelbrecht Age – How old Catherine Engelbrecht is?

Catherine Engelbrecht Bio - Founder of True The Vote

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Catherine Engelbrecht Age

How old Catherine Engelbrecht is

Catherine Engelbrecht is a wife, mother, business owner, and lifelong practitioner of common sense. She is the president of True the Vote organization, and co-owner of a prestigious oilfield machine shop started in 1994 by her and her husband.

Catherine was born on 13 January 1970 in Richmond, Texa, it is located in Fort Bend County. As of now, she is 52 years old. Her birth name is Catherine Renee Hopkins.

Catherine Engelbrecht Early Life

Catherine enrolled in the University of Houston and graduated with a BA in Marketing. She married two times – first in February 1990, but this marriage didn’t survive. After her divorce, she married Bryan Engelbrecht on 24 September 1994.

She has two children with Bryan – William and Elizabeth. She lives with her two children on her farm in Cat Springs, Texas.

In the 2000s, Catherine was a small-business holder in Southeast Texas and was not politically active. But Obama’s election as president in 2008 bothered her enough that she became involved in local Tea Party actions, following rallies and meetings.

How Catherine Engelbrecht Joined Politics

It was only after 2008 that she involved herself in politics when during the Presidential campaign, she realized the government and politicians made decisions that stood in contrast to the American ideals of life, liberty, and the goal of happiness. She came to be called a life activist. 

Though she was occupied with so many titles such as a wife, a mother, a founder and a board member of her church, an officer of her children’s school’s PTO, a city volunteer, and a business owner, she took the responsibility of conserving the nation’s ideals.

She thought of her children, her aging parents, her business, her church, and her Country, and with her family’s support, she stepped out of the family business and into full-time service for American principles.

She established a nonprofit called King Street Patriots along with her husband, Bryan Engelbrecht, which trained volunteers who turned out poll-watching in predominantly Black and Latino neighborhoods in Harris County. This organization ran into trouble with violating the law restricting nonprofits from being overly political.

True The Vote

Catherine Engelbrecht True The Vote

In 2009 she initiated True the Vote to restore election integrity. True, the Vote is a part of King Street Patriots. It is an organization that educates voters and trains and mobilizes volunteers to work in polling places and supporters for specific election code reform legislation.

True the Vote is presently working with 30 states, emphasizing select states and counties known to have historically disturbing election processes. Catherine may be a learner of politics, but she is a lifetime practitioner of common sense.

In 2013, she promoted Texas’ strict voter ID law. Cathrine and her husband separated a year later, and Bryan Engelbrecht left True the Vote’s commission. Gregg Phillips, a longtime conservative operative, gain his position.

Catherine and Phillips’ connection was much beyond True the Vote. Their companies shared the same mailing address, and Engelbrecht 2016 was named as the CFO of one of Phillips’ companies. In court filings, they even did not deny a claim of being a lover.

Catherine has appeared on television and radio as a nationally recognized spokesperson for voters’ rights and free speech and talked to grassroots activists across the Country.

Catherine Achievement

Catherine entered politics to preserve and shape the American ideal with her beliefs and spirit strong enough to make her succeed. In 2011 CPAC presented Catherine and True the Vote with the Ronald Reagan Freedom award for their groundbreaking work. In 2012, she was titled one of Politico’s ’50 to Watch’, given to 50 unique and rising talents in the national political event.

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