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Catherine Engelbrecht contact details

Catherine Engelbrecht Linkedin and other ways to contact her

In this article, we have covered Catherine Engelbrecht’s Linked in, Email ID, Contact Number, Facebook, Twitter, and other ways through which you can contact her. So, let’s delve further to know more.

Catherine Twitter

All-time supporter of common sense, Catherine Engelbrecht is a wife, mother, business owner, and a native of Texas. She came into the field of politics in 2008 and became known for her voting rights act. She founded True the Vote to educate the public about voting procedures and provide voting instruction. Her group sued the Internal Revenue Service in 2013, and it was successful in the year 2019. Besides owning True the Vote, she is the CEO of Cover me Service Inc.

Catherine has made several appearances on Television and Radio and is the recipient of many awards for her incredible work.

Catherine Engelbrecht Email ID and Contact Number

You can easily approach Catherine Engelbrecht via her company mail at [email protected]. It can be the most effective way to contact her. You can contact her through the website True the Vote @ www. or @ [email protected]. You can also contact Catherine via letter. Write a letter and send it to the address mentioned below:

True the vote

PO BOX 3109 # 19128

Houston, TX 77253-3109

Besides, you can also call on 713-401-6017 or 832 444 7701.

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Catherine Engelbrecht Linkedin

Catherine Engelbrecht Linked in

Linkedin is the best way to communicate with Catherine Engelbrecht. Although she doesn’t seem so active on Linkedin. Catherine has 1,467 followers on Linked in

Cathrine Engelbrecht Instagram Recent activity

Although Catherine Engelbrecht has an Instagram account, she doesn’t appear to be highly active there, but you can also drop her a message on Instagram. You can also contact her from her organization’s profile which seems a little busy. Insta profile of True the vote is @realtruethevote.

Catherine Engelbrecht Facebook

As of now, she isn’t active on her Facebook profile. Once, her Facebook account said that  Twitter had suspended their account. They had been shadowed and banned on YouTube, their website was under attack, and it was likely only a matter of time before they were off from Facebook. Catherine further wrote that she was writing because she wanted us to know what was happening and created a paper trail of sorts.

 Engelbrecht facebook

She added that in 2020 she hadn’t told anyone what the Obama administration had been doing to them because she was unsure, but now she knew what they were doing. And she would be damned if she was going to stay silent. They will not stop if they get banned from social media.

Over the years, they had learned how their election processes were the primary roots of many problems. It included how many checks on their system didn’t have the balances and the lack of enforcement measures against vote fraud. They were so excited and grateful and excited for some of the election reform laws they had seen in the past year, but this was just the beginning. There was so much work to be done, starting with securing the ballot box.

Catherine Engelbrecht Twitter


Eli Crane once tweeted that he was honored to have Catherine Engelbrecht of True the Vote’s personal endorsement for Congress. Few had done more for election integrity in that country, and he would continue to work with her to help ensure the integrity of their election in the future.

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