Eli Crane – Wiki, Age, Wife, Net Worth, Career and More

Eli Crane - Wiki, Age, Wife, Net Worth, Career and More

Eli Crane – Eli Crane recently came into the limelight for turning Arizona’s largest congressional district red by defeating three-term incumbent U.S. Rep. Tom O’Halleran.

Since Eli Crane’s biography has yet to be submitted to the all-knowing Wikipedia, we have done our best to compile information about him from various sources. Here is everything that you would like to know about Eli Crane.

Eli Crane Biography and Career

Eli Crane Biography and Career

Eli Crane, a former Navy SEAL, and entrepreneur turned 50-caliber rounds into bottle openers in his garage and turned the business into a multimillion-dollar success. He is often called upon to comment on military duty and entrepreneurship in the media and to speak at events across the United States.

Eli crane was born on December 11, 1980, in Tucson, Arizona. For those curious, Eli’s name is Elijah Crane, and though he was born in Tucson, Eli Crane and his family relocated to Yuma when he was just two years old. There is not much information as of now about his parents or if he has any siblings, but we will update you as soon as we find more details about his life.

After graduating from Arizona Western College with a law degree, he enrolled at the University of Arizona. The terrorist events on September 11, 2001, deeply affected Crane, and he decided to forego his senior year of high school and instead join the United States Navy. He joined the Navy in 2005 and stayed until 2012.

This former U.S. Navy SEAL and American financial expert was also a conservative candidate for Arizona’s highest legislative position in 2022 and has won it.

Since January 2013, he has owned and directed Bottle Breacher. Since July 2018, he has been working as a Brand Ambassador for SIG SAUER, Inc., according to his profile on the professional networking site LinkedIn.

Eli Crane is also well-known for his writings for Entrepreneur Media and is also very active on the social networking site Twitter with 20.2k followers.

Eli Crane Age

As of 2022, Eli Crane is 41 years old. He was born in 1980.

Eli Crane Wife

Eli Crane Wife, Jen Crane

Eli’s Instagram bio states that he is a family man. Comments on the images he uploaded reveal that her spouse, whom he calls “the bread and butter of the family” and “her dearest partner,” goes by the name of Jen Crane.

Jen and Eli have two beautiful blonde kids. Eli’s primary goal has been raising his two kids, and he wants to provide his kids with a better future by standing up for Arizona.

Eli and his wife, Jen, have opened a modest business in Tucson and have banded together to start Bottle Breacher, a thriving business that employs and gives back to veterans around the country and has been featured on Shark Tank.

Eli supports low taxes, less regulation, and pro-growth, pro-job policies because he understands the challenges faced by small company owners and workers in Arizona.

Eli Crane Net Worth

Eli Crane net worth is estimated to be around $4–6 million, and he earns $80,000–85,000 monthly. Crane has earned most of his worth by working in the Navy and through his businesses.

Crane was an officer in the United States Navy, and according to his LinkedIn profile, he has worked for SIG SAUER, Inc. since July 2018. Not only that, but he has led Bottle Breacher as its president and owner since January 2013.

Like the team he now supervises, Crane has never actually lived in a rural part of Arizona. With almost $2 million in campaign funding, Crane is the Republican frontrunner who won the legislative seat of Arizona against Tom O’Halleran.

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