Catherine Engelbrecht Education

Catherine Engelbrecht Education (1)

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Catherine Engelbrecht Education

Catherine Engelbrecht Education

Catherine Engelbrecht is famous for her voice for the rights of voters. She planned to make people aware of voting rights and train people about voting. Through her organization named True The Voteshe wants to make changes among people.

On national television, her appearance also makes her famous. She has marked a place in the political arena for her bold statement.

From the beginning, Catherine Eagelbracht got support from her family, especially her husband and children. She was born in Texas and completed her graduation in B.A Marketing from the University of Houston.

Catherine Engelbrecht Career

Catherine Engelbrecht is known for her leading role in running the organization, but it is not her only job. She has worked in different positions and tried to be the best in every part.

In 1994, she started her work with her husband, Bryan, and there she was, the co-owner of the company which manufactured the oil field machines. Back then, Catherine was not much into politics. 

Her family was so supportive that she took the leap of faith and decided to leave the family business.

Around 2008, she opened a church in the belief of Judeo-Christian values, and in 2009, she founded her dream project to help people with the voting process, True The Vote

True the Vote 

It was her first organization in the service sector, where her political journey began.

Before starting True The Vote, she started the King Street Patriots for the American people who supported exceptionalism and civic duty. It tined to True The Vote later. Not only that, but she also started work as the CXO of a company named Cover me.

Final words

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Catherine has become the voice of the people. She always has a special place in her heart and considers the country her family. Like any other person, she feels deprived of voting rights.

According to her, this incident violates voters’ rights whenever the government overlooks the problems. She considered it evil for the country’s people and raised her voice. Her initiatives to train people about elections through different technology helps people to understand the process.

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