Catherine Engelbrecht Facebook

Catherine Engelbrecht Facebook (1)

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Catherine Engelbrecht Facebook

Catherine Engelbrecht Facebook

Catherine Engelbrecht is a wife, mother, business owner, native Texan, and lifelong practitioner of common sense.

She is the founder and president of True The Vote organization, created to restore election integrity.

True The Vote is a conservative vote-monitoring organization based in Houston, Texas, whose objective is to stop voter fraud. The organization supports voter ID statutes and trains volunteers to be election monitors and to catch and bring attention to suspicious voter registrations that its volunteers believe delegitimize voter eligibility.

True The Vote educates voters and trains and mobilizes volunteers to work in polling places and supporters for comprehensive election code reform legislation. It works with 30 states, emphasizing select states and counties known to have disturbing election processes. She is an emerging politician.

She endorsed Texas’ strict voter ID law in 2013. She has appeared as a nationally recognized spokesperson for voters’ rights and free speech on television and radio and spoke to grassroots activists across the country.

What does Catherine Engelbrecht Facebook page say?

Catherine does not have a Facebook page as of now. However, her True The Vote Facebook page once read, “Twitter has suspended our account. We have been shadow banned on YouTube, our website is under attack, and it is likely only a matter of time before we are off Facebook too. “Catherine further wrote, “I am writing because I want you to know what is happening and to create a paper trail of sorts.” 

She added,” In 2010, I didn’t tell anyone what the Obama administration was doing to us because I was unsure. I now know full well what they are doing. And I will be damned if I am going to stay silent. If we get banned on social media, we will not stop.”

Catherine Engelbrecht Facebook page further reads,” Over the years, we have learned how our election processes are the primary roots of many problems. This includes how many checks on our system don’t have the balances and the lack of enforcement measures against vote fraud. We are so grateful and excited for some of the election reform laws we have seen in the past year, but this is just the beginning. There is so much work to be done, and it starts with securing the ballot box”.

It further states,” Though there have been successes lately, this is not the end, and it is up to all of us to have the courage to continue to stay in the fight for election integrity.”

TrueTheVote - Sheriff Mark Lamb Facebook Video

True The Vote page mentions Sheriff Mark Lamb’s Facebook page message to his constituents in Pinal County, AZ. He is taking action to defend election integrity, including reviewing the voter rolls and watching dropboxes and videos to get to the bottom of the 63k mail ballot blunder.

Catherine firmly believes in America’s principles of personal liberty and economic freedom, and she cannot see them disappearing against government decisions that she felt were incorrect. 

She believes when the government is not held responsible, it certainly exploits the rights of American citizens.

Catherine Engelbrecht Other Social Media and Contact Info

As per her other social media account is concerned, there is not much information available. Similar to Catherine Engelbrecht Facebook page, her other social media pages are either suspended or not so active. We will surely update you as soon as we find one.

However, you can reach her at 832 444 7701 or mail her at [email protected].

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