Chlorine dioxide, a dangerous chemical is meant to be prescribed for COVID-19

Chlorine dioxide, a dangerous chemical

Chlorine dioxide, a dangerous chemical: Many people have begun to recommend the use of chlorine dioxide, a controversial drug, as a miracle remedy for coronavirus infections, also known as ‘Miracle Mineral Supplement or ‘Miracle Mineral Substance.’

Sometimes people still recommend it for treating diseases like diabetes, diabetes, asthma, autism, and even cancer. However, no health organization has identified chlorine dioxide as a drug.

And now that everyone is fighting the COVID-19 epidemic, people are once again developing this chemical as a bite from the coronavirus. People share their experiences on social media and tell them how to use chlorine dioxide.

Chlorine dioxide hazards
But there is a long list of risks associated with the use of these chemicals, and many organizations have issued strong warnings about their use. The final warning comes from the United States Food and Drug Administration (USA FDA).

The USFDA said in a warning issued on April 8: “There is no scientific evidence on the effects or safety of chlorine dioxide. This puts the patient’s health at risk.”

Chlorine dioxide, a dangerous chemical is meant to be prescribed for COVID-19

Chlorine dioxide, a dangerous chemica
Chlorine dioxide, a dangerous chemical

What is chlorine cholera?

It is prepared by adding sodium chlorite to the boiling water (when the water is boiled in steam and put back into the water). It is used in the cleaning process. By its name, it sounds closer to chlorine.

“It is a pesticide used in the industry. It should not be used for food or drink,” says Miguel Ángel Sierra Rodríguez, professor of chemistry at the University of Madrid.

The USFDA also said that drinking chlorine dioxide could cause serious side effects and even death. Professor Miguel said: “There is no doubt that chlorine dioxide is not infected with the coronavirus.”

Fatal consequences Following the use of chlorine dioxide, adverse health effects have been reported in patients, according to data obtained by the US Food and Drug Administration. In the USA, this chemical makes the respiratory system, and the liver (liver) stop working.

In some cases, the heart rate becomes so abnormal that the patient’s life is delayed. In addition, severe outbreaks of red blood cells, vomiting, and diarrhea have been damaged.

The USFDA says that if there is a delay in medical care after the use of chlorine dioxide, it could make the situation worse.

Chlorine dioxide, a dangerous chemical
Chlorine dioxide, a dangerous chemical

Against COVID-19

It’s hard to add when there are a lot of videos on Facebook and YouTube, where people share chlorine dioxide treatment kits. In these videos, people can be seen stating that chlorine dioxide has the potential to kill bacteria and bacteria.

During the coronavirus epidemic, people have now described it as a miracle cure for COVID-19. In one of those videos, a woman from the city of Guayaquil, Ecuador, who also suffers from asthma, described her experiences with chlorine dioxide.

The ‘tragedy’ of a woman

“I have never tried anything. I went to a supermarket. I met people. After a while, I started having a fever. I was feeling very tired.” the other seemed to be wrong. It was a pain in the spine of the eyes and head. “

“A week later, I couldn’t taste or smell anything. The same symptoms were seen in people infected with the coronavirus. I noticed it for weeks. But the use of chlorine dioxide was only then I felt better.”

“I used chlorine dioxide in the past. But it tasted very bad. The next morning, both the sore throat and the fever disappeared, and I felt fine.”

Chlorine dioxide, a dangerous chemica
Chlorine dioxide, a dangerous chemical

Symptoms of infection

In cases of coronavirus infection, it has been observed that this virus initially causes infection in the respiratory tract, then fever and dryness after a week of respiratory problems and after a long period of pneumonia.

Most infected people with these symptoms immediately seek medical help to prevent the disease. If the situation worsens, the patient must be admitted to the Interior Care Unit (ICU), where he needs an emergency medical device.

The USA FDA also warned an organization called ‘Genesis-II Church of Health and Healing in the United States to recommend the use of chlorine diabolism in the COVID-19 treatment regimen.

Many countries such as Spain, France, Germany, Great Britain, Canada, the United States, and Australia have banned the use of chlorine dioxide.

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