Colorado Primary 2022 Governor Candidates List

Colorado Primary 2022 Governor Candidates List

On November 8, 2022, Colorado will hold elections for governor and lieutenant governor. June 28, 2022, is set aside for the primary. The application window closed on March 15, 2022. This week, mail-in ballots for the primary election will be distributed. The following information will help you register to vote, cast your ballot, keep track of your ballot, and monitor election results.

Colorado GOP Primary 2022 Governor Republican Candidates

Only one Republican has served as governor in Colorado’s six most recent Democratic administrations, which have held the office for the majority of the last 50 years. Heidi Ganahl and Greg Lopez want to alter that. They are the contenders for the June 28 Republican primary. In the general election in autumn, the victor will go up against Governor Jared Polis. Due to term constraints, Polis is attempting to win a second and final term.


At the Republican Party’s meeting earlier this year, both candidates received a considerable amount of support from the party’s grassroots. Despite the fact that Ganahl has a sizable financial edge, both people have developed statewide networks throughout the course of their careers in politics and business.

Greg Lopez

Greg Lopez

Former mayor of Parker, a rapidly expanding suburb of Douglas County, Greg Lopez Lopez is 58 years old. He was elected to that position in 1992 as a Democrat when he was just 27 years old, and during the one term he held, he changed his party membership to Republican. Former head of the Denver Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, Lopez is now a Republican. Additionally, he served as Colorado’s director for the US Small Business Administration for six years. Lopez, who was born and raised in Texas, is the descendant of field workers. He is a New Mexico State University graduate who enlisted in the US Air Force when he was a young man. In 1989, he and his wife Lisa relocated to Colorado.

He stated at a recent discussion that “government today feels it has the responsibility to tell us how to live our lives, how to raise our children, and what freedoms and liberties we’re entitled to.” On other subjects, such as abortion, Lopez has established himself as Heidi Ganahl’s opponent’s ally. At a recent debate, when the moderator questioned him about whether he would permit abortion in instances of rape, incest, or for the mother’s life, he responded, “No exceptions, no exceptions. Later in his campaign, he stated that he would be in favour of procedures that include removing a foetus from the pregnancy in order to preserve the health of the mother, even if doing so results in the foetus dying outside the womb. According to his campaign, he backs a “culture of life.”

Greg Lopez on abortion

According to The Colorado Sun, Lopez has disputed the outcome of the 2020 election and claimed that Donald Trump won in March. In his prior attempt to become governor in 2018, he finished third in the Republican primary. Though he received roughly 34% of the delegates at the GOP assembly this year, he received the most support among the gubernatorial contenders despite having much less funding than rival Ganahl.

Heidi Ganahl

The only Colorado Republican to win statewide office since 2014, according to Heidi Ganahl, 55, is herself. She represents the entire state as a “at large” regent for the University of Colorado system. She narrowly defeated an established Democratic rival to win the job in 2016. “I want to govern my life, not yours, I tell people. She recently told talk show host Peter Boyles, And I trust you to make smart judgments regarding your family, your business, and your kids Because that’s sort of how Colorado does things. We don’t come here to have the government tell us how to conduct our lives.”

heidi ganahal

Ganahl has positioned herself as one of the few Republican candidates who can win in Colorado, a state that has been shifting more and more in favour of the Democratic Party. Ganahl has a diverse background in business, having held positions in pharmaceutical sales, financial consulting, and running a baby-bedding catalogue. She founded Camp Bow Wow, a pet-care business that has since expanded across the nation through franchising, in 2000. She divorced from the company in 2017 after selling it in 2014. Ganahl, a mother of four, currently resides in Lone Tree with her spouse of the moment, Jason Ganahl. Bion Flammang, her first husband, perished in a plane disaster in 1994. Ganahl, who was born in Orange County, California, relocated to Monument, Colorado, at the age of 12. She graduated from the University of Colorado Boulder with a bachelor’s degree and the University of Denver with a master’s degree in healthcare administration.

Ganahl has concentrated on law-and-order issues in the governor’s campaign, saying that criminal-justice reforms have devastated Denver. She is in favour of “truth in sentencing,” which would essentially eliminate the opportunity for prisoners to get their sentences reduced by good behaviour and other means. Ganahl supports less government control and taxation, just like other conservatives, for everything from child care and housing to restaurants. She stated during a recent debate that she would abolish the state’s income tax while “reducing the gas tax in half and still maintaining the roads.” Income taxes in Colorado are collected at a rate of almost $9 billion yearly. When a debate moderator questioned her about how she planned to pay for the cut, she mentioned relieving small businesses of some of their burdens.

Heidi opposes abortion rights
Heidi opposes abortion rights

She claims she would undo Colorado’s new statute that solidifies those rights, which would also need legislative approval. She is typically opposed to abortion rights. Ganahl, in contrast to Lopez, has stated that she would make an exception in cases of rape, incest, and to safeguard the mother’s life.

Ganahl has avoided reporters’ inquiries about the validity of the 2020 election by claiming that it is a “divisive” topic. When asked by Boyles if she trusted the results in Colorado, she responded in the affirmative but refrained from responding in the negative.” Joe Biden is our president. And we need to put a lot of effort towards changing that in ’24. I can’t speak for other states’ election integrity as a candidate for governor, but I can speak for Colorado. I wouldn’t be running if I didn’t believe I could win here”, she told the talk show host.

Colorado Democratic Primary 2022 Governor Candidates

Governor Polis

Entrepreneur, public servant, and leader in education is Governor Polis. In his college dorm, he launched his first company, American Information Systems. He had already established three profitable businesses by the time he was 30 years old, including Pro Flowers, one of the top online suppliers of flowers. Jared received the Ernst and Young “Entrepreneur of the Year” award for his pioneering work in the online economy. Following these commercial successes, Governor Polis vowed to ensure that other Coloradans have the chance to follow their aspirations. He co-founded Patriot Boot Camp, which assists returning servicemen and women in starting their own small enterprises, as well as Techstars, a startup incubator that supports entrepreneurs from all backgrounds.


Jared polish

A large portion of Governor Polis’ adult life has been devoted to enhancing public education in addition to his work as an entrepreneur. He worked to increase teacher salaries and decrease student class size during his six years on the State Board of Education. Additionally, he established a number of public charter schools for at-risk adolescents and served as the principal of the New America School, a school that assists immigrants in obtaining their high school diploma.

GOVERNOR JARED POLIS COLORADO STATE OF THE STATEGovernor Polis most recently held the position of U.S. representative representing Colorado’s Second Congressional District, which extends from Larimer County and the Wyoming border to the Central Mountains, the center of the state’s tourism industry, to Boulder and the U.S. 36 high-tech corridor. Due to his achievements working across the aisle to enhance Colorado’s schools, safeguard public lands, and aid start-ups and small businesses, the Center for Effective Lawmaking named Governor Polis the most effective member of Colorado’s House delegation during his time in Congress.

How many candidates are running in Colorado primaries

A total of 248 candidates are running in the Colorado primaries. You can find the names and details of all the candidates in the official website of Colorado Secretary of  State Jena Griswald.

Latest Updates from June 28 Primaries

  • According to AP, CNN, and CBS News, Joe O’ Dea defeated Ron Hanks in the Republican Senate primary election in Colorado.
  • Kathy Hochul won the Democratic nomination for New York governor and will stand against Republican candidate Lee Zeldin.
  • Kevin Stitt, a Republican Candidate, won the GOP primary in Oklahoma and will stand against Democratic candidate Joy Hofmeister.
  • JB Pritzker won the Democratic gubernatioral primary in Illinois and will face Republican Candidate Darren Bailey in the upcoming election of november.

How to sign up to vote

On the Secretary of State’s website, you may see if you are already registered to vote in Colorado.According to the state’s automated voter registration system, you were probably already registered to vote if you’ve filed for or renewed a driver’s licence. Eligible voters merely need to present citizenship-proving identification for this system to take effect.

  • According to the Secretary of State’s Office, there were 3,792,803 registered voters in Colorado as of June 1, 2022.
  • You are still registered and qualified to vote even if you registered to vote in the previous election but didn’t cast a ballot.
  • If you have a current Colorado driver’s licence or state-issued ID card from the Colorado Department of Revenue, you can register at
  • Alternatively, you can register at a state Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV) office when you apply for a licence or when you need to update your information on your licence.

You can also register at offices that offer public assistance, such as state-funded initiatives that help people with disabilities.
offices for recruiting in the U.S. military. Any government agency, whether federal, state, municipal, or non-governmental, that chooses to offer voter registration services. Registration for voters in Colorado is open until the election. You must register to vote or amend your registration by June 20 in order to get a mail ballot. After that time, you can register and cast your ballot at a polling place.

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