Comcast Unveils New DIY Security Products

Comcast Unveils New DIY Security Products

Comcast has introduced a new DIY Security product to help reduce home security concerns among the people.

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Comcast Unveils New DIY Security Products

In an attempt to meet the increasing demands for DIY home security products, Comcast, the largest telecommunications service provider in the United States, has announced two new do-it-yourself (DIY) security products under its Xfinity brands on Tuesday.

The new home security products, the Xfinity Door and Window Sensor and the Xfinity Motion Sensor, are designed to detect the closed or open doors and windows or the motion occurring in them.

The product can be easily installed and used over Wifi connected to Comcast’s free internet. They can also be added to Xfinity’s Self-Protection home security system for $10 monthly.

In a statement announcing the new product, Emily Waldorf, Comcast’s senior vice president of consumer internet services, said, “Our customers have told us they’re looking for a simple, affordable home security option that they can tailor to meet their unique home protection needs. Xfinity’s new sensors, coupled with our Self Protection service, can help people achieve peace of mind without breaking the bank.”

The new security products can be managed with the Xfinity app. Customers can add, delete, and pair sensors, turn the monitoring on or off, and can also set rules for real-time alerts when doors and windows are opened or any motion is detected.

The motion sensors are designed in such a way that they can easily detect the difference between people and pets. The company has set the price for the new security products:

Comcast Unveils New DIY Security Products
Credit- Comcast

Door sensors are $20 each or $54 for three (one-time cost), while Window sensors are $20 each or $54 for three (one-time cost). The Motion sensors cost $40 for one-time installation.

Product Price per Unit Price for 3
Door sensors $20 $54
Window sensors $20 $54
Motion sensors $40 N/A

The company is offering the new sensors on an installment basis for six to twenty-four months at 0% interest charges, and they are available for purchase at a nearby Xfinity store.

Customers can also get the sensors by contacting Comcast’s customer care service. The company will soon bring the option to buy these new security products online through the Xfinity app.

Comcast’s new DIY security products can be a good option for people looking for a simple, affordable and effective way to safeguard their homes. The sensors are easy to use without recurring additional costs of other supportive equipment.

According to recent research, the demand for DIY security systems has been constantly increasing since 2017. As such, there is a need to introduce more do-it-yourself security products in the market.

Besides Comcast, Verizon and Windstream are also attempting to design DIY security products to meet the growing demands.

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